Weedcraft Inc

Release date: April 11, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Weedcraft Inc Cheats, Codes and Trainers

A trainer for infinite money, research points, weed, instant growth and much more
Weedcraft Inc Cheats, Codes and Trainers-1

How to Install

  • Download the archive and unpack it to the game folder.
  • Run the trainer in administrator mode.
  • Run the game.

Download version 1.0 trainer

To avoid problems with installation, we recommend disabling the antivirus.

Commands List

  • F1 — Infinite money
  • F2 — Infintie weed
  • F3 — Super weed quality
  • F4 — Super plant quality
  • F5 — Instant growth
  • F6 — No temp vigilance
  • F7 — Infinite research points

John Davis