Release date: April 12, 2012
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Warface: How To Play With A Medic

In Warface, medic is a necessary class to support the squad. He has a unique equipment – first aid kit and defibrillator – that are often used. No team can successfully play without a medic.

Medic in PvP

Shotguns of various types are the main weapons of the medic. Thanks to them, medic is almost invincible in close-range fights as he deals much damage to his opponents. Before you start playing with a medic, study the main tips that will help you in many situations:

  • Walk along the walls when you are on the open territory. This will give you enough time to react and shorten the distance to the enemy if he comes out of the corner. At the same time, you’ll be able to hide behind a cover if you are attacked from the opposite side.
  • Tackle to shorten the distance to the enemy (press F during acceleration).
  • Don’t tackle when you are face to face with the enemy as he can jump back and will not allow to deal any damage to himself. The key thing to keep in mind is that the player’s viewing angle is limited during the tackle. In this case, use fast jumps while shooting at the enemy or lie down.
  • If you have the ability, improve the special arsenal of the medic (first aid kit, defibrillator) by buying improved items in the in-game shop. This will facilitate their use: the range of the special arsenal will be increased while energy points will recover faster.
Warface: How To Play With A Medic-1
  • Before you start to reanimate your teammate, check whether opponent fighters are close to the body and whether you are covered by your fellow players. In most cases, ignoring this advice will lead to medic’s death and the death of the reanimated fighter. Sit down when reanimating and, if you can, reanimate in the prone position.
  • If you know where your teammate has been killed, throw a smoke grenade for cover-up. After the grenade has been thrown, wait a little, as your opponents will likely start throwing frag grenades and/or stun grenades in the area where the deceased fighter lies.
Warface: How To Play With A Medic-2

Here are the main tactics of using the medic:

  • Rush – a fast attack at the beginning of the round. Medics are as effective as stormtroopers during such “runs”. Use closed spaces to meet your opponents.
  • Support – Warface has an unspoken rule: a fighter who does not help his team while playing other classes and is deep in the red should change his class to a medic. Such players support the team by restoring health points of injured fighters and by reanimating the dead. They engage in battle only when the enemy is close to the medic.

Medic in PvE

As has already been said, medic is an auxiliary class that is good only in close-range fights. In PvP, as well as in battles with AI, you either attack or stay behind your team. Everything depends on the complexity of the mission and the skill of the player. A few tips to use the medic efficiently in PvE:

  • To avoid reanimating your teammates, restore their heath in time. Treatment takes less time and energy points.
  • Don’t reanimate your teammates under fire, especially under fire of a machine gunner, a grenade launcher or a special forces fighter.
  • In combat against bosses (Juggernaut or Thunder), medic is advised to close in with the enemy and start running around him. Clumsy creatures won’t be able to face the medic, and even if the medic suffers some damage, the first aid kit always comes in handy.
  • The medic can use his shotgun extensively if the mission is mostly inside. However, we do not recommend doing this if the level of difficulty is set to the maximum.

John Davis