Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr Walkthrough

A full walkthrough of the main storyline, tips on crafting and combat, locations of collectible items and secrets

Vampyr is a role-playing game which takes place in London in 1918. The main character, doctor Jonathan Reid, unwillingly becomes a vampire. He has nothing else to do but to resign himself to his new life. The game is developed by Dontnod Entertainment, creators of Remember Me and Life is Strange. Keep in mind that the game is called Vampyr rather than Vampire.


Following the introductory clip, the main character will find himself among many corpses. Go forward along a single path, approach the silhouette of a girl and interact with her by pressing F. Watch the cutscene with horrific events.

Run away from the enemies. There is only one route. Pay attention to the fact that the main character has 2 scales – the green one and the light-brown one. The first shows the health level, the other shows stamina level. Stamina is used for running, evasion and strikes in close combat.

Run forward until you jump down. Remove the old machete from the corpse on the right and use it to cut the barrels in the front by pressing the left mouse button.

Vampyr Walkthrough-1

Machete will automatically appear in the hand. You’ll see a new enemy in front of you – get rid of him and of the next opponent who uses a melee weapon. Open the doors and kill two hunters in the factory. Once you are ready, go outside.

Vampyr Walkthrough-2

Watch the cutscene and follow the only path to the street to meet an opponent with a powerful firearm. Dash to him using the cover on the right, kill him and find closed doors ahead of you (a ‘’red ring’’ points to them). You’ll have to enter the building from the right side through the red door. This is the first shelter in the game.

Vampyr Walkthrough-3

Certain items inside which activate memories are available for research. Examine the portrait of a man with a girl on the pedestal opposite the door, take the gold watch from the hands of the deceased in the room on the right, look in the mirror on the upper floor and get to the body in the armchair. Also, there’s a cabinet with shelves in the left side of the first floor. There, you’ll find a collectible item ‘’Fire and Sun’’ (Weakness of Vampires 1/3). Don’t forget to search boxes and curbstones to find shillings (money) and various items for future crafting.

Vampyr Walkthrough-4

When you go upstairs and get to the body, you’ll watch the main character find a gun. Pick up the bloody diary on the bedside table and then interact with the bedside table itself. Pick two new skills. First, you must necessarily unlock ‘’Autophagy’’ that allows you to turn blood into XP. Also, choose one of the offensive perks – ‘’Claws’’, ‘’Blood Spear’’ or ‘’Shadow Mist’’.

Vampyr Walkthrough-5

Choose the one you like! There are few skills in the game, but each skill has several levels that increase their efficiency.

This is how the prologue ends.

Vampyr Walkthrough-6

Chapter 1: Quarantine

Vampyr Walkthrough-7

Eternal Thirst

Vampyr Walkthrough-8

Go downstairs and pass through the front door. Teleport to the second floor by pressing F. This skill will stay with you, and you’ll be able to use it later on. Instead of usual evasion through ‘’Spacebar’’, Jonathan Reid uses his dark powers to move in the space. However, the range of his movement is limited. To get on an upland, you should stand in a way so that a corresponding tip with the F key appears above.

Pull out the old stake from the corpse. Read below to learn about its purpose.

Vampyr Walkthrough-9

Leave the house until you find a few enemies on the quay. Here, you’ll learn that you can stun enemies with the help of a stake that you picked up before (you won’t miss it). Attack the opponent with a stake by pressing on the right mouse button (to use the weapon in the left hand). Once he is stunned, press F to drink his blood. Also, you can get blood from rats – get close to one of them, aim and press F when a tip appears.

You don’t immediately kill an enemy when you drink his blood. You can do it several times until the end of his HP.

Kill enemies ahead of you and on the pier until you find a quay with a corpse. A vampire recently had a lunch here and Jonathan believes that he is the one who turned him into a bloodsucker.

Vampyr Walkthrough-10

Don’t hurry, go a little further along the beach to find a chest. There’s a closed passage on the right – break the barrels and find a locked chest. In general, search everything you can to get various items that allow you to improve existing weapons or craft new ones.

Follow bloody steps using the vampire mode (V key). On the way, you can teleport to the balcony and find a new shelter. Go to the Turquoise Turtle bar, talk to the waitress Sabrina and to an alcoholic and bartender Tom, but they won’t name a man who recently visited the bar. Go to the second floor and discuss these events with doctor Swansea after a cutscene.

