Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Vampyr Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Best tips covering the basics, combat and experience gain that will help you adapt to Vampyr faster and minimize mistakes during the game

In this article, I’ll try to simplify the understanding of game mechanics for you. I’ll also talk about various tricks and subtleties of Vampyr walkthrough.

  • The game has special shelters. You must use them to craft new items, improve weapons and buy new skills with experience points. Remember that every time you spend experience points and buy skills, the main character goes to sleep while monsters in the neighborhood are reborn.
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  • You’ll get experience points for enemy kills (few) and the completion of storyline and side quests (investigations). You can get the most experience points for murdering civilians. The blood of each of them will give you a certain number of health points depending on if the target is sick and if the target is important to the storyline. If you kill a storyline character, the game will become much more difficult.
  • If you decide to suck blood from civilians, find the maximum number of hints. Collected evidence will increase the number of experience points awarded for sucking the blood out of your victims.
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  • The ordinary blood sucking (from the enemies) is necessary for a separate scale that you spend on «Autophagy» and other skills. «Autophagy» is a very important skill that allows you to convert blood into HP.
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  • In combat, use the trick with the two-handed weapon. When enemies outnumber you, attack a certain target multiple times until you see a tip that blood sucking is available. Press F to dig your teeth into the enemy. While Jonathan is sucking blood, other enemies cannot hurt him. At the same time, the main character may restore his stamina level.
  • You can suck blood from ordinary rats.
  • Each shelter has a desk. Interact with it and go to the third tab. Here, you’ll find various useless items that can be disassembled into ingredients. On the other hand, such items can be sold to merchants in different districts.
  • Vampyr Walkthrough Tips and Tricks-4 Each enemy has resistance to a certain type of damage – physical, gunfire, blood skills or supernatural skills. Don’t attack the enemy with a «red cross» with a gun as bullets will be spared in vain.
  • The game is not that difficult. When I was at 8th - 9th level, I easily dealt with two-three Skals of 15th – 17th level. Thus, don’t kill civilians and participate in side quests instead.
  • The main character has two arms that can be equipped with various weapons. Open the inventory and see several slots for weapons. The weapon for the right hand is the main one-handed weapon that is designed for banal damage. The weapon for the left hand provides additional bonuses in the form of blood sucking or stunning. It is easier to stun opponents with the two-handed weapon – it is done with two or three strikes. Pistols and left-handed weapons can be used in the case when the main weapon is right-handed (you can’t do this if the main weapon is two-handed).
  • Vampyr Walkthrough Tips and Tricks-5 Each region has civilians who do not only give side quests and corresponding rewards but can also get sick. On the corresponding screen, you can see the condition of each citizen and the overall scale of the region. If this scale is down below the critical mark, there’ll be chaos that will lead to the death of key characters. Treat citizens of various districts constantly and prepare medicines from various diseases at your deskt. They won’t be healed immediately – you’ll need to sleep. On the other side, the sleep leads to various changes so other characters may get sick. Thus, try to cure as many people as you can before buying new skills.
  • Vampyr Walkthrough Tips and Tricks-6 To drink blood from a civilian, you need to mesmerize him. Each NPC has a certain mesmerize level, just like Jonathan. To hypnotize a target, Jonathan’s mesmerizing skill level must be equal or higher than the one of the chosen citizen.
  • The level of mesmerizing increases as you progress through the main storyline. You can’t speed up this process – just complete several storyline quests and your level of this skill will increase.

John Davis