Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Find All Hints for Residents in Vampyr

A quick and reliable way to find all the hints for the citizens’ side quests without a lot of efforts

In Vampyr, one of the main methods of gaining XP and upgrading Jonathan’s skills is killing civilian NPCs. The amount of XP received for such an action depends on the quality of the victim’s blood. You can improve blood quality by healing a citizen with treatments, if he is sick in the first place, and by finding hints related to his profile.

To find hints related to a particular character, you need to talk to NPCs and roam the territories in search of various notes and letters. In general, no one will lead you through the search, so collecting all the necessary information and data can turn into a tiresome endeavor.

But there is a smart way to avoid this rally for clues and it can be achieved by approaching fortune teller Usher Talltree.

How to Find All Hints for Residents in Vampyr-1

You will meet him in Chapter 5 when the mission implies turning Aloysius Dawson into a vampire on the Ascalon Club’s order. Once you get to his mansion, do not rush inside. Descend downstairs to find the fortune teller. In addition, he is the leader of the powerful Brotherhood of St. Paul Stole. Usher sits at the table, also possessing valuable collectibles.

Talk to him to engage in a side quest (i.e. investigation). In addition, he will be able to provide you with hints related to a random NPC that lacks at least one hint. He knows everything about everyone but has a soft spot for deep pockets and his services are not by anyway cheap.

So, here are the steps to collect the prized hints:

  1. Talk to Usher Talltree in the West End (upper right region on the map). He sits in the basement under the church.
  2. Inquire about Usher's life in London and then ask him to read you the cards.
  3. Usher charges 150 shillings for each reading.

John Davis