Vampyr Walkthrough-11

Go downstairs and talk to Sabrina to learn about William Bishop. Ask Tom about William and he’ll tell you where you can find him. Leave the bar, go to the right and examine the boats on the quay. You’ll find a corpse with a message on it in one of these boats. Search the corpse, read the message and examine the boat. After this, you’ll see a storyline option ‘’Leave’’. Important storyline branches in dialogues or during the examination of something are highlighted in yellow.

Vampyr Walkthrough-12

Along the way, you’ll learn how to attack the enemy silently, from behind. To do this, press Q to slowly sneap up from behind and then click F when the appropriate tip appears.

Vampyr Walkthrough-13

In addition, note that each opponent has resistance. Before attacking the enemy, set the vampire mode (V key) and aim at the target. You’ll see red and yellow symbols: crossed swords (resistance to melee attacks), sight (firearms), drop (blood-related skills) and resistance to shadow attacks. The red icon indicates a high level of resistance, the yellow icon indicates a medium level of resistance. The same icons can be seen during the battle if you capture the target via CTRL (to the right of the scale).

Vampyr Walkthrough-14

Teleport to the other side, clean out the warehouses from vampire hunters and follow along, visiting the next shelter on the way. Eventually, you will end up in the old docks, where you’ll find William trying to drink the blood of the priest Sean. Stop him to start a battle with the boss.

Vampyr Walkthrough-15

He’s an ordinary Skal – a brainless vampire of the lowest rank directed by a banal thirst for blood. Use ‘’Spacebar’’ to evade his attacks.

Vampyr Walkthrough-16

He can perform one blow or a series of three strokes. Sometimes, he runs up and tries to attack Jonathan in a jump. That’s all! Avoid his tricks, attack with a melee weapon and back off (make sure that you have enough stamina for retreat). Before you go to the boss, pull a scythe from the wall on the right. It’s a two-handed weapon that inflicts huge damage but is rather slow.

After you have defeated the enemy, you’ll get his club. Examine the location and interact with the priest. Watch the cutscene and then take a blood sample from William Bishop. Go back to the boat to Dr. Swansea and watch a lengthy cutscene with a dialogue of two doctors. In the end, you’ll find yourself in the Pembroke hospital.

Vampyr Walkthrough-17

Take Me to the Hospital

Vampyr Walkthrough-18

This episode is quite simple. Without any additional action, go to the left and see two fighters. One of them will kill another. Approach him and learn about moral choice. You can decide how to deal with Clay Cox. First, mesmerize the target by pressing Q. After this, take him to the dark place where you can decide whether you want to suck his blood or release him. Note that killing people (except for hunters you are forced to kill) will lead to a bad ending of the game.

Vampyr Walkthrough-19
Vampyr Walkthrough-20

Release Clay, go upstairs and proceed to the main entrance where you’ll talk to the nurse Dorothy Crane.

Vampyr Walkthrough-21

Tell her about Clay Cox (if you released him) so that she sends some help to him. Get inside the hospital, go upstairs and turn to the left. Go to the end of the long corridor to get into Jonathan’s private office (DR. REID plate). Interact with the desktop, hover the mouse over William Bishop’s blood sample and press the left mouse button to get the opportunity to prepare a weak healing serum. You need ingredients for any item!

Vampyr Walkthrough-22

In the second tab, you can improve weapons. In the third tab, you can process various items that may also be sold to the merchant.

Lie down on the bed, buy new upgrades for Jonathan and confirm them to complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2: White Coat

Night Shift

Vampyr Walkthrough-23

Get out of your room and talk to Dorothy Crane. She will report that the hospital is short of antiseptic while Jonathan will suggest making it from improvised means. For this, he needs access to an old morgue. Dorothy will provide a key. Go outside, turn to the right following the marker and open the door to the get into the old wing of the building.

Vampyr Walkthrough-24

On the first floor, you’ll find ordinary objects and a lattice which is blocking the descent into the basement. You’ll need to find a key. Go upstairs and enter the room on the right to find three cans of iron tartrate on the table. Exit the room and turn to the right. Kill the Skal who is eating the corpse and find three cans of quinine on the table that is located on the right side. The key to the basement of the morgue lies on the table in the large study. Take it.

Go downstairs. Be careful as new enemies usually appear when you take quest items. Open the door and go down to the old morgue. Examine it, killing all Skals along the way. In the far-right room, you’ll find a corpse with a death report which allows you to take a new investigation.

