Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr Investigations Guide

Walkthrough of all Vampyr side quests in various districts of London

Pembroke Hospital Investigations

Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil

Vampyr Investigations Guide-1

When you are at Pembroke Hospital, go down the stairs and pass through the door on the right. Go to the right along the alley through the gate and turn to the right. Here, you’ll find a back door that leads to the old morgue that will be visited by Jonathan during the storyline quest ‘’Night Shift’’. Approaching the door, Jonathan will make comments on Skals’ screams from the garden. Go to the left from the door to see two Skals in the garden. Kill the vampires and search the place where they swarmed. You’ll find a photo of Pippa and Milton. This is how the investigation will begin.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-2

This action will allow you to find not only a photo but also an old wallet. You can start the investigation the other way - find Milton in the hospital and talk to him. He will ask you to return his wallet. As you already have it, return to the hospital and return his wallet to finish the quest. You can meet Milton in the courtyard of the front hospital entrance (you’ve been there before).

The harder they fall

Once you get into the old morgue on a storyline quest ‘’Night Shift’’, descend to the basement after having found the key and go to the far-right room to find an operating table with a corpse on it.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-3

A death report which you must read lies next to the bench. This is how the investigation begins. Examine the body and collect all the evidence until you discover that Dr. Tippets concealed the true cause of death. Return to the hospital and find Tippets and nurse Gwyneth Branagan in the courtyard of the front door. Talk to both characters to learn what really happened. After this, decide what to do with Tippets. You can either talk with Gwyneth again and promise her not to talk about Tippets or talk again to Tippets and promise him not to talk about the medical error if he resigns after the epidemic is over. Either way, the investigation will be completed.

Wrong target

Vampyr Investigations Guide-4

Talk to Thelma Howcroft in the hospital. She is inside the building and typically walks around the first floor – in the main hall or in the right wing. Find out who makes threats against her to begin the corresponding investigation. Leave through the front door and go along the river to the right. The marker will point to the building near the river. You need to continue walking along it, turn around the corner to the right and find the entrance to the building. Go to the second floor, kill the two guards of Priwen and take the letter from the table.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-5

Cross the bridge near the hospital and go to the Whitechapel district. Move forward until you enter a spacious courtyard with three guards. Kill them, look to the right and find a balcony on the second floor. Teleport to the balcony. The open room on the right is a shelter.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-6

Jump down to the other side and go to the left. Open the metal gate, kill three high-level guards and enter the building. You’ll find the report on Pembroke Hospital on the second floor. Return to the hospital and tell Thelma that nobody is searching for her.

Missing Ingredients

Vampyr Investigations Guide-7

Find Dr. Thoreau Strickland in the hospital and talk to him. You will learn that he needs ingredients for his experiments. His desire is not supported by the other doctor, so at the end of the quest you’ll have to decide what to do and to whom transfer the found items.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-8

Leave the hospital and go to the left. Go below the ark on the left in 50 meters. Get to the marker, kill your enemies including the mini-boss H.G. Griffin. The battle with him resembles a battle with John Doe (he also summons a double). Search the corpse and pick up the note.

Go back to the hospital and talk to Strickland to find out about his experiments. If you have all the necessary ingredients in the inventory, go upstairs to Jonathan’s office and interact with the potions table (this is not a desktop but rather a table that is located around the corner, on the left). Now you have to decide who will get the medicine — Strickland or Ackroyd. In either case, you will receive a key, will go upstairs and open the door to the office that is located on the left from Jonathan’s room. Put the potion in the closet and complete the investigation.


Vampyr Investigations Guide-9

You learn about missing Oswald from his friend Newton who is on the pier where you have already been with Dr. Swansea. Talk to him (nevertheless, the investigation will begin later when you find Oswald), then follow Dorothy on the quest ‘’A Rat in the Hospital’’ to get access to the sewers. Go down through the only open door, move forward and activate the vampire mode. Blood trails will lead you to the tunnel in the left, but you do not need to turn – go forward.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-10

Climb the steps on the right side to find a place where two Skals try to get into the cage with Oswald. Kill the enemies and free Oswald – open the cage and talk to him. This will complete the investigation.

