We Happy Few

Release date: Summer 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips

Discussion of the basics of gameplay and completion of main story quests that will allow you to leave the island safe and sound


At the beginning of the game, you will choose certain launch parameters. There are three difficulty modes and the instant death mode. We recommend this mode to experienced gamers only because all progress will be deleted in the case of death, so you will have to start the game again. If you will not use this function, you'll resurrect but lose some of your resources.

We recommend you to study the article We Happy Few Full Walkthrough (all story and secondary quests).

After the intro, the main character will read a newspaper article which will remind him of real life. Decide how to act – to take a pill of joy or not. In the first case, you'll see the end credits and an alternate ending will be unlocked. In the second case, the walkthrough will start.

While your colleague stands in a doorway, get up from the table and take an empty power cell from the shelf on the right. Take the empty cell out of the printing machine and put the filled one in its place. Approve or disapprove the article, then a woman will leave. Stand up and go down the corridors. Collect different notes or newspaper articles if you find them. The more you learn about the story from these notes, the easier to survive.

On the other hand, cells that you've collected will disappear after the prologue, so you should not spend too much time on them. Go down the corridor in the room with colleagues and hit a toy pig which becomes an alive rat. That's how you'll be discovered. Jump over the shelves on the left, bend down and move forward under pipes. Watch the cutscene which ends the prologue.

Game mechanics

In We Happy Few, you need to survive in a city full of befuddled dwellers and law enforcement officers. At the same time, you must complete story quests. Location of items, alleys, streets, houses is generated randomly but the main target is always the same.

You can meet the following characters:

  • Common dwellers (Wellies) who take Joy. You should wear clean and tidy clothes to remain unsuspicious in places where these people live.
  • Bobbies – police officers who almost always attack you.
  • Downers – people who refused to take Joy. They attack you if you wear clean clothes in their district. It's better to choose something less tidy.

The main character gets hungry and thirsty. In poor districts, you can drink water without any worries, but if you find yourself in the districts where drug addicts live, you'd better be careful because there is Joy in water. Water poisoned with a drug isn't very addictive – the addiction bar fills up gradually, but if you fill it completely, the game will be finished.

You can look for good or rotten food. You must take special pills to avoid illnesses.

We will tell you all the rest in the paragraphs below.

Wellington underground

Move forward and turn right. Open the door and find a room with a workbench. There will be two metal plates on the table. Take them, use the workbench and make at least one picklock. Use it to open the door which leads to the next room.

Search a corpse and take a shocker which lies near it. You can use this device to hack electronic lock panels on closed doors. You can use one device to hack only one lock. Hack the panel on the left, get inside and you'll face the first drug addict. Press Q to take up a pipe and defeat the enemy using LMB to attack and RMB to block. There will be a control panel in the room – press a button and pull the lever near the stairs leading to the open air. Leave the shelter but remember that you can return to recuperate (sleeping in the bed) or leave collected items and use the workbench.

What you should do

Get a stone above, then make a Torn Suite to be unsuspicious among downers.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-1

Now you are in the poor district. Most of the buildings here are closed, but you should search some of them. Find a tree house where the trader Looney lives. Talk to him. Besides buying and selling, he can give you a quest, at the end of which you'll receive a shovel and clothing that makes the main character invisible.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-2

To get it, you need to find a puppet in one of the houses and bring it to Looney. Then craft a first-aid kit and give it to the same trader.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-3
We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-4

After that, move to the mysterious house. The closed gate located on the bridge stands in your way to the house. You must find honeycombs to open it. Look for a tree with bees, craft a protective suit (an ordinary suit with metal inserts) and take honey. Also, you can regenerate your health level to a maximum and try to take honey quickly. Unfortunately, it takes time, and if bees sting you, you must start it again.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-5

Go to the bridge and give honey to get through.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-6

Reach the mysterious house. You'll face infected people – all of them will attack the main character. You should wait until night and eat a mushroom on a thin stem to enter the house. Look at the screenshot. In this case, gates will open. Enter the house, find a necessary item (a piece of cloth) and return to the trader on a tree quickly. Consider that you should do it under the influence of a hallucinogen, so you must watch over the bar with the mushroom icon. Eat a mushroom once again if the influence ends.

Having returned the necessary cloth, have a talk and create a clothing. Give it to Looney to complete the mission.

Tips on the location:

  • Search all houses, don't be afraid of fights with occupants – you can defeat them easily;
  • Examine red garbage cans;
  • Make a crowbar which will be useful to break open telephone booths and get coins;
  • There are safes in some places – you need a shocker to break them. You can buy shockers from Looney;
  • Collect everything you can. If you have no available space in your inventory, take everything to the bunker where you came from;
  • There is a curfew at night – avoid guards, though it's easy to kill them;
  • Gather different notes to find interesting points on the map including dig sites – use a shovel and you'll find a chest with useful items;
  • Pick plants, especially red flowers, which are necessary to craft medicaments.

Having received a suit which makes you almost invisible (Blending Suit), return to the mysterious house and get inside using mushrooms (at night). Get past enemies, go upstairs to the second floor and you'll meet a cultist who stands near the wall with an image of a strange creature on it. Kill him and leave the house to complete the quest.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-7

To reach the next location, you should cross the bridge with a bobby on it. He'll demand that you wear a good suit. Craft it and put it on. But it isn't enough: you need to know the answer to the question. Head for a plague-infested region (where the mysterious house is) and find a tent with two refugees who took Joy (in masks) in the nearby. Help them to survive the night (deal with enemies). After that, you'll learn the answer and move on.

Follow the marker, cross the bridge where you must play the ‘’Simon says’’ game. Look at the glowing tiles and get up on them quickly. At first, you should activate one of them, later – two of them, then – three of them and finally all of them.

The next bridge leading to apple hills requires a password. By the way, you should take a pill of Joy when crossing all bridges, because you must pass through detectors.

You should meet Mrs. Faraday to find the password. Look for a courtyard with the inner garden near the bridge on the urban area. There will be a guy wearing a uniform of a sailor and you'll find a burst pipe near the door. The man asks you to bring a valve. You can buy it from traders – roam about the streets and try to find them. Also, you can find it in one of the side quests (read the article linked above).

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-8
We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-9

After this, enter the house, disarm all traps using the special tool and talk to Mrs. Faraday, pressing the button near rollers. Complete her task (we've described it in our walkthrough) to get the password. This password allows to reach another part of the island.

We Happy Few: Walkthrough Tips-10

You should do it wearing a protective suit (for electric shock), put on a gas mask and reach the house ahead. Here, you should hack the door using a picklock, go through the house using the only route and walk down to a shelter. Move forward and see the raft that you can use to leave this place. This is the end of the game.

John Davis