Release date: April 12, 2012
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Warface: How To Play With An Engineer

In Warface, engineer is an ideal saboteur who has the best firing rate among all classes as he uses submachine guns. Engineer is most efficient in close and middle distance fights.

Engineer in PvP


  • Engineer’s weapons have less recoil in comparison with stormtrooper’s automatic rifles and machine guns.
  • Engineer can plant antipersonnel mines, both ordinary mines and circular damage mines.
  • Engineer is two times faster than other classes when he plants or defuses a bomb.
  • Engineer can repair armor with repair kits.


  • While an assault weapon generally kills with one shot in the head, an engineer must make two-three accurate shots with his submachine gun.
  • Engineer is inefficient in long distance fights.
Warface: How To Play With An Engineer-1

Tips for engineer in PvP:

  • Don’t rush with an engineer. This fighter finds himself behind stormtroopers during the fight and engages in close to middle distance battles.
  • Close-range efficiency of the engineer may drop to zero if he meets a medic, so don’t face the fighters of this class.
  • Plant default antipersonnel mines in corners, in tight passages, in climbs or descents so that the enemies do not see them.
  • When planting an ordinary antipersonnel mine, always aim its laser sensors at the enemy. Some gamers make the mistake of planting mines the other way round, so that enemies can pass freely and the mine does not work.
Warface: How To Play With An Engineer-2
  • A circular damage mine is different – no matter where the opponent comes from, the mine will work.
  • You can plant mines on enemies’ bodies so that a medic that comes to help his teammate gets killed.
  • Engineer can repair his armor, but it makes sense to avoid critical damage as repairs take time.
  • Use tackles in close and middle-distance battles, as well as strafe during fights. Jump at the opponent when he does not expect you.
  • Shoot in bursts during mid-range fights. Aim just below the opponent’s head as the firing rate of most submachine guns takes the barrel higher.

Engineer in PvE

Engineer plays a passive role in PvE missions and special operations. His duty is to repair teammates’ armor and to plant mines. By repairing teammates’ armor in time, the engineer also helps the medic who won’t have to reanimate the dead.

John Davis