Proceed until you find yourself in the room with the last ingredient – sodium hypochlorite. You can’t just take it as you are attacked by a new boss, John Doe.

Vampyr Walkthrough-25

This is a completely different kind of vampires, much more dangerous and deadly. Evade his attacks and don’t miss the appearance of the double. Killing the double is useless as John will summon another one. Concentrate on the damage to John himself. Don’t forget to use blood to restore HP and use special tricks. When you win, take the remaining ingredients from the table. Go back to the hospital, neutralizing Skals on the way (you can also bypass them).

Vampyr Walkthrough-26

Return to Jonathan’s office and create a remedy from fatigue on the desktop. Go downstairs and talk to Dorothy Crane. You can provide the remedy from fatigue to those who need it. To do this, start a dialogue with the patient and press E for a physical examination. You’ll have an opportunity to give medicine to the patient in case you have the right one in your inventory.

A Rat in the Hospital

Vampyr Walkthrough-27

Go upstairs and talk to Dr. Edgar Swansea about a new storyline quest. In his office, you’ll find a collectible item ‘’Rare Species of Vampires’’ (Species of Vampires 1/3).

Go downstairs, enter the main courtyard at the front entrance and find the patroness of the hospital, Lady Ashbury, in the tent on the right side. Talk to her, then go to the ward to Harriet and talk to the patient. Next, you’ll need to visit three nurses. You’ll find the first two on the territory of the hospital, on the first floor or in the yard, while Dorothy will be outside. Go out and walk to the left along the river. Go down the steps to the place that you have already visited at the end of the mission ‘’Eternal Thirst’’ (on a boat with Dr. Swansea).

Vampyr Walkthrough-28

Here, you’ll find Newton who asks you to find his friend Oswald who went to the sewers. The passage to the sewers is now closed but you’ll be able to open it in a matter of seconds. Look to the left and see a boat in the river. There, Dorothy is talking to a stranger. Use the vampire mode, hover over the stranger so that the ‘’eye’’ icon appears above him. A red spot will appear next to the grate that blocks the path to them. You must stand on the spot to trigger a cutscene. Upon completion, your character will automatically open the passage to the sewers.

Go downstairs, follow the bloody trail but don’t turn to the left and go forward instead. You’ll see a fork – the step on the right leads to Oswald (‘’Claustrophobia’’ investigation) while the path to the left leads to a low-level Skal and a corpse that has a collectible item ‘’The Ban of the Dragon’’ (The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole 1/3). Go through the tunnel and find yourself in a place where you’ll have to fight a beast from the sewers.

This monster prefers close combat. You should evade his attacks and later counterattack, inflicting no more than 1-2 blows. Don’t hurry and you won’t face any difficulties in the battle. Don’t forget to press ‘'1’’ to activate ‘’Autophagy’’ and replenish your HP. Search dead bodies to find a message to the nurse Crane which shows the name of the doctor Petrescu. The quest will be over and the new one will begin automatically.

Vampyr Walkthrough-29

Blackmail in Whitechapel

From the hospital, walk along the bridge towards the market on the map until you find yourself in a residential zone. Talk to several characters. Find the merchant Barret and interact with the door on the corner of the house. Enter Peterson’s house, go up to the second floor and pick up the collectible item ‘’Professional Vampire Hunters’’ (The Guard of Priwen 1/3).

Follow the marker and knock on the door. An old man called Darius will refuse to let you in. Activate the vampire mode, follow Darius through the window so that an ‘’eye’’ icon appears. Point the screen at him and then run around the house clockwise and go to the gate with a red spot. There, you’ll be able to view Darius’ actions. When a tip with an F key appears, press on it and watch the cutscene.

From the conversation between Darius and Dorothy, you’ll learn about a poet Richard Nithercotte and a journalist Clayton Darby. Go to the nearest marker and talk to the journalist.

Vampyr Walkthrough-30

From him, you’ll learn that Darius has recently put a letter in the mailbox. Go to the marked area in the nearby, find the red box near the steps and take the letter. Go to another marker. For this, you need to return to the main entrance of the church, go upstairs and turn to the left. Go through the gate and proceed around the church to find the poet. Talk to Richard and find out the latest information about Darius.

