Release date: April 12, 2012
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Warface: How To Play With A Rifleman

In this guide, we’ll focus on the Rifleman class in the MMO-shooter Warface. We’ll talk about the general class overview, efficient tactics in PvP and PvE regimes

In Warface, the rifleman is a universal class and a main firepower of any team. This fighter will be useful in any situation as he is efficient on practically all distances. However, middle-distant fight is the best use for the class. Gamers with first-person shooter experience will find it easy to play with this class as automatic rifles are the main weapons of the rifleman . Besides rifles, the fighter of this class can use heavy machineguns to complete various tasks. Among special equipment, the rifleman has ammunition kits which are used to replace his own ammo as well as to help teammates.

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Rifleman in PvP

You should shoot straight if you want to compete with real opponents. Automatic assault rifles have wide dispersion and significant recoil, so any weapon must be “tamed” by continuous training. Each gun has its unique recoil, so you should learn to compensate it by using your mouse before entering a fight. Aim at the opponent’s head for efficient shooting, as one bullet is enough to kill a fighter in standard outfit.

  • While on a long distance, shoot fast with single shots. This will ensure effective hits on the enemy.
  • The middle distance is optimal to shoot in bursts. If the first burst does not hit the opponent’s head – aim better and continue fire.
  • In close combat, shoot from the hip, as it’s hard to aim precisely at a moving target.

Here’s a couple of working tactics:

  • Rush is a fast attack on opponents. Seasoned players love rush as they are comfortable with playing as rifleman and know the game’s maps.
  • Hold is a tactics when a team takes up certain points and waits for the opponents’ mistakes. With this strategy, a rifleman takes up one of the critical points to meet the enemy fighters (commonly, it’s a point on a middle distance from potential enemy appearance).
  • Support is a tactics when the rifleman plays as an ordinary support for his teammates. If they pick up a fight, he just helps the team from the side. He can also flank the opponents to surprise them.

Rifleman in PvE

The main task of a rifleman is to control the enemy’s forces and to prevent them from getting too close to other teammates. Besides, he must timely provide ammo to teammates of other classes. Check your ammo regularly as it may come to an end at an inopportune time. As in PvP fights, aim at enemies’ heads. In PvE, this game style allows to score more points and improves your chance to earn the maximum number of crowns in case of a victory in the mission.

As we said above, riflemen rely on automatic rifles and machineguns. The gamer chooses the weapon he likes when completing a mission against bots. When choosing the weapon, think about the complexity and the potential strategy of the upcoming operation. For example, in PvE-missions and in operations against ordinary opponents (Blackwood fighters), both the assault rifle and the machinegun can be effective. When dealing with cybernetic zombies, rely on a heavy machine gun with plenty of ammo.

John Davis