Release date: April 12, 2012
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Warface: How To Play With A Sniper

The sniper is the only class in MMO-shooter Warface that can kill opponents from long distance while staying unnoticed. The main weapons of this class are sniper rifles of various types

Sniper in PvP

If the sniper’s skill is sufficient, he can eliminate many opponents and even the whole enemy squad in one round. Fighting opponents in the long distances is the main task of every sniper. However, there are players who are so skilled in playing with a sniper that they can fight against the medic in the close distance. Here’s our advice for this class in PvP:

  • The player must train to aim immediately to beat his opponents. Any miss will allow your opponents to know where you are, and when you’ll be using rifles with the linear-sliding gate you won’t be able to use your main weapon for several seconds after a shot.
  • In the open space, stay far from walls and shelters where an enemy fighter can hide. Distance keeps you safe: the farther you are from the opponent, the more winning chances you have.
  • When you are very close to your opponent, shoot from the hip without getting into the aiming mode.
  • Find concealed places on the map where you will have a good field of vision. Such places are ideal to kill your enemies.
  • Use silencer for sniper rifles to conceal your location from the enemies.
  • Change your position in time. This advice is most good after each kill.
  • Equip yourself with a rapid-firing semi-automatic or automatic pistol for close-range fights.

Sniper in PvE

PvP tips can also be used in PvE, but for more efficiency in PvE a sniper should use semi-automatic weapons. First targets are long-distance enemies – don’t stay in the open territory, shoot the bots from the cover.

Warface: How To Play With A Sniper-1

When you are on a mission where your opponents include ring mounts, shoot them first and then proceed to other enemies. Fighters of other classes won’t be able to deal sufficient damage to ring mounts on long distance.

Sniper’s techniques

  • One of the main techniques for this class is to get out of the position and strafe. The essence of this technique is that the undercover sniper opens the aim and targets a certain point. After this, he makes a step to the left or to the right so that he sees this point. If the opponent is there, he shoots.
  • Another sniper’s technique is to get out of the position and tackle. If you see a coming enemy from a middle distance or a long distance, you can tackle to eliminate him. In this case, you should enter the aiming mode during the tackle. Also, automatic rifles have virtually no recoil when sliding.
Warface: How To Play With A Sniper-2
  • Another technique is to get out of the position and jump. The idea is simple: if you want to explore the territory behind a wall or a cover, come out with a jump without aiming. You’ll be able to see whether enemy fighters are in sight or not. If you see an opponent, aim offhand and enter aiming mode to eliminate him. When you are in the aiming mode, you’ll have to adjust the aim for an accurate shot.

John Davis