Vampyr Walkthrough-31

Go back to the door and knock. Offer him to talk like a man to the man and Darius will let you inside. Chat on different topics, enter a room on the right to find a collectible item ‘’The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas’’ (The Origin of Vampires 2/3).

Go outside into the courtyard and immediately open the gate that is closed from the courtyard side. After this, go the house with Dorothy Crane. Inside, go upstairs and take part in the operation. I don’t know if it’s possible to save Razvan, but I failed to do so. Anyway, the main character takes a sample of his blood which is important for the storyline, so I believe that his death is mandatory.

Talk to Dorothy and decide what you will do with her – kill, erase her memory with mesmerizing or spare but demand resignation.

Return to the hospital, killing enemies and two bosses, the Shin brothers, along the way. This is not a difficult battle as you can stun enemies and drink their blood. After dealing with them, talk to Lady Ashbury and go up to your office to study the blood sample of Razvan. This completes the second chapter.

Chapter 3: Family History

Cause and Effects

Go to Dr. Swansea’s office and talk about everything. The mission will be completed and a new one will start immediately.

The Eye was in the Tomb

Go to the cemetery and come to the marker. Climb the ledge on the side to find a safe place and watch the cutscene. After that, go to St. Mary’s Church in Whitechapel and talk to the priest while interacting with the door. Then, return to Edgar Swansea, getting acquainted with the thug and the disembodied spirit. Talk to the doctor about everything.

The Sad Saint of The East End

Go to East End docks and proceed to the specified territory. Here, you’ll find many residents who will offer various investigations. Talk to everyone and ask the same question about Sean Hampton. In the end, the barman Tom Watts will provide Jonathan with an important hint.

By the way, if you come to the berth where you have been examining the body of William Bishop’s victim and move to the other side and enter the warehouse, you’ll find a corpse on a chair with a collectible item ‘’New methods, new tactics’’ (The Guard of Priwen 2/3).

Go to the lower left corner and teleport to the other side to get to the western docks. Enter the building in front of you and kill Jimmy ‘’The Spark’’ Barlow. His companions will emerge one after another so there’s no point in killing them. After the victory, search the corpse lying on the floor in the center of the building.

Vampyr Walkthrough-32

Follow the marker until you find yourself in Hampton’s doss house. Talk to Lotti Paxton, go to the next room and talk to Sean himself. He will assure that he’s not to blame for Harriet’s death in Pembroke hospital. Sean will provide Jonathan with a key to the sewer that is useful for the next storyline quest.

Note. In one of the doss houses, you can find Enid Gillingham and the merchant Martin. From the latter, you can buy a recipe. After studying the recipe, you’ll be able to craft medicines for head-related diseases.

Follow the marker until you reach a place where Skals hide under the leadership of Old Bridget. Talk to the woman, go into the room with Harriet and talk to her. In the same room, you can find a collectible item ‘’Supremacy of Ekons’’ (Species of Vampires 2/3).

Give a Dog a Bad Name

Vampyr Walkthrough-33

Get to the shore, descend and find a grate blocking the path to the sewers. Unlock it and move on. The path to the sewers is blocked by water. Above, there’s a remote control that can be activated only after the water supply is stopped. Go the right and find two valves. The left valve opens/closes the left tunnel, the right valve opens/closes the right tunnel.

The left tunnel is closed but the right one cannot be closed due to the barrel. Equip the firearm and shoot the barrels until one of them explodes. Turn the valve, go back to the remote control and activate it. Descend and continue moving forward until you find yourself on a battlefield with Fergal whom you have met earlier.

Vampyr Walkthrough-34

This is a very dangerous boss. To defeat him, you need to act carefully. The enemy attacks either one time with his hand or three times in a row. Also, he summons doubles – when this happens, just run around the battlefield. You should also avoid situations when Fergal rushes at you. It means that he wants to suck your blood and restore some of his HP.

Vampyr Walkthrough-35

Attack the enemy strictly after he has dealt a stroke or a series of three strokes. You can also do this when he summons doubles. In the first two cases, you can strike one blow with a heavy weapon and two blows with an ordinary weapon and then bounce back. Repeat until you defeat the boss and don’t forget to heal yourself and suck blood from the enemy.

Get outside guided by white ‘’arrows’’ on the walls. In the end, you’ll return to Sean where you’ll have to decide what to do with him – spare, try to cure with your blood and 500 HP points or kill him. Any choice will affect the fate of the region.

