The Walking Dead: The Final Season — Episode 3: Suffer the Children

Release date: January 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3: Broken Toys Walkthrough

A detailed walkthrough of the third episode of the game’s final season and all the possible options

Check out Episode 2: Suffer the Children walkthrough if you haven’t completed it yet.

Abel’s Interrogation

In this episode, there are six collectibles in total. We will tell you where to find them during the walkthrough.

After the intro, talk to Willy and decide whether to defend Tenn. Then you will find yourself in the basement, where Abel is captured. First of all, take the School Pennant from the wall (collectible 1/6). Take the tape from the table (before reaching the dog). You can also pet Rosie — afterwards the game tells you that the dog now belongs to Clementine. To the left of the dog, on one of the shelves is a Sketch Toy (collectible 2/6). Head right to the tied Abel and proceed to torture. What to with him is your choice: hit, douse, shout or even let AJ bring him back to his senses.

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The first important decision is to let Abel drink or stop AJ. Our choice was to let him drink. Next, you will need to him against the table, tell that he was abandoned or sic Rosie on him. We chose the latter. After a few similar decision, Clem will take a roll-up from Abel’s pocket. After she lights it up, decide what to do: burn his face, put it out or give him a smoke. We burned his face.

In the end, you will need to promise Abel that you will not let him turn or do the opposite. Then make a decision to finish him out of pity or let him turn. Shoot or use your knife.

Old barge

After reaching the barge, first turn around and go to the lying log. Pick up a Horseshoe from the ground (collectible 3/6). Head to Louis (if he was rescued) and talk to the character. Proceed to explore. Look at the raiders on the upper left, examine the pier and the entrance next to it, the cockpit on the upper right and the road to the left of the barge. You will learn about two important details — a small gap above the door and nearby walkers.

Go to Willy. Before dealing with him, look at the grass under the tree to the right of the boy. Pick up the Rabbit’s Foot (collectible 4/6). Talk to Willy, inspect the boats and learn more information. Supplies can be burned or simply untied along with the boat. To the right, there is another pier with some other supplies and a burning torch. AJ is sitting on the rocks behind the tree to the left of Louis/Violet. Talk to him, look at the torch and the horses on the left. The latter can be used as a diversion.

After that, you will need to come up with your plan. We chose to burn hay to distract the horses, while Willy steals supplies from the boats. Soon you will have to approach a raider, who turns out to be Minnie (Minerva), one of Tenn’s two sisters, who was given up by Marlon. Unlike him, she will not give you up.

Meeting James

AJ and Clem went to look for James. Talk to the boy about what happened at the school when the raiders attacked. When you meet James, he will ask you to distract the walkers without killing them. You can do it your own way though. Press E (on PC) to knock down the walkers. If you press Q, you will kill them. If you want to go along with James’ wishes, then just stun them.

Note that the dead stand up again. This is an important choice. Finally, Clem will run to James. They decide to distract the dead by pushing down the cart. Along the way, you will need to kill or knock down another walker. James will remember how you decided to deal with those walkers.


Once you are in the barn, look around. Go a bit further than James and find the Beet-Nik Toy (collectible 5/6) behind the haystacks on the right. Now go to the right of AJ and take the Wind Chimes from the wall (collectible 6/6).

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3: Broken Toys Walkthrough-2

Now you can speak to James. Walk past the zombies and touch the wind chime suspended from the ceiling. After that, talk to James and decide what to answer: you can either agree with his point of view or resent it and say that walkers are just monsters. Convince him during your dialogue. Then tell AJ if you told him the truth or lied to get his help.


Back in your room, you can place the Beet-Nik Toy on the AJ’s table. Take the coffeemaker from the table near the window and talk to AJ, if you wish. Talk to Louis/Violet, and then play ball with AJ.

Soon you will find yourself in the music room. Examine different items. Look at the banner on the floor and choose a motto for it, or allow AJ to do it. Look at the phonograph and choose your preferred music genre: country, classical or jazz. Choose the candle color.

After that, go talk to Willy. The party starts afterwards. In conversation with Willy and Tenn, you can give the bomb a name or discard an idea. This is an important decision.

Next, Ruby will read out the files on the students, and you will have to guess who is described. The first one is Ruby herself. Continue chatting with the guys, listen to Louis’ (Violet’s) story or tell them that it does not matter. Louis will then play the piano, but if you saved Violet, she will sing. After the party, Clem will have a flashback with Lee in her dreams. The next day you will be back at the barge.

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Old barge

Talk to everyone, hug or slap Louis (if you saved him). Cover yourself and your pals in zombie guts. Head forward along with the walkers and press Q to hide behind them. When you get to the pier, head down and go along it through the water. Crouch so that nobody notices you.

Move to the left from cover to cover and void the light. Kill all walkers who stand in your way. Go forward, hide from the enemy. Then head right and open the door. Hide again, stun the enemy and proceed further. You have a choice of killing or incapacitating your enemies. The guys will now plant the bomb.

Go upstairs, where Violet or Louis is and watch the video. Talk to Violet (in our case), go to the door and look at the gap. Look through the door to see your friends. Examine the latch on the bottom of the door — it prevents Louis and AJ from entering. Pick up a shiv and try to get out. Talk to Lilly, let AJ attack her or tell him not to that. This is an important decision. Soon everything will get out of control, but a few QTEs will allow you to escape the captivity.

Clem will go after AJ. There will a few other scenes, and then AJ will point his gun at Lilly. You have to make the most important decision of the episode here: tell AJ to lower the gun or shoot Lilly. If you order to lower the gun, then Lilly will kill James. If you shoot her, she dies, but James remains alive (but angry with you for this decision).

If you saved Violet in the second episode

If Louis was captured instead of Violet, Minerva will knock you out when you meet him. When speaking to him you will learn that he was tortured for a long time, and he is afraid.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3: Broken Toys Walkthrough-4

After the conversation with Lilly, pick up a shiv and open the door by picking off the bolts. Minnie attacks you again when you get out, so Violet shoots her in the shoulder. The rest remains unchanged.

John Davis