Burn after reading

Vampyr Investigations Guide-11

While in the hospital, go to the sick ward and find Mortimer Goswick and his mother Beatrice in a separate room. You need to talk to them, go out into the yard and then return to the room. The door must be locked. If this happens, activate the vampire mode and hover over the ‘’eye’’ above the figure of Beatrice. A red area will appear outside the hospital. You can overhear the conversation from there. Run into the yard, go to the tent where you have met Lady Ashbury with an unknown patient, stand up to the designated place and press ‘’F’’. You will learn about Mortimer’s suicide attempts.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-12

Return to his room and question him. He will give you his key and will allow to help him. Leave the hospital and go to the left along the river. Turn nowhere until you find yourself at the crossroads where you’ll see an arched passage to the left. You need to teleport to the balcony that is located on the right. Enter the shelter which is also Goswicks’ home. Find a message in which Mortimer openly wants to end his life. Decide whether you will give it back to Mortimer or to his mother. I suspect that if you give the message to his mother he will kill himself.

By the way, a collectible item ‘’Fertile is the belly of the beast!’’ (The Origin of Vampires 1/3) lies on the table behind the screen in the Goswicks’ shelter.

Working tool

Exit the hospital and look to the left. You’ll find Clay Cox near the far tent (in case you spared him). Come closer and find the letter on the edge of the bed inside the tent.

Read it so that new dialogue branches appear during the interrogation of Clay. Discuss all topics and ask him whether he wants to return his tool.

Go to the specified point on the river and find a small niche under the stairs. Open the chest and pick up the knife. Return it to Clay Cox and get a small reward. By the way, you can immediately go to the knife’s location without reading the letter.

A cherished souvenir

Vampyr Investigations Guide-13

You can find a corpse of a man while traveling in Whitechapel. During the search, Jonathan will find a beautiful woolen scarf that will mark the beginning of the investigation.

You can give the scarf to Cristina or to the journalist in the residential area of Whitechapel. I thought that Cristina needs it more.

Whitechapel Investigations

A promising recruit

Vampyr Investigations Guide-14

When you pass the bridge from the hospital to the Whitechapel district, take the first turn to the right. Here, you’ll find a fierce 18th level Skal. Defeat him, pick up the note and launch the investigation.

Now you must get to the residential part of Whitechapel where people are living. There, you’ll see a father shooting at his son. You must decide whom to show the note telling that Albert will be joining a gang. Perhaps, the father will care more about his son, so I showed the note to him. The investigation is completed.

The Crusade

Vampyr Investigations Guide-15

In Whitechapel, find Tobias Whitaker on the steps of the church. Talk to him about everything to begin the investigation.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-16

Go to the cemetery on the right side of the map and find a crypt below. The widow is locked in this crypt (‘’A widow in trouble’’ investigation). Kill the Skals, go inside and inspect three corpses to make sure Samuel is not here. Activate the vampire vision and follow the bloody trails until you find Samuel. Defeat him and read the note to learn why he was a frequent guest to the cemetery. Return to Tobias and complete the quest.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-17

Trinkets and more

Vampyr Investigations Guide-18

In the residential area of Whitechapel, you can meet a criminal Joe Peterson and Barret Lewis, his friend. You need to talk to these characters and Joe’s son who lives in the nearby building. The investigation will begin.

Follow the marker to the warehouse, kill the fighter and Priwen’s soldiers, enter the barn and kill the ferocious beast. You’ll need to use teleportation to get upstairs and even higher from there. Search the corpse and pick up the box.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-19

Open it to read a love letter from Jan Peterson to Barrett Lewis. You decide who receives the contents of the box. Obviously, Joe will kill Barrett if he sees the letter.

A widow in distress

Start this quest at Whitechapel Cemetery in the upper right corner of the map. You’ll get there, for example, with the investigation ‘’The Crusade’’. You’ll need to find a crypt in the cemetery. This crypt is also useful for ‘’The Crusade’’.

A woman is locked there and Skals are around. Kill them all, open the door and talk to the woman. The next night (after you have slept) return to the cemetery and find a woman there. Encourage her to leave this place to complete the investigation.


You can conduct this investigation in Whitechapel. Go to the location across the bridge from the hospital and turn to the right. There, you have already found a Skal with a message, according to which Albert was to join a gang. Go a little further and find a door leading to abandoned buildings from the right side.

Go to the third floor. From here, jump to the second floor through a hole and kill a Skal that is trying to get to the poor man. Go to the man and talk about everything to complete a quest.

Eye of occultism

In the same house where you have saved a man in an investigation ‘’Retaliation’’ and in the same room where the man was located, find a note in Braille on the bed. Read it to start a quest.

You need a doctor called Mason Swanborough. Look for him near the residential area of Whitechapel in a closed courtyard with two gates. Go upstairs and interact with the door. To make Mason let you in, you’ll need to hypnotize him (3rd level of hypnosis). If you do not have the necessary level of hypnosis, wait for the development of the storyline (the level of hypnosis in the game increases with the advancement of the storyline).