Vampyr Walkthrough-36

Red Rivers

Vampyr Walkthrough-37

Go outside and find another corpse. Examine that dead body to find a purse with an address. Visit this address, search the house and go outside. Follow the bloody trails, jump on buildings while following a mysterious woman until you find yourself in the cemetery. Go to the very end of the cemetery to find the priest from St. Mary’s Church.

Come closer to him to trigger the cutscene where you’ll learn the terrible truth.

Forgetting about the Past

Vampyr Walkthrough-38

All you must do in this episode is defeat Mary. This is easier said than done. She’s much stronger and more dangerous in comparison with the previous bosses. Even Fergal seemed easier to me.

Mary deals multiple attacks with a wooden cross. You must press ‘’Spacebar’’ to jump and be fast to counterattack with one accurate blow. Be careful when Mary stops and starts throwing blood out of her mouth. Vines will appear on the ground, they will subsequently explode and deal damage. Stay as far as you can from these vines.

Vampyr Walkthrough-39

Don’t forget to run – press ‘'Shift’’. I recommend upgrading stamina and health before the fight. If you lose once, descend the cemetery, kill the enemies and drink their blood to face the boss with a full scale.

Rarely (but accurately), Mary will use a deadly attack that deals huge damage. When she stops but does not ejaculate blood, she’ll scream after a few seconds. The shock wave will deal the damage in a radius of three-four meters. If you are there, you may die on the spot.

Besides, when Mary loses one third of her HP, she’ll kill the priest. You can do it yourself, but I suspect that this approach will affect the ending of the game. Thus, let your sister do it.

You’ll have to use ‘’Autophagy’’ very often but Mary will allow to drink her blood no more than three times in a battle.

After you have won, go forward clutching W to bury her and watch a long cutscene.

Chapter 4: Rising Fever

Great Hunting

Read the note that lies on the table nearby to find out about the invitation of Lady Ashbury. I also recommend visiting the Whitechapel region and unlock the shelter that is located there. To do this, find a merchant Loretta Swanborough, then go to the side street and find a door on the right with which you can interact. For an easier search, activate vampire’s vision and see a bloody print in the palm shape on the right door. Pay attention, I don’t mean the red door to the shelter which is locked by default.

Vampyr Walkthrough-40

Go upstairs and find yourself in the shelter. There are two red doors here – one leads to the street and the other leads to the next room. Skals will be there, and you’ll be able to find a collectible item ‘’Blood as Addiction’’ (The Need for Blood 2/3) on the bedside table on the right.

Vampyr Walkthrough-41

Move towards the hospital and go left. Cross the bridge to get into the new district (perhaps, you’ve already been there). Go forward to the blockage to see how Econ takes the corpse of a woman. Move to the right side and teleport to the ledge on the left when you are in the courtyard to get into the new shelter. Inside, you’ll find a collectible item ‘’Vampire Club’’ (The Story of Ascalon 2/3).

To enter the area for the first time, go to the dock, then teleport from the pier to the northern docks and move to the right. Follow the map to make the process easier. Enter the Ashbury mansion and talk to her on all topics to complete the current quest and start a new one.

Shadow Cabinet

Visit Lady Ashbury’s mansion again and search it. In the room above, where the easel is located, you’ll find a collectible item ‘’The Blood Night Tragedy’’ (The Great Hunt 1/3).

From Ashbury’s house, go to the left along a high bridge which is marked with a purple line on the map and which is separating the West End from the rest of London. Soon you’ll see a scene in which Priwen guards kill a vampire. Go around the fence, kill the guards and search the vampire’s corpse to get a collectible item ‘’The Ichor’s Threat’’ (The Skals 2/3).

Vampyr Walkthrough-42

Follow the marker. Be sure to open the wooden gate to create a short passage to Whitechapel. Move to the right and help Kimuro during the investigation ‘’The Stars Have Come Together’’. Inside his house, find the collectible item ‘’The Heresy of the Pure Blood’’ (The Origin of Vampires).

Move towards the target and enter inside the club. On the way, explore the neighborhood and talk with many characters. Inside the club, look into the room on the right to find a collectible item ‘’History and purpose of the Ascalon Club’’ (The Story of Ascalon 3/3). Go to the upper floor and get behind the red curtain to meet Lord Redgrave and Econs. Watch the cutscene and talk to the Lord about everything.

