Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The

Release date: May 18, 2015
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay

Images of best cosplay works that perfectly portray well-known video game characters

Cosplay has already become a part of mass culture — it’s impossible to imagine modern expos and gaming websites without it. Although, in pursuit of fans and attention, some girls occasionally explore excessive nudity or experiment, for example by making female versions of male characters. There is nothing wrong with it, mind you, but sometimes they forget about the main purpose of cosplay — authenticity or, in other words, resemblance. Here we’ll cover the most painstaking and detailed works of cosplayers, who fully match their originals from video games.

Maria Hanna — Yennefer of Vengerberg, The Witcher 3

Every image of Maria is so authentic, that even the most meticulous fans couldn’t find fault with it. It’s hard to name a single best work of Hanna, but if we have to choose, we will pick Yennefer. The main differences from other works are incredible attention to details, carefully crafted with make-up appearance and look, which reflects the ambiguous nature of her character. Maria also brought both the main and alternative outfits to life.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-1
This is Maria in Yennefer’s canon dress
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-2
And this is how she looks in alternative, which was added to The Witcher 3 as a bonus
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-3
Photo from Igromir 2017 expo. Every visitor could make sure, that Maria’s outfit and appearance are as good in real life as they are on staged photos
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-4
Developers from CD Projekt RED approved her cosplay and even made her the official model of Yennefer

Lera Orlova — Triss Merigold, The Witcher 3

According to the books and the third Witcher game, Triss is the exact opposite of Yennefer. Although developers experimented with her character in the first and second parts of the franchise, it’s a sweet and gentle Triss, that is considered canon. The more amazing is Lera’s story, who got confused with the red-haired sorceress on the street. Subsequently, this occasion led her to cosplay. In recent years, Lera has perfected her look and removed even the smallest differences from the original source.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-5
Some of Lera’s photos may pass as the game’s screenshots
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-6
Triss remains the one and only cosplay for Lera — she never represented other characters
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-7
Photo from Igromir 2017 expo. In the presence of Lera, other girls fade into the background
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-8
Of course, the initial resemblance to the character helped Lera become the living embodiment of Triss, but to achieve such results, she had to put in a lot of effort

Cosplaying the main heroine of Bloodrayne series is a tricky task. If girl’s body isn’t perfect, Rayne’s tight suit won’t look nice on her. There were successful attempts — few and far between. Nowadays, as one famous cosplayer said: ‘’Doing Bloodrayne after Earlstreim is plain stupid.’’ We can’t argue with that — charming in real life Anya has impersonated the bloodthirsty dhampir so masterfully, that today she is associated exclusively with Rayne. And for damn good reasons — quality and authenticity are nothing short of ideal.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-9
Bloodrayne cosplay from Anya Earlstreim seems perfect up close…
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-10
and far-off…
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-11
Photo from Igromir 2016 expo. At the exhibition, Anya was Rayne — beautiful, but deadly lady. Take a look at her blades — those aren’t just props, but real steel weapons
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-12
Apart from the default combat suit, Anya made photos and appeared on expos in Rayne’s alternative outfits. A ball gown from the beginning of the second part is the latest variation on the topic

Zhanna Rudakova — Widowmaker from Overwatch

No doubt there was a lot of Overwatch cosplay lately. Maybe D.Vas and Symmetras haven’t become old yet, but Tracers and Widowmakers have been everywhere for the past few years. The only way to stand out is to have the best quality. Out of all the great Widowmakers we’ve seen, we would like to point out Zhanna Rudakova, who cosplayed Widow at the request of Blizzard.

Zhanna’s situation reminds us of Anya Earlstreim and Rayne — after both of them, it’s difficult to see any other girl representing their signature characters. Recreating Widowmaker’s appearance is not an easy task — a one-piece latex suit covering the whole body, a wig, custom-made rifle… But it was worth it.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-13
Most of the Overwatch fans recognized Zhanna as the ideal Widow cosplay
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-14
Her Widowmaker is both classy and sassy
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-15
A cunning look is like a cherry on top of Widowmaker’s image
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-16
A photo from yet another festival

Natasha Kochetkova — Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft

For the fans of MMORPGs Jaina Proudmoore is, above all, a World of Warcraft character. But for those, who were lucky enough to enjoy Warcraft 3, she will always remain a brave sorceress, who led the remnants of the Alliance at a young age. Even though Jaina is a frequent guest in the world of cosplay, Natasha Kochetkova, also known as Narga, recreated her image better than anyone else did. In this article, we won’t talk about Kira Mitenkova’s atmospheric photosets, focusing on the main topic — incredible authenticity of this work.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-17
At the first glance at Narga’s photos, you can understand the character of her heroine. A cruel fate turned a sweet girl into a merciless warrior
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-18
Cosplay requirements have risen over the past years — we are already accustomed to the best costume quality, but Jaina’s outfit still looks amazing. Even in the official Warcraft movie, heroes of the Alliance didn’t look as good
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-19
Every rivet, every strand, every insignificant armor element is just where it needs to be. Where Blizzard artists decided, to be exact
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-20
The initial similarity between the cosplayer and its character plays an important role for authenticity. Of course, in case of Jaina, Natasha had to use a wig and thorough make-up, but she resembles Miss Proudmoore even without additional resources

