Release date: March 25, 2013
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide

Defeat Ballas and harness the awesome power of the new frame, Umbra, in Warframe’s newest storyline quest

Please be aware that the guide contains story spoilers.

To begin The Sacrifice, players must have completed the Apostasy Prologue storyline quest, as well as all of the other preceding quests in the main storyline. The Sacrifice will then be available in the Codex.

This quest can take about an hour of gameplay, and there are some tricky parts.

  • It is recommended to bring a good weapon with strong single-shot damage, such as a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, or bow, as you will be fighting Sentients throughout most of the quest chain.
  • Paris Prime, Arca Plasmor, Ogris and Lankaare all decent options for a main weapon.
  • The Operator will come into play often as well, so having an upgraded operator skill tree and an amp that increases your Void Beam damage is also helpful.

After beginning the quest, players will hear The Lotus whisper and prompt them to touch her helmet in the Orbiter’s personal quarters.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-1

Examining the helmet will trigger a cutscene, in which Ballas can be seen defeating a mysterious black and gold frame.

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Upon the cutscene’s end, the first mission in the quest will be available.


Head to Lith, Earth. The Grineer Ghouls that populate the area can sneak up on you, so take care to keep them at range and avoid their toxic freezing clouds. The waypoint will take you to a door covered in vines, destroy them and begin the slow process of opening the way through. Ghouls will begin to attack until the door is open, blocking the path behind you, so be ready to keep them at bay. Walking through the door will take you to the site of the battle in the earlier cutscene.

Ordis will prompt you to take a look around. There are four points of interest here that must be scanned to progress. Occasional blips of sound will indicate the player’s proximity to them, making it slightly easier.

The Nikana

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-3
The Nikana is found right next to the central tree, in plain sight. Once scanned, Ordis will drop a hint that mineral traces on the blade likely came from Lua — your next destination

The Cloak

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-4
The Cloak is found hanging from a rock face, above and to the right of the tree when approaching from the entrance

The Mask

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-5
The Mask is somewhat hard to see at first, obscured by grass. It is to the left of where you found the Nikana, near another large stone face

The Remains

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-6
The Remains are tiny and blend in with the scenery. Look near the waterfall

Head to extraction. More Ghouls are inbound, so be careful. Once you return to the Orbiter, Ordis will explain that he requires more data to complete the Umbra blueprint.


Head to Pavlov, Lua. The first waypoint will lead to a new type of puzzle: a Memory Cypher.

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This cypher cannot be bypassed or brute forced since the symbol sequence must be present in the subject’s memory. Begin by looking for clues around the area.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-8

These randomly placed glowing blue symbols must be located to begin solving the cypher. Upon finding both and aligning the symbols properly, the way will open.

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  • At this point, a new type of Sentient known as a Mimic will begin to appear alongside Battalysts and Conculysts. Armed with beam weapons, Mimics have the same damage resistance ability as other Sentients, but take the appearance of mundane items like crates and lockers. Fight them with your Operator’s Void Beam and your primary weapon, as you would any other Sentient.

A second, more complex version of the Memory Cypher will block the way. Once found,follow the markers to locate the symbols as before (there are four this time instead of two), then return to solve it and open the chamber.

An Orokin tablet known as the Vitruvian lies within, found near one of the large columns.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-10

Examine the Vitruvian, watch the cutscene, then head to extraction. Once back on the Orbiter, insert the Vitruvian into the ship section indicated. Ordis’s personality will change, andExcalibur Umbra can now be built in the Foundry.


To complete Excalibur Umbra you will need:

  • 10,000 Credits
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 60 Kuva
  • 1200 Nano Spores
  • 1600 Alloy Plate.

Finish it and equip the new frame in the Arsenal. Play through the interactive cutscene to unlock the next mission.


Head to Nuovo, Ceres. Follow the waypoint until you reach Umbra. He will be surrounded by Grineer soldiers. Umbra is invulnerable to normal attacks, and his attacks can hit you through the Operator’s Void Mode. Stun him with your Operator’s Void Blast, then press interact when near Umbra to complete Transference and begin another interactive cutscene. Finish the cutscene — Umbra will escape. Head to extraction and watch more info from the Vitruvian.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-11
Winning or losing at the minigame doesn’t seem to matter


Head to Triton, Neptune. The waypoint will again lead you to Umbra, who is currently battling Mimics. Umbra will use his Radial Howl ability and escape. Defeat the Mimics and resume following the waypoint. When confronted this time, Umbra will have a shield. Use the Operator’s Void Beam to take down the shield, and hit Umbra again with Void Blast to stun him. There are sections in the room where Umbra can’t get to you, so take to the high ground and Void Beam him if you run low on health. Complete Transference again for another cutscene. Once the scene ends, head to extraction. The Vitruvian will then reveal more of Ballas’s story.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Story Quest Guide-12
Winning at the Komi minigame appears to be impossible here


The Operator will refuse to take a warframe for this mission, so you’ll be vulnerable. Head to Tycho, Lua. Pursue and defeat Umbra with the same strategy as before — Void Beam his shield, then Void Blast him and complete Transference for another cutscene. You now have the Umbra warframe at your disposal. Battle the approaching Sentients until you are allowed to head to extraction. Once you are back aboard the Orbiter, make your alignment choice to hear an audio clip from the Lotus.

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Return to Lith, Earth with your newfound Umbra equipped to confront Ballas. He will be invulnerable due to a shield, so destroy the waves of Sentients that he summons. Once the summoned enemies are destroyed, make your alignment choice and sit back to watch the last cutscenes. You have now completed The Sacrifice! Once back on the Orbiter, check your inbox for additional quest rewards.

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Chandon Kunz