Vampyr Walkthrough-43

Family Portraits

Talk to Lord Redgrave to learn more about the quest. Aloisi Dawson is present in the room – talk to him and try to lure out some information. However, this won’t be enough. You can find the key from the basement of the Ascalon club in the side room upstairs. Go downstairs and go to the only room on the first floor. Unlock the door, move to the basement and pick up the collectible item ‘’Of the recreational use of Blood’’ (3/3).

Find the house of Venus which is located in the courtyard with a fountain behind the Ascalon club. Knock on the door and convince her to let Jonathan inside (you need a 4th level of mesmerize which will be unlocked just in time). On the second floor of the house in the bedroom, on the bedside table, you’ll find a collectible item ‘’The Lost Library’’ (The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole 2/3).

Vampyr Walkthrough-44

Go outside and talk to the residents until you learn about the two sources of infection. Go to the first one, jump up and enter the house. Study it, descend and proceed to the hall where you’ll fight with Elza Mullaney. This boss is de-facto an ordinary Skal who can also spit venom. The fight should not be a problem.

Get towards the next marker, but you won’t be able to get into the courtyard through the gates as they are locked. Go back and walk to the right to find a backyard with a balcony on which you can teleport. Jump into the courtyard, kill the enemies and enter the house on the first floor. Climb up the stairs (you’ll have to teleport) to fight with two bosses – a husband and a wife.

Vampyr Walkthrough-45

The husband is an ordinary Skal but his wife is a modified version of Elza Mullaney. This time, the Skal will also teleport. After the fight, look around and pick up a love letter lying on the dresser. The quest is completed and a new one will start automatically.

Grand Guignol

Follow the marker until you find a theatre.

Vampyr Walkthrough-46

The entrance is closed so when you face it, go left and turn into the side street on the right. You’ll be going around the building. Do it until you find a patio with building scaffolding and an open window at the top. Johnathan himself will warn you about it. Climb upstairs and enter.

Vampyr Walkthrough-47

Descend, killing Skals and collecting Doris letters along the way. In the end, you’ll find yourself on a scene with a woman who will turn into a boss. Fighting with Doris Fletcher is a dangerous endeavor given the fact that she will constantly summon poisonous Skals.

Vampyr Walkthrough-48

Allow her to perform a series of saber attacks and then counterattack. When she shows her monstrous hand, be careful and evade at the moment of swing. By the way, you’ll be able to attack Doris a couple of times after her unsuccessful attempt to hit you. Repeat until you kill her. Go a little higher and turn to the left around the corner to discover an open door. Leave the theater. If you wish, don’t rush through the doors and turn left to find another letter of Doris Fletcher.

Chapter 5: Second Opinion

Unnatural selection

Return to the Ascalon club where you will meet Lady Ashbury. Talk to her if you wish so. The talk to Lord Redgrave is mandatory. Go outside and follow the marker to the Temple. Move into the marked area but the gates will be closed. In the left upper corner of the map in the Temple garden, you’ll find a descent into the sewers. Enter a new location. There, you’ll be able to fight with Leon Augustin to get a collectible item ‘’The Violence of Vulkods’’ (Species of Vampires 3/3).

Vampyr Walkthrough-49

Reach the area with three valves. Each valve lowers or raises the water level. By default, the water level is set at minimum. Turn valves one by one, leaving each one only after you have seen that the water level has increased, and the platform has risen. You should see the message ‘’door is unlocked’’. Go to the left, open the door and run around to open another door from the inside. You won’t be able to do it immediately as you’ll have to kill four Skals. Unlock the door and turn valves to decrease the water level to the minimum. You can rotate them in any order.

Go to the right, descend and teleport along the ledges. Go upstairs and leave the location to move to the closed part of the West End. Don’t forget to unlock the gate to provide you with a way back. Talk to locals – three will be found in their nearby, and one more (Hindu) will be located lower. Just go around the building that is located ahead of you and you’ll see steps that lead down. The Hindu sits beside the table where you’ll find a collectible item ‘’The Crime of Lost Knowledge’’ (The Great Hunt 2/3).

Talk to the Hindu, Usher Talltree. You need to question all four people about Aloysius Dawson, the pillar of the region. You also need to question two women (mother and daughter) whose surname is Price. Their store is located not far from where you’ve come from.

