The Walking Dead: The Final Season — Episode 1: Done Running

Release date: August 14, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Walkthrough

A full walkthrough of the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series The Final Season


Before the episode starts, you have to choose what had happened in previous seasons. Our choices were as follows:

  • Lee saved Doug
  • Lilly killed Doug and we left her behind
  • Always keep moving
  • I shot Lee
  • I shot Kenny
  • I stayed with Jane
  • I fought for AJ

In fact, these presets do not affect anything. Regardless of your choices, there will be only one outcome – Clementine will find AJ and together they’ll keep on searching for a safe place.

The Car

While in the car, lower the mirror and talk to AJ, who will ask you not to call him goofball anymore. Then you can hand him over a magazine, a broccoli toy and a packet of cookies. After that, the scene will end.

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Find food

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When you reach a dead end, you will find several containers and wagons arranged in a circle as if someone had settled there. Get the pry bar and the canteen from the car.

Go forward, deal with the walking dead by clicking consistently on E and Q, then look around. If you come closer to the place where you found the walker, you can see the garden with the withered plants. Seems like the place was abandoned a long time ago. Turn left and examine the tire swing. Go further, around the corner of the house you will find a collectible item — a deer skull. This item looks perfect as a car hood decoration.

Return to the entry. You can go further along the porch and inspect the garbage can. In general, the whole structure looks like a device for fresh water extraction, but in fact, if you have a sip (re-interaction) Clementine will simply spit it out. Examine the front door and crack it with a crowbar by pressing Shift and Q at the same time. In a conversation with AJ, choose any variant of the answer, he will repeat it and remember.

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Get into the ticket booth

While inside look around, examine the table and take the canned beans from it. The water filter does not work, so go to the booth and look inside. Clementine will notice the beans and emphasize that someone small can crawl under here, implying AJ. Approaching a pair of tethered zombies examine them: read the note, pick up a jar of poison and get the key.

Then you have to choose - whether to use the key, kill monsters, or fulfill the request of the dead (to leave them be) and ask AJ to get into the cash register through the window.

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If you decide to kill the zombies and pick up the key, you will soon be inside. The same will happen in the second case. AJ will find ammunition and charge the gun. Choose what AJ should do with a gun.

Find food in the booth

Look around, you can talk to Alvin again. Pick up the open can, examine the crib, and then move the mattress off the floor. Open the hatch to see the supplies, but as soon as the grenade drops out, immediately close it and watch the cut scene.

Then deal with three zombies outside, get in the car, remove the handbrake and switch the gearbox, while continuing to fight off the monsters. In the end, knock out the windshield, take the key and try to hide.

After the crash

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Get out of bed and look around: examine the bars, take a closer look at the scrapbook inside the desk and the locked door. Then interact with the closet to her left, in the corner of the room. There is a box on the top shelf, but you can’t reach it. Therefore, move the chair to the spot, take the box out and find a palett knife. Use it to open the door to enter the corridor.

Go around the corner in the opposite direction, then during the acquaintance with Marlon and Tennessee (Ten) choose any answers. While outside, chat about everything with Marlon.

Find AJ

After entering the building, you can look around or just go to the right. On the other side, behind the stairs leading up, you can find a collectible — plastic flowers.

After talking to Ruby, who was bitten by AJ, go to the hall where Luis is playing the piano.

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Chat with AJ, and then choose any option. Decide how to proceed — insist AJ press the piano keys, or forbid him.

Soon there will be Marlon, who will ask for help with the walking dead. At the gate you will meet Violet, who is not very happy about Clem and AJ.

Kill the walkers

Deal with the enemies in front of you by using E and Q keys. You should have already figure out how the fight mechanics work. It is not enough to press the keys in time, you still have to act carefully. If you attack an opponent by knocking him down with E and then stabbing him with a knife with Q, you need to do it away from the rest of the enemy crowd. Because in another case, one of them can attack and kill Clementine.

Also if you pull the knife out of the zombie’s head and another walker reaches you, you’ll have to push him away, repeatedly pressing Q key, and at the end E once. If there is a third monster, then most likely your character will die.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Walkthrough-7

After Luis has shown you the traps, go on fighting with the walkers. Run up to the trees with a rope and cut it using F. You can do this only when the walker reaches the area marked by a yellow color (where the stone falls). The area turns red when there is a zombie inside it.

Kill all zombies using the traps and Clementine’s knife. When Marlon says that a group of teenagers is already close, you have to kill four walkers at once. Deal with first by cutting the rope holding the log. Defeat the second dead man coming from the left. Until it is done, do not approach the two last distant enemies, otherwise, the one that is on the side will kill Clementine!

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Save the guy who was attacked by the walkers, performing several actions, until you meet Rosie, Marlon’s dog. On your way to the camp, you can side with Violet or Louis during the conversation.

