We Happy Few

Release date: Summer 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

We Happy Few Cheats and Console Commands

How to activate a console in We Happy Few, how to get immortality, and other cheat codes for a cheat code mode

The console in the release version of We Happy Few is not supported officially, that's why its activation and use can lead to crashes and other errors. Use the console at your own risk!

How to activate the console

To activate the console in any alpha-version of the game you should perform simple actions:

  • Go to the settings in the game and choose Developer Cheats, then toggle the switch to ON.
  • In Steam click with the right mouse button on the game title, choose Set launch options, add the console and save changes.

It's a little bit more difficult to do it in the release version of the title. You have to pass through several steps:

  1. Find a configuration file for We Happy Few named config.ini.
  2. Find a necessary line using CTRL+F. If you can’t find it, add it at the very end of the file and save. If it is there, you should make changes using next lines:


We Happy Few Cheats and Console Commands-1

Now you can open the console during the game. You should press the ‘’tilde’’ key to open it. Enter various commands and press the ‘’Enter’’ key to confirm.

Cheat codes list for We Happy Few

  • God — immortality mode
  • Heal — restore a hero to health
  • UnlockInventory — unlock all extra slots for equipment
  • UnlockAllRecipes — unlock all recipes for craft
  • Ghost — activate the ghost mode which allows moving through the walls (enter ‘’Walk’’ to deactivate)
  • Fly — activate flight mode (enter ‘’Walk’’ to deactivate)
  • RevealMap — show the whole map by removing the ‘’fog of war’’
  • AIIgnorePlayers — all AI-enemies ignore the player
  • ShowHud — hide or show the interface (useful function to make beautiful screenshots)
  • Shot — take a screenshot
  • Give [Item Name] — add a respective item to the inventory
  • Give [#] [Item Name] — add a certain amount (#) of specified items to the inventory (e.g. Give 200 Sovereign)

Names of items for the command Give ItemName

  • coin
  • sovereign
  • expansion kit
  • fab threads
  • blending suit
  • spiked suit
  • Banger
  • blue molotov
  • shock grenade
  • electro hammer pipe
  • new formula dexipam
  • new formula sanitol
  • sunshine

John Davis