Vikings: War of Clans

Release date: April 21, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

Vikings: War of Clans Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips on income, initial development and warfare in Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans is a multi-player online strategy from Plarium. The game is based on a freemium model and is available on iOS, Android and PC.

In «War of Clans», gamers will develop their own town, mine resources and fight other players. It’s hard to dig into all the details of internecine wars by yourself, so this guide will be of great help.

Get it right from the start

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Each player whose castle has not reached the 6th level is able to usethe Beginner’s Transfer. This function allows to change the kingdom (i.e. server) for the more suitable one, for example, to be closer to friends or similar-level players.

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By pressing on the Influence icon at the top of the screen, you can change the name of the town or the name of the hero. For the first time, this feature comes for free, but you’ll have to pay for additional renaming. This will help to tell rookies from veterans.

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Plarium website (the browser version of the Vikings) does not allow to link your game account to Facebook account

Link your account to Facebook as it will give you a thousand gold coins. If you don’t want to use your real profile, you can always create a fake one. Keep in mind that you will need a link to the Facebook account to play Vikings on multiple devices.

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To accumulate some food, send your soldiers on campaigns as they don’t use city reserves when they are out of their base

When you are in the town, build several resource-mining buildings of each type:

  • Farms — food;
  • Sawmills — wood;
  • Stone pits — stone;
  • Mines — iron;
  • Manors — silver.

Farms are the most important as they bring food to your soldiers.

The level of the castle shows the general level of your town on the global map and determines the level of development of other buildings in the capital. As mentioned above, when the castle reaches the 6th level, you lose the ability to transfer your town to another kingdom, but you will get an item to transfer to any other point on the global map inside your kingdom.

Don’t underestimatethe Oracle (a big purple building near the castle) as it gives access to several types of Knowledge  — economic, military, espionage, training and invader knowledge. Start with the first two to speed up the development of your country.

Always produce something: while you can’t upgrade and construct buildings simultaneously, you can train soldiers, study Knowledge and build another farm at the same time. You should plan for the longest waiting times when you are offline.

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Check Chest of Loki often as it may contain not only ordinary resources but also gold and materials that can be used to craft items

Your hero gets experience points for completion of quests, constructing/upgrading buildings and so on. When you reach the next level, these experience points can be used to learn skills from 2 branches – the main one and the expansionist one. In the beginning, we recommend learning skills Building I and II and Learning Speed I and II as they will help to significantly decrease time to construct buildings and acquire knowledge.

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You’ll be able to reallocate the skill points of your hero when you reach higher levels, so battle skills are not that important early in the game

Join a clan (the Clan tab at the bottom of the screen) as fast as possible as you will be able to complete additional clan quests that will give you more experience and resources. Besides, clan members can speed up construction/upgrade of buildings and acquiring new knowledge in your town.

Hoard VIP points: when you enter the game for the first time, you get a VIP-status for a day. This status gives a number of advantages that get better with each new level of this status. To upgrade this status, you’ll need a certain number of VIP points (the higher the level, the more points you will need). You can buy them for gold in the Bank or for Loyalty points in the in-clan shop.

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The Armistice Shield will protect your town for a few days after the creation of your account, so no one will be able to attack you. Thus, you’ll have the time to improve as many elements of your holdings as you can, and you’ll also be able to create an army.

For looting, choose towns whose owners haven’t logged in the Vikings for quite some time (you can check this by spying). Your preferred targets do not have any defense but at the same time have many resources.

Why you need resources and how to get them

As in any other freemium projects, the Vikings have several types of currency:

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To increase resources, upgrade relevant buildings, Knowledge and Hero skills

The standard currency – food, wood, stone, iron, silver. This currency is necessary to build your town, construct and upgrade buildings, train the army, study Knowledge, etc. You can get the resources by using special buildings (farms, sawmills, stone pits, mines and manors), looting, completing quests and checking Loki’s Chest. Also, you can ask fellow clan members to help you out with resources.

The premium currency – gold. You don’t need gold to increase your level or develop your town, but gold makes these processes simpler and cheaper.

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The main method of getting gold in the Vikings is to pay for it with real money in the in-game Bank, but it is not the only method available. Other income ideas demand more patience: you’ll be looting gold mines and invaders’ den on the global map, getting loyalty rewards for logging in every day, opening Loki’s chest and getting a new level for your Hero.

