Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr: How to Get the Achievement ''Unlife is Strange''

How to get the Easter egg for Life is Strange in Vampyr and get the achievement ‘’Unlife is Strange’’

This is another secret achievement that will make you work hard for it. To get the achievement ‘’Unlife is Strange’’, find the ‘’Pure water’’ which is a unique storyline item. If you have done this before, you know what it is for (when Jonathan takes it, he says that he’ll find what to do with it). You can’t lose the pure water as this item cannot be sold or used.

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To get it, go to the West End in the fourth chapter and find the market row which is at the top of the map from the Jonathan Reid’s mansion. You’ll find a boarded-up building on a small square. You can jump into the platform above, go downside and find the item. It’s the same square where you find Kimuro who is hiding from Econ in his shop.

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After you have received the water, go back to the hideout in Pembroke Hospital and interact with a plant which is located on the side from the desktop. Jonathan will poor the pure water on it. Now you need to sleep three nights in a row so that the plant returns to life (green leaves will appear). Interact with it again to get the achievement.

Unlife Is Strange Achievement Guide

John Davis