It’s high time to visit Dawson’s mansion. Go to the right to the red door that leads to the shelter. Leave the shelter through another red door and you’ll see open gates in the left. Go through them and interact with the door to get into Aloysius’ mansion.

Fountain of Life

Go forward and you’ll soon meet Aloysius. At the end of your conversation with him, you’ll have three options – kill, turn into a vampire (-2000 experience points) or mesmerize and make Dawson forget about death. The last option is available only if you have interviewed all six residents of the region near Aloysius’ mansion. This is the option that I have chosen.

Vampyr Walkthrough-50

Report everything to Lord Redgrave. Due to these actions, the Econ will turn Jonathan into an outcast. I do not know what will happen if you choose other options, but that’s what I did during the game.

And by the Sword You Die

Go outside and talk to Old Bridget. Go to the hospital, go upstairs and look into Swansea’s office. Activate the vampire mode and follow the bloody trails to the upper tier where the elevator is located. Use the elevator to go further.

At this location, you’ll fight with Geoffrey McCullum. The battle is complex due to ultraviolet lamps that turn on from time to time and deal damage to Jonathan. Apart from this, Geoffrey is a simple opponent with very slow two-handed sword attacks. Just evade his hits and counterattack.

Vampyr Walkthrough-51
Vampyr Walkthrough-52

In the end, you’ll need to decide whether to spare Geoffrey or turn him into a vampire (costs 1000 experience points).

Science without conscience

Leave the hospital and run to Doris’ theater. Use the main entrance, killing hunters and vampire lords. Go forward but don’t visit the upper floors. Kill the enemies. On the scene, there are two doors on the left and on the right. The right door is open, and the left door is closed. There are several tables in front of the stage. Search them until you find McCullum’s diary which contains the key from the theater scene. Unlock the door and go downstairs. Kill the hunter and investigate the room to the right. You’ll find a safe, and a collectible item ‘’The Vampire Knight’’ (The Legendary Vampires) will be on the shelf.

Study the Marshall memoirs to get the key from the theater’s basement. Go through the door and talk to Edgar about everything. Decide what you will do with him – drink his blood, turn him into a vampire (-3000 experience points) or leave him to die. I have chosen the third option.

Chapter 6: Patient Zero


Go to Lady Ashbury’s mansion and talk to the woman to learn about the antidote. Now, you need to collect three ingredients. Visit the vampire club in the West End. Enter the club from the back door. Perhaps, you’ll have to kill one Lord. Redgrave is located in the side room on the first floor. Talk to him and he will give you Marshall’s blood sample.

Go to the cemetery of Whitechapel and find McCullum at the place where you fought with Mary. Talk to him to get a drop of Arthur’s blood. Run to the hospital and go to the old morgue which you have visited at the very beginning. Go to the top floor, go forward and find insulin in the side room.

Vampyr Walkthrough-53

After you have collected all necessary ingredients, run to any shelter and interact with the desktop. First, study Marshall’s memoirs to get the antidote recipe and then prepare the antidote.

Guinea Pig

Go to the sewers through the western dock. You have already been there when you met Old Bridget. You need to get into the lair of Skals which has been under assault. Activate the vampire mode and follow the bloody trails until you come across a bloody spirit. Talk to him and continue your journey.

Soon, you’ll fight against a mutated Harriet. This fight is similar to the fight with Doris in the theater. Evade from the stretching arm and counterattack.

Vampyr Walkthrough-54

After this, the Red Queen’s Avatar will appear. This is the final boss of the game which did not surprise me. This opponent is very fast and dangerous, so you’ll have to evade frequently and carefully choose the moment for your attacks. Watch the cutscene after victory.

Vampyr Walkthrough-55

Chapter 7: Healthy Carrier

Go forward and talk to Myrddin. Bypass gate by the left side, get to the desired location and enter the castle. Read numerous notes, proceed to the hall and look at the big picture in vampire mode. You’ll see images of ‘’sword’’ and ‘’crescent’’.

Vampyr Walkthrough-56

Enter the room with a long table and a large fireplace. You’ll see a button with a ‘’sword’’ to the right of the fireplace. The button with a ‘’crescent’’ is located in front of the fireplace, a bit to the left, near the window. Press on both buttons in a row, enter the fireplace and go down into the secret passage. Move forward until you see the video. Its content directly depends on your decisions during the game.

Vampyr Walkthrough-57

John Davis