War Robots: Beginners Guide

Advice on money, initial development and combat in War Robots

War Robots, which was previously known as Walking War Robots, is a multi-player freemium game for IOS and Android smartphones. War Robots’ gameplay is divided into two parts: battles and robot management. This guide will help beginning players to navigate the battlefield as well as it will highlight the most important aspects of the gameplay.

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Game currency

The game has 3 types of currency:

  • Silver (Ag) is used to enhance weapons and robots, and to purchase the second slot of the hangar.
  • Gold (Au) is a premium currency which can be bought for real money. It is used to speed up improvements, buy silver, buy hangar slots (third, fourth and fifth) and to buy equipment and higher-class robots.
  • Workshop points (WP) are used to buy equipment and “next-generation” robots (those whose level exceeds 20)

Obviously, silver is the easiest currency to get. You’ll get the lion’s share of this currency for your successes on the battlefield:

  • For inflicting maximum damage to your enemies;
  • For the biggest number of robots destroyed during the match;
  • For beacon captures;
  • For first 3 wins in matches (30,000 silver coins each day);
  • Each victory in a match gives you an additional 50% bonus to silver acquisition.

Getting gold is a more complicated task. While members of the losing team also get silver, gold is distributed only among winners:

  • 5 gold coins are given to the player who captured the most beacons;
  • 5 gold coins are given to the player who ranks first;
  • 3 gold coins are given to the player who ranks second;
  • 1 gold coin is given to the player who ranks third.

The rank in the standings is determined by total damage inflicted to the enemy. In other words, the number of kills does not determine the players’ ranking at the end of the match.

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The game also has a system of daily tasks which allow to earn 60 gold coins and several tens of thousands of silver coins per day. In addition, each new level gets you 50,000 silver coins and 50 gold coins.

What should you buy first

Each pilot starts the game with 100,000 silver (Ag) coins and 100 gold (Au) coins in the pocket, 1 slot in the hangar and 1st level Destrier-class chassis, with installed Spiral and Molot (1st level both).

War Robots: Beginners Guide-5
Think twice before giving a name to your pilot. The third pseudonym change (first two come for free) will cost you 500 gold coins
  • First, we recommend buying 2 Punishers for your Destrier and upgrade them to the 2nd level. Always upgrade your weapons before your robots or you will have to face stronger opponents. Don’t buy another Destrier-class chassis at the beginning of the game as you’ll have access to other machines soon.
  • Next, you should upgrade your hangar to 2 slots (5,000 silver coins) in order to place a Cossack-class chassis there. Install Punisher Mk2 on it for close-range fights. This will improve your chances to survive until the end of the battle. By this time, both machines could be upgraded to the 2nd level.
  • Upgrade the chassis equipment to the 4th level and then buy a third hangar slot for 100 gold coins. It’s high time to buy a middle-class robot. You can choose Gl. Patton (among strengths – 4 slots for light weapons) or Vityaz (if you have access to ECC Thunder).
  • If you decide to purchase Schütze-class chassis, we advise to wait for the moment when you can install Thunder on it (10th level).
  • The second middle-class robot that will replace Destrier could be the above-mentioned Vityaz as well as Golem. Thunder, Punisher and Punisher Mk2 will make it a perfect close-range fighter.
  • Don’t waste your gold – you’ll need it to unlock the fourth slot (1,000 gold coins) of your hangar, so you’ll have to hoard it by the time you reach the 20th level.
  • The fifth hangar slot will cost you 5,000 gold coins and will become an important purchase which will allow you to diversify your “garage”.
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You can use up to five robots in a battle (this is the main reason why you should get access to all five slots of the hangar as fast as possible). Here are the stages of the battle:

Preparation. You should have various robots in your hangar. The composition of the ideal hangar is as follows:

  • Fast robot to capture control points;
  • A couple of close-range battle machines;
  • Middle-range robot;
  • Sniper.

