Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents

How to get the achiement ‘’Lore Keeper’’ and where to find all 30 collectible notes in each chapter of the game

Various useful items can be found in the open game world of Vampyr. Among other things, you can discover collectible notes, that are divided into 10 categories with three items in each. Generally, they reveal various elements of the story, give a complete picture of the events occurring in the fictional alternative world of post-war London.

Thus, you can find 30 notes and unlock the achievement ‘’Lore Keeper’’.

All Collectible Locations (Lore Keeper) Trophy/Achievement Guide

Note. While the game world is open, many territories are accessible only after you have reached a certain point in the storyline campaign. Nevertheless, the list below can be ‘’mixed’’ as collectibles may be found almost in any order.

Where to find collectible items (notes)

We’ll divide all 30 notes into seven chapters including the prologue.


  • Note 1 (Southwark) — can be found on the first floor of the building in which you get through the red door. This is your first ‘’so-called hideout’’ as later you won’t be able to use it as an active shelter. The note is lying on the first floor on shelves on the left side, near to the closed door.
Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-1

Chapter 1

  • Note 2 (Northern Dock) — after you have left the docks and talked to Dr. Swansea, search the second warehouse, moving along the bloody trail. The collectible is lying on the corpse.
  • Note 3 (Pembroke Hospital) — is located in the same room where you find Tomas Elwood, on the first floor of the hospital. Use vampire mode to find the character.
  • Note 4 (Pembroke Hospital) — search on the second floor in the vast office of Dr. Edgar Swansea.Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-2

Chapter 2

  • Note 5 (sewers below the hospital) — you will find it in the sewers below the hospital when you will be chasing a man who talked to Dorothy Crane. The collectible is on the corpse in the sewers, just beyond the arena where you will fight with the boss.
  • Note 6 (Whitechapel) — search the desk on the second floor of Harry Peterson, the son of Joe Peterson, who walks outside.
  • Note 7 (Whitechapel) — enter the hideout near the place where nurse Crane treats patients. Inside, there’ll be a room with two Skals. Kill them and find the collectible.
  • Note 8 (Whitechapel, house of Darius Petrescu) — search in the pantry of Petrescu’s house. You will pass through it to get to Dorothy Crane.

Chapter 3

  • Note 9 (Stonebridge cemetery) — find a place from where you’ll be able to teleport to the second floor in the eastern side of the cemetery. Find a small niche with a corpse and a collectible.
  • Note 10 (Docks, house of Enid Gillingham) — after your mesmerise reaches 2nd level, you can force Enid Gillingham to let the main character inside the house. Inside, you’ll find a collectible. Her house is situated near the Sean Hampton’s doss house.
  • Note 11 (Docks, Sewer Dog’s lair) — when you get to the Sewer Dog’s lair in the third chapter, find a room where Harriet is located in the place where sewer Skals live under the rule of Old Bridget. The collectible is in this room.
  • Note 12 (docks, doss house) — outside the doss house near the house of Enid Gillingham you need to search the area with boxes and find the item on the barrel.

Chapter 4

  • Note 13 (West End, Lady Ashbury’s mansion) — return to Lady Ashbury’s mansion after the storyline conversation with her, go to the room with a picture on the second floor and get the item.Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-3
  • Note 14 (West End, sewers) — can be found in the basket. Enter the sewers along the step of the West End and run forward. Turn to the left to find an item inside the basket (you usually interact with such baskets to find ingredients or other useful materials).
  • Note 15 (West End, Venus Crossley’s house) — find Venus in her house in the West End. To get inside, you’ll need the fourth level of mesmerise. The collectible is located on the second floor near the bed.
  • Note 16 (West End) — find the market row that is located in a covered building. Inside one of the side boutiques, you’ll find a corpse with a collectible (to get there, teleport up).
  • Note 17 (West End) — find the area to the north from Reid’s mansion. You’ll find a restaurant where Kimura is hiding. Kill the Econ and save him to find a note inside the house.
  • Note 18 (West End, Ascalon club) — in the Ascalon club, enter the room from the right side on the first tier.
  • Note 19 (West End, Ascalon club) — on the second floor of the Ascalon club, find the key to the basement, enter the room that was described above and open the door. Below, you can find a note.Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-4

Chapter 5

  • Note 20 (West End, sewers) — after you have dealt with the vulkold in the basement, you will find a tunnel that leads to Aloysius Dawson’s mansion. You can’t miss the collectible.
  • Note 21 (West End, church in the Temple) — find the item in the basement of the church, not far from Dawson’s mansion. The note is lying on the table of Usher Talltree.
  • Note 22 (West End, theater) — in the theater, go down to the basement when you will be saving Swansea. In front of the room with him, go to the side room with a collectible.

Chapter 6

Get the remaining collectibles which could have been also found earlier:

  • Note 23 (Southwark) — go back to Southwark, the location where everything began. Go to the foundry and kill the beast or another enemy in the first tier. Search the corpse to get a key that will unlock the stairwell. After having opened it, find the collectible on the second floor.Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-5
  • Note 24 (Whitechapel) — find Mason’s mansion to the west of Stonebridge cemetery.
  • Note 25 (Whitechapel) — start Mason’s side quest that dictates you to find notes in Braille. If he reads all notes and deciphers them, you’ll be able to open the door in the hideout to the east of Stonebridge cemetery.
  • Note 26 (West End, church in Temple) — finish the quest of Usher Talltree. If you don’t read the diary and bring it back to the owner, you’ll get a collectible.
  • Note 27 (Whitechapel, sewers) — search the corpse not far from the entrance in the sewers, near the eastern shelter on the map of Stonebridge cemetery.
  • Note 28 (Docks) — buy the collectible from the merchant Martin who is located in the doss house near the house of Enid Gillingham.Vampyr: The Location of All 30 Documents-6
  • Note 29 (Pembroke Hospital) — talk to Mortimer in the hospital to get a quest from him (read investigations walkthrough). He will ask you to give him back a note about a suicide. You’ll find a collectible in his house.
  • Note 30 (Pembroke Hospital) — find a small hideout on a map near the hospital (near the letter ‘’B’’), search it and get the note.

John Davis