Once you are inside, show Mason a note in Braille. He will tell you where you will find other pages scattered across London.

One of them could be found in a place where Archer is located for the investigation ‘’Old man and manners’’. A corpse will lie behind him in the cart – search it and get the page.

The next page could be found in the West End market row (a corridor with boutiques and closed doors on the sides). You’ll need to jump on the second floor in a place without a fence, go to the other side and descend to the shop where two Skals are eating a corpse. Kill them and search the corpse to find a note in Braille.

The Docks Investigations


Vampyr Investigations Guide-20

Go to the dock in the Limehouse, where you’ll get with the storyline quest ‘’The Sad Saint of the East End’’. Turn to the left after the main entrance and find Booth Digby and Edwina Cox, Clay’s ex-wife. Talk about everything with Edwina to start the investigation.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-21

You will need to visit the pit with corpses in which the main character found himself at the beginning of the game. Search the dead bodies of gravediggers, go back to Edwina and decide what to do – tell the truth or lie.

Spoils of war

Vampyr Investigations Guide-22

You can start the investigation in a conversation with Giselle Paxton who is located in the corridor of Sean Hampton’s doss house, on the western docks territory. Talk to her.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-23

Follow the marker, kill the guards of Priwen and search their corpses to find a bag of money. Decide whether you will give it to Giselle or tell her that burglars have already spent the money.

Tribute to the victims

Vampyr Investigations Guide-24

Find Dyson Delaney, the very same drunkard you saw at the beginning of the game. Talk on all topics choosing different options until you activate this investigation.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-25

Go to the district which you escaped in the prologue. Find an alley with the first red door (there was a shelter behind this door when the main character wanted to shoot himself). A memorial plate is situated on the side beside one of the fences. In the same alley, find flowers and put them near the memorial plate. Return and talk to Dyson Delaney to get the reward.

Vampire hunter extraordinaire

Vampyr Investigations Guide-26

The investigation can be activated in a conversation with Ichabod Throgmorton in the dock in Limehouse. Go to the western docks. Find posters near the house of Enid Gillingham on a pallet. Take them. You will find the collectible item ‘’Origins of the Skals’’ (The Skals 1/3) near the place where you found posters, on a barrel near the wall.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-27

Here, you’ll have to decide whether you want to put five posters in designated places or burn them in a nearby furnace. Anyway, go back and report everything to Ichabod.

Shortage of essential product

Vampyr Investigations Guide-28

In the dock in Limehouse, go to the bar ‘’Turquoise Turtle’’ and talk to Tom Watts. Ask him if he needs help. He will ask for a favor and give you a key from a warehouse.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-29

Go to the western docks through the bottom left corner of the port using teleportation. Go into the building, kill the enemies and go upstairs to find a rack with drinks. Go back to Tom and decide if you leave bottles of gin to yourself or give them to the bartender.

A simple token of filial love

Vampyr Investigations Guide-30

Find Seymour Fishburne who is sitting on boxes in the dock in Limehouse. Talk to him to start the investigation.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-31

You need to descend to the bridge leading to Southward. Do not cross the bridge and go to the left instead. Descend to the river and look into the cache behind the barrels. You may have examined this cache at the beginning of the game (I have described it in the main storyline walkthrough). Find a bloody lace on the floor. Decide, who to send it to – Seymour’s mother or Seymour himself. Both characters are located near each other (mother is in her house).

Hide and seek

You take the quest in the house of Enid Gillingham where you find yourself during the investigation ‘’Another corpse’’ when you bring back the watch of the deceased Jack.

Inside the house, find a note and read it to learn about a man who is hiding in the sewers. You will find him after you have talked to Harriet and Old Bridget in the storyline quest ‘’Give a Dog a Bad Name’’. Go down the stairs from Harriet’s room and go through the tunnel to the right. Climb the steps and find Rodney who is hiding from infection.

Talk to him for the first time and then again, telling him that he cannot hide there eternally. That’s how you will persuade him to leave the sewers.

Old man and manners

Go to the port, following the marker pointing to Hampton (storyline quest ‘’The Sad Saint of the East End’’).

In the map, on the right, you will find a lane with several Skals. Closed gates will be located a little further. Three vampires will try to break the gates. Kill them, open the gates and talk to Archer. You have saved the man and the investigation will be completed.