If you don’t have enough slots, choose between the sniper and the middle-range robot. Experienced players start the battle with fast and close-range robots.

Waiting for the start. Once you appear on the map, you’ll have to wait before the game will load all other robots. You can’t move during this period (15 seconds), but you can study your allies. Identify the robots and their weapons. This will help you understand who will, most likely, run to beacons, and what kind of support you’ll have during the fight.

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At the beginning of the round, the team needs to capture two beacons that are closest to the starting point. If your team consists of mostly lightweight machines, you’ll have no problems doing that. In other cases, you’ll have to chase the beacon. If you ignore the closest beacons you will lose the game.

Beacons. There are 5 beacons on the map: two pairs on each team’s side and one in the center. Players are fighting for the central point.

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Be prepared that you’ll meet “runners” like you when you’ll be capturing beacons

Typically, the central beacon is attacked by light robots at the beginning of the match. The task of the player who got to the central point before other players is to withhold it until slower and more armored teammates arrive.

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If you team is able to withhold the central beacon, or there’s a tough fight going for it, you can try to capture one of the “home” beacons of the enemy. Fast and lightweight robots are best suited for this task, but you won’t always have the chance to use them in such situation.

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Two players can capture the beacon much faster

The capture of one control point (if done by one robot) takes 5 seconds, the interception takes 10 seconds. At the end of the match, players will get 5,000 silver coins for each captured point.

At the beginning of the round, each side of the battle has a full “bar of influence” which is shown at the upper side of the screen. The more beacons are controlled by your team (blue), the faster the opponent’s (red) indicator of influence will decrease.

Conditions of victory:

  • Influence: your team deprived opponents of all influence points by holding most beacons.
  • Military superiority: you team eliminated all opponents’ robots.
  • Time limit: if the match does not end in 10 minutes a team with most influence points wins.

Combat tips

  • Cossack-class chassis is best to capture the beacons, so you’ll have to get it as soon as possible.
  • When using lightweight robots, you should work in team: unless you are chasing another beacon, let more heavy machines take the enemy’s fire.
  • Use allies to eliminate a particularly tenacious opponent. Mass fire is key to win against powerful enemies.
  • Don’t run out of cover too often when in battle (friendly and enemy robots also serve as cover) as many players use self-directed missiles. For the same reason, don’t get too far off the walls.
  • You can hit the opponent even if only your weapon “peeps” out of the corner. You’ll have to use the aim that highlights your enemies.
  • Because of cumbersome control, the best tactics on short distances is to circle around the enemy or zigzag, preventing the opponent from taking a good aim at you. The similar principle should be used in a battle with robots that have long-distance weapons.
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When playing for the “Cossacks”, don’t forget to use the jump which significantly improves your speed
  • If the opponent is stronger than you are, run away.
  • Study the range of fire of various weapons and stay out of the range of at least the most powerful of them.
  • Even if your team is winning, don’t lose your vigilance: you can lose advantage in a few seconds, so keep your eyes on the influence indicator, which will help understand if you can play defense of if you need to try and capture enemy’s beacons.

Earning gold

You’ll have to be patient If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a mobile game. Hoarding gold is a long process.

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You can earn gold in battles

To get the maximum amount of gold in one fight (10 gold coins) you’ll have to win the fight, capture the most beacons in your team and inflict the most damage to your enemies. You can achieve this by several means but the main one is the deception of the matchmaking system.

In War Robots, the selection of players is not based on the level of your profile but on the level of your machines, so experienced fighters always keep their machines on low levels and upgrade only their weapons (but not too much). This method forces War Robots “throw” you in matches with players who, by algorithm’s point of view, have similar fight potential, but who are de-facto far less experienced in battles.

Because of this, don’t hurry to throw away your Destrier. Instead, buy one additional chassis of the same class and a Cossack-class machine to capture beacons fast. When you have control over several points, don’t waste your time and switch to Destrier to inflict the most damage to your opponents, or you will lose the corresponding bonus.

John Davis