Help AJ make friends

After talking to Marlon and AJ, you’ll need to find friends for the boy:

  • Go right and talk to Mitch and Willy. They will find him funny or drolly, depending on whether you allowed him to swear or not.
  • Find Ruby by the fire on the left. It was her whom AJ earlier. Tell him that he should be honest and explain why he did it. Ruby will accept an apology. In fact, she will react in such a way regardless of what you tell AJ.
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Note. Face the building and go to the right side of it. On one of the windowsills, you will find another collectible — cut flowers.

Let’s continue:

  • Approach the entrance and turn left to see the makeshift graves, where you can see belongings of Tennessee’s sisters, who were killed about a year ago. Talk to Violet, and then decide how to proceed. The best choice is to leave them alone. Violet and Tenn will be grateful that you paid them a visit.
  • Nothing special will happen if you come closer to Louis and cook Omar standing near the pot.
  • Head to Aasim, who is filling in the diary. When AJ takes it, tell him to give the thing back to Aasim. The guy will like the fact that AJ respects his personal space. If you ask the boy to finish the phrase he is reading, Aasim won’t be delighted.
  • It's time to apologize to Marlon. The boy will remind you this right away, as soon as you finish talking with other teens. Approach the guy chatting with Brody and wait a few seconds for the dinner to begin. During it, decide whether to make a remark to AJ or not. If you say that he should chew more carefully, Ruby will like it. In case you burp, everyone will repeat after you and the girl will leave the table.

Soon Louis will offer to play "War". Ask and answer as you wish until Clementine goes to sleep. If AJ keeps a box of crayons to himself, Tenn will be disappointed. But if you insist on giving pencils back, Tenn will remember it. In any case, Violet will allow AJ to finish the drawing, and you will receive another collectible — AJ’s drawing.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Walkthrough-10

Decide whether to allow AJ to sleep under the bed or force him to lie on it.

The next morning

The next morning you'll have to sort out the quarrel between AJ and Ten. Return the toy to its owner, so he will remember it, or let your companion play.

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When Rosie appears, followed by Marlon, decide how to proceed: trust Marlon and pat him or stay indifferent to it.

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Study the map and decide where to go: with Brody and Violet for fishing near the old hut, or with Aasim and Luis to hunt in the forest.

The first option — hunting

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Choose a hunt, and then decide to help Aasim or fool around with Luis. In the first case, you'll have to hunt rabbits with a bow. You will have two attempts, so aim cautiously. On the other hand, if you do not shoot any, in any case, there will be a rabbit in a snare. It will be necessary to decide whether to let him go or break his neck. The last option is pointless since there will not be enough food anyway. Aasim will take the big rabbit to the camp, and you, along with Louis, will suggest visiting Violet and Brody at the shack where they are fishing.

Knock out the door or gently open it. AJ will remember these actions, like a previous one with the rabbit’s fate. At the fireplace, Clementine will find a joint. Talk to everyone.

The second option — fishing

After arriving at the shack with Violet and Brody, talk to the girls. Go inside, talk to Brody and find out why they do not get along. Take the spear behind the curtain, then go outside and take part in fishing. It does not matter if you catch a fish or not!

Soon you will go to the forest to visit Aasim and Luis. Examine the place, pick up a roach near the trap, and then talk to the guys. As a result, Brody and Aasim will leave.

Note. It also does not matter if you go hunting or fishing first. In any case, Clementine can examine the fishing hut. There is a fireplace inside, on top of which there is a collectible — a cat's skull.

Return to the station

Regardless of your choice, you will have to go to the station where the game has started. Look around, examine the bell and the car on the left in order to create a plan. Support Louis or Violet, then move past the horde, killing three zombies (one near, another at the car on the right, and the third at the very end near barrels). Hide behind the barrels, wait for Violet and AJ, then give Louis a signal. Do not forget to get down when its necessary by pressing S key. Eventually, Louis will distract the monsters.

Go inside the house and watch the cut-scene until a man with a cigarette appears. Tell AJ to drop the weapon, or order him to fire at Abel. In any case, he will miss the target and everyone including Clementine will run out of the house to Erickson's school. Talk to everyone. Regardless of the choice, Brody will change his attitude towards Clementine for leaving the safe zone.

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Here you can talk with Tennessee. Let him draw your portrait to get another collectible.

The final night

Go outside and inspect the basement door that will lead you to the courtyard. Turn left, pick up a brick along the way, interact with the door and break the lock.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Walkthrough-15

Go down and overhear the conversation between Brody and Marlon. In the end, Marlon will hit Brody. Talk to her after learning the truth, then find the lantern and ruler, get rid of Brody and walk outside. In the end, you have to decide what to do – forgive Marlon or not. However, the end will be the same no matter what.

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To find out what happens next, check out Episode 2: Suffer the Children walkthrough.

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