Another body murdered

Vampyr Investigations Guide-32

In the location where Archer was saved for the investigation ‘’Old man and manners’’, enter a building behind the NPC, go to the second floor and search the corpse of a guy named Jack to see a bloody letter. This is how the investigation will begin.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-33

Go to the western docks. You’ll get there on a quest ‘’The Sad Saint of the East End’’. In the center of the location, you’ll find a lodging house where Enid Gillingham and merchant Martin are located. You can sell the found watch to Martin or give it to Enid, the mother of the deceased Jack.

West End Investigations

Alignment of stars

After going to the West End for the first time, turn to the right to find a house in which a man has locked himself. Kill the Econ which is trying to get inside, enter the house and talk to Kimura. This completes the investigation.

Journey to the past

You need to get to the West End, proceed to the enclosed courtyard with the ‘’hideout’’ icon and teleport to the balcony above. That’s how you get to Reid’s mansion. Find a small key on the table, go out into the corridor, go forward and turn to the left. Here, you’ll most likely meet Jonathan’s mother for the first time. Open the door on the left with the key to get into the office of Aubrey Reid and take the note from the bedside table near the left wall. The investigation will begin.

Go to the garden of the Temple. In the upper right part of the highlighted area, search for a concealed box in the corner near the wall, behind the tree. A torch will lie nearby. The second part of the will is in this box.

Now you need to find the third part of Aubrey Reid’s will. Go to Pembroke Hospital, go through the main entrance and turn to the right. Here, you’ll find a patient who is drinking blood from another patient. A collectible item ‘’About the use of garlic and wooden stakes’’ (Weakness of Vampires 2/3) will lie on the bedside table in the left.

Get outside and go around the hospital until you find a Hindu merchant (in doctor’s clothes). Go past him without going into the yard and look in the hospital through the passage on the right. Here, behind the screen, you’ll find the third part of the will inside a case.

Next, you’ll need to visit the pievious location and open father’s safe in which you’ll find an expensive gold watch.

A surprise for the London's lone gourmet

Vampyr Investigations Guide-34

Find Calhoun Russel in the West End and talk to him to activate the investigation. You will need to find an unusual restaurant for Calhoun. Three active points will appear on the map. You need the one that is located in the upper part of the West End. Go upside and go to the market row (tiles on the floor, boutiques on the sides). Find a booth standing on the ground and read the menu of the restaurant where visitors are blindfolded. Return and tell Calhoun about it to get the reward.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-35

Emily is Missing

Vampyr Investigations Guide-36

You need to find Charlotte Ashbury in the West End. Talk to her to start the investigation. Now you need to get into the house of Venus Crossley. For this, complete the quest ‘’Shadow Cabinet’’ to get the 4th level of hypnosis. Leave the Ascalon club, go to the left, one more time to the left, and again to the left to get into the courtyard with a fountain. Knock on the door and go inside. Go to the second floor, enter the balcony and teleport to the opposite room.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-37

Search the room, read the love letter on the bedside table on the right and inspect the traces of blood on the bed. Follow the blood in vampire mode until you find a vampire above a woman’s corpse in the northern dock. Talk to him and decide what to do – kill him or say that you believe him (for this you have to read the letter in Emily’s apartment). Go back and tell Charlotte of what has happened. You’ll get the legendary (orange) stake as a reward from Charlotte.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-38

Like Father, Like Daughter

Read the description of the storyline quest ‘’Unnatural selection’’ to get into the necessary sewers. After the death of Leo Augustine, open the door and go to the new part of the sewers. Jump on the ledge on the right by teleportation, go forward and you’ll find a corpse on the right. Search the corpse and read the note to start the investigation.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-39

Go back to the garden, activate the vampire mode and go below to find traces of blood. They will lead you to the place from which you can teleport to the balcony. Do this, search the room and turn on the vampire mode to see the blood. Jump down to the corpse and go lower. Kill the enemies, climb upstairs and turn to the left to walk along the fence and remove the note that is nailed to the door.

Now you need to find a way to get into the highlighted house. In fact, you need to go to the sewers where you’ll get during the storyline quest ‘’Unnatural selection’’. When you are done with the room with three valves, go forward and turn to the tunnel on the right. Don’t hurry to go upstairs – you’ll hear the cry of Louise.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-40

Jump down, kill the Econ that took her as a hostage and talk to her to complete the investigation.

Pandora’s box

Vampyr Investigations Guide-41

Take the quest in conversation with Usher Talltree, a foreteller, located near the house of Aloysius Dawson. You get there during the storyline quest ‘’Unnatural selection’’.

Vampyr Investigations Guide-42

John Davis