Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr: How to Get the Achievement ''London’s Burning''

A step-by-step guide on how to spread the desease over London and let all hell break loose

In Vampyr, there are several secret achievements that are reasonably hard to obtain. One of them is ‘’London’s Burning’’ that demands that all four regions of London become hostile.

Each district has its own level of well-being that depends on the number of patients. If you constantly treat people, the district will get the status ‘’Sanitized’’. To get the achievement in question and a parallel trophy ‘’Anarchy in the UK’’ (make any district hostile) you need to do the exact opposite. Don’t just wait when illness slowly touches all citizens. There several other ways to wreak havoc quickly.

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Each district has a head – the pillar of the society. To unlock ‘’London’s Burning’’, you need to deal with them!

To decrease the status of the region, allow the disease to spread and kill civilians.

Tips and tricks:

  • As soon as the district becomes hostile, you’ll see a corresponding message on the screen. It will say that the district is lost.
  • A loss of the district leads to the death of all citizens (some of them go missing). This means that you automatically fail all investigations. This will not affect the main storyline.
  • Points that were previously safe will be populated with enemies (for example, in Pembroke Hospital). Some locations will be inaccessible – offices and other places will be destroyed; certain passages will be boarded up.
  • A thick fog will appear, and the situation, in general, will become gloomy. You will constantly fight against Skals, Econs and other opponents.

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Step by step tutorial:

  1. Kill all civilians that you can kill but don’t do it right away! Closer to the end of the game, when the main character’s level of mesmerise will reach five, you’ll be able to kill any target. Wait for this moment and act.
  2. Don’t forget that the district won’t become hostile until you have determined the fate of the pillar of the society. Your choice does not matter – you don’t have to kill him. You should interact with him on a storyline quest and decide what to do.
  3. The second mandatory condition is that the status of the district must be critical.
  4. If you don’t want to play with saves or to play the game again, you can start destroying districts after you have made the antidote. Nothing bad will happen.
  5. You need to kill about 50% of the district’s population.
  6. To spread disease, continue sleeping on the bed in any hideout.

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It’s a point of no return. If the district became hostile, it stays hostile until the end of the game. However, PS Plus subscribers have their game saved in the cloud, which allows to replay episodes.

John Davis