Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr Guide

Comprehensive guide for the game including full walkthrough, skills guide, useful tips, secrets and achievements unlock

Vampyr is a unique game with a lot of gameplay mechanics. Here we will tell you about those mechanics, provide a full walkthrough and give you some useful tips. We will also help you build your character, find all the collectibles and obtain the hardest achievements.

How to

Need help completing the game? Want more side quests? We got you!

How to Level Up Quickly — leveling up is extremely important in Vampyr. Here we explain to you the ways of getting the experience points and their pros and cons.

How to Find All Hints for Residents — you might want to learn more about the citizens when playing the game. There are easy and difficult ways to do it, and both are detailed here.

How to Level Up the Mesmerize Skill — this a skill you can’t develop by spending your regular experience points, so you might want to read this one.

How to Unlock All 9 Medicines — curing citizens is a way to go for gaining maximum experience, but you have to unlock different medicines to do so. Here they are.

How to Find All 30 Documents — there are 30 collectible notes in Vampyr. This guide will help you find them all and obtain ‘’Lore Keeper’’ achievement.


Vampyr can be puzzling at times and we feel for you. Below you will find a complete walkthrough of the game and its side quests as well as some tips and tricks.

Walkthrough Tips and Tricks — everything you want to know about the game without spoiling any of the stories.

Main Storyline Walkthrough — full story walkthrough for those stuck in the suburbs of London.

Investigations Guide — detailed walkthrough of all the investigations (side quests) there are.


There are several secret achievements in Vampyr, so here are the guides for a couple of them.

How To Get The Achievement London’s Burning

How to Get the Achievement Unlife is Strange


Cheats, codes and trainers — the game is too difficult or too boring? Want to have some fun? Why not try some old school tricks.

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