Anna Moleva — Fire Keeper from Dark Souls III

All works of Anna Moleva can be called authentic because she always achieves the maximum likeness to the source. Choosing one specific Anna’s cosplay is a tough one — all of them are wonderful. Although most people still remember her as Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite, we are going to highlight another fine work of hers — the Fire Keeper from Dark Souls III.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-21
At first glance there is a striking similarity to the original. Nothing special, just a gray dress and a mask, but it’s enough to make you remember everything you felt playing Dark Souls III
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-22
From the implementation point of view, lenses are nothing complicated, but when the fallen mask demonstrates the terrible truth, you forget about the means and methods. Heart trembles — and you become deeply sorry for the Fire Keepers
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-23
This photoset plays up of the Dark Souls III endings, where fire fades and Age of Dark begins. Many fans believe that this is a canon ending
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-24
Alas, the end of the story is a sad one — the life of Fire Keepers always ends in the distant tower of Firelink Shrine. Which is a given in the world of Dark Souls, if you think about it

Oniksiya Sofinikum — Plain Doll from Bloodborne

Oniksiya Sofinikum, as a big admirer of From Software projects, sometimes recreates characters from their games. Her Doll from Bloodborne captures the original in detail — she is mysterious and sad, but at the same time devoted to her beloved Hunter.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-25
Attention to every detail — from carefully recreated costume and decorations to fingers resembling doll hands — this is what separates thorough authentic cosplay from the other
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-26
(It is hard to portrait the feeling of human love with one look, but it is even harder to show the love of a doll
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-27
Live photo from CosplayStar 2018
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-28
Unlike other Bloodborne characters, we learned Doll’s fate from completing The Old Hunters expansion

The fifth part of Metal Gear Solid was controversial, and at that time it was criticized by the some of the most dedicated fans. However, a sniper called Quiet, who didn’t wear much clothes due to peculiarities of her body, seemed to please everyone. In 2015, social media and forums were drowned in The Phantom Pain cosplay, most of it being beautiful representations of Quiet. It is difficult to choose the best one from the hundreds of great works, but we decided to stop on RizzyCosArt, a cosplayer from Brazil. The main reason being her uncanny likeness to the character.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-29
Some thought, that Hideo Kojima came up with Quiet’s breathing story only to justify her being almost naked. Even if it’s true, it turned out nicely — usually developers don’t try to explain these things
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-30
If the relationship between Quiet and Snake develops enough, she will flirt with the protagonist, tease him and ogle. In addition, high reputation unlocks a secret ending
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-31
Quiet is a surprisingly good teammate, who fulfills orders and doesn’t miss a shot
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-32
She reminds us of a flower because Quiet only needs water, oxygen and sunlight to live

Tasha — Kerrigan from StarCraft II

Kerrigan cosplay is a rare occurrence after she turned into the Queen of Blades. Which is understandable because it’s extremely difficult to achieve similarity in this case. Nevertheless, sometimes this character appears online and on the exhibitions. These works always receive high praise, and among them, we would like to point out Tasha from an all-female Korean cosplay group called Spiral Cats.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-33
After being reborn as the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan combines features of a beautiful girl and an insect. Some fans even consider this hybrid sexy
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-34
In this case, costume details and make-up quality are of paramount importance. The better masters recreate chitinous armor of Zerg queen, the more people will appreciate cosplayer’s work
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-35
It’s hard to imagine how much work went into applying such a complex make-up
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-36
Not surprising that the best Kerrigan cosplay comes from South Korea — in this country StarCraft became a second religion

Lollipop Chainsaw is hardly a masterpiece. This is just one of many crazy projects of Goichi Suda, and its only undisputed advantage is its main hero, Juliet. Little-known at the time, Jessica Nigri was named official cosplayer of the young zombie huntress. Today she is one of the most famous cosplayers.

The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-37
Juliet is a typical blonde from teen comedies. Doesn’t make it any easier to find someone just as similar to her as Jessica
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-38
Pretty girls look especially good in the land of the living dead
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-39
Photo from Penny Arcade Expo 2012
The Most Authentic Female Cosplay-40
Before the game’s release, publishers made a series of fake commercials to promote the game. Jessica participated in each of them

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