Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Level Up the Mesmerize Skill in Vampyr

A quick guide on how the mesmerize skill works and upgrades and what you should keep in mind before sucking someone’s blood

Unlike other Jonathan's abilities, you can’t develop the mesmerize skill by spending experience points in Vampyr.

How does mesmerizing work?

Mesmerizing an NPC puts your victim in a state of hypnosis freeing the way to killing it. Jonathan can develop advanced hypnosis skills while NPCs have different levels of resistance. For a successful murder, you must mesmerize the victim and take it to a secluded place. Jonathan’s level of mesmerize should be higher than of the opponent for a successful kill. Murdering a civilian will give you valuable XP, but will also negatively affect the district’s status and the outcome of the game.

How to Level Up the Mesmerize Skill in Vampyr-1

Do not forget that feeding on a sick resident’s blood without unlocked hints can backfire while you progress through the game. Blood quality will deteriorate, bringing you less XP and depriving you of the opportunity to earn more.

Thus, to increase the level of the mesmerize skill, you need to engage certain storylines.

How to level up mesmerizing

Different levels of mesmerizing will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

  1. Level 1 skills will unlock at the very beginning of Chapter 1 when Jonathan completes his full transformation into a vampire.
  2. Mesmerize will upgrade to level 2 after deciding the fate of Dorothy Crane when passing Chapter 2.
  3. Help Sean Hampton in Chapter 3 and decide his fate to gain level 3 mesmerizing.
  4. Join the Ascalon Club by speaking with the local leader in Chapter 4 to unlock level 4 mesmerizing.
  5. Ultimate level 5 mesmerize is granted after dealing with Aloysius Dawson in Chapter 5 and deciding to help or refusing the Ascalon Club in achieving their goals.

John Davis