To improve the level of production from the gold mines, we recommend moving your town (after it reaches the 6th level) close to the mines. To get one gold unit from this resource location, you’ll need a thousand soldiers, so prepare thoroughly.

In-clan currency  — loyalty and valor. For valor points, elders and clan leader buy items that will be available for purchase with loyalty points for other members of the clan.

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You receive both types of the in-clan currency by helping other clan members to speed-up construction/upgrade of the buildings and by completing clan quests. Attention: for helping your fellow clan members, you can get only 1000 points of loyalty and valor daily. After this, you’ll have to wait a few hours before the counter is reset.

What is Influence and how to improve it

Influence is a universal gauge of players’ progress and power which is used for a conventional division into leagues: rookies, recruits, warriors, generals, masters and Odin league. The higher the league level, the bigger the rewards. Also, some clans demand a certain level of Influence points for admission.

How to increase Influence:

  • Complete quests – quests are provided by the game itself. You need to build or upgrade a certain building, study this or that Knowledge, train a certain number of soldiers and so on. You’ll have to complete these quests anyway during the development of your town so don’t pay much attention to them.
  • Increase the level of your Hero – you get experience points for quest completion. This leads to an increase of your Hero’s level, which allows you to get several Influence points. Don’t complete the missions that you have already finished before you do not significantly upgrade the Hero’s Abode. Each upgrade to this building increases Hero’s experience bonus by 5%, which helps to get more experience that is necessary for a new level-up.
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One reason to delay quest completion is the desire to keep the rewards off the hands of potential invaders
  • Study Knowledge – upgrade the Oracle’s building and relevant Hero skills as well as create an outfit in the Forge to decrease the time necessary for to get Knowledge. To maximize Influence by using this method, always learn something new.
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  • Construct/upgrade buildings – just like in the case of Knowledge, you need to constantly construct or upgrade buildings. Leave the lengthiest processes for the time when you are offline and use boosters during the gaming session (you can buy them in the in-clan shop). To decrease production time, upgrade the relevant Hero skills and Knowledge in the Oracle’s building and create an outfit with necessary bonuses in the Forge.
  • Train your army – in order to avoid losing Influence points when your squad is destroyed by enemies, get yourself at least a couple of sick quarters. Fallen warriors may be resurrected (this is done using gold only) if less than one week has passed since their death. Otherwise, they, and the corresponding Influence points, will be lost forever.

The first three methods ensure the permanent increase of Influence, while the safety of warrior and building-related Influence points depends on the safety of warriors and buildings. In other words, if you have destroyed some building or have let your warriors die (meaning that you did not resurrect them), the Influence points that they brought to you will also disappear. Thus, focus on stable sources of Influence.

Clans and their advantages

Clans are one of the main components of Vikings: War Of Clans as you get many opportunities when you are a clan member:

  • You can help clan members to speed up the construction/upgrading process and get help from them. The higher the level of your castle, the more fellow clan members can help you.
  • You can exchange resources with others. You’ll need a market for this. The market will collect a duty from shipments to both sides of the trade. The higher the level of the market, the less the exchange duty.
  • You can take or send reinforcements for a collective defense or assault.
  • You can use the in-clan shop.

There are open clans and closed clans. You can get into open clans without any restrictions (other than the restriction on the number of members). To get into a closed clan, you’ll have to send an application and wait for the approval or rejection.

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Try to join an active and powerful clan to get maximum benefits from clan membership. A good gauge of clan’s success is the ratio between the number of clan members and the Influence points. The higher the second value and the lower the first one, the more powerful the clan is.

Each clan has a strong hierarchy: clan leader, elders, generals, warriors and recruits. First two ranks may buy (using Valor points) items in the special catalog of the clan shop, where other members will buy items for Loyalty points.

The main goal of each clan is to grab and hold the so called Place of Power. This is a special location in the center of each kingdom which gives the clan a number of significant advantages in the form of additional silver, gold, titles (they provide various bonuses) and a decrease in the time of construction, learning and soldier training. The leader of the clan disposes of this loot.

When you are a member of the clan, check twice before attacking someone, as he can be a member of a friendly clan. If you break the non-aggression pact, your position in your clan will suffer.

If you are a victim from a member of a rather friendly clan, don’t hurry to fight back. In order to avoid internecine wars, complain at the wall of his clan and the community leadership may solve the problem without your involvement.

John Davis