Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Release date: May 10, 2016
Platforms: PlayStation 4

23 Tiny Details in Video Games You Might Have Missed

An Instagram account of a character in Celeste, a secret ending in Far Cry 5, Nathan Drake's SMS and other details, hidden in games by developers

Attention to small details in video games can amaze us quite often. Sometimes developers work on them so thoroughly that it’s often impossible to find them during the first walkthrough. But there are some gamers who examine every inch of a game and discover all Easter eggs. On the other hand, according to game designer Yoko Taro, there is an undiscovered secret in NieR: Automata.

This article may containt spoilers!

Celeste — Reading in a dream

The platformer Celeste contains a great number of details and Easter eggs. You can find some of them quite easily. For example, you can't read a sign on one of the first levels while the heroine is in her sleep. All you see is a set of random letters and symbols instead of a text. There is a theory that most people can't read in a dream.

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Uncharted 4 — Drake's ears

Naughty Dog likes details, small things create a wonderful atmosphere in games. Translucent auricles of the main characters are one of them. Developers implemented that, so you can see it by very bright daylight. Amazing!

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Mass Effect — The Solar system

Planets' positions are exactly the same as they will be in 2185 according to calculations.

Metal Gear Solid 5 — Inversion

At the very beginning of MGS 5, Hideo Kojima hid an interesting detail. A player's told that he or she should look up. But actually, it doesn't matter in which direction you will pull a mouse or a stick because the camera will be turned upwards in any case. It's a tricky way to find out if a player needs an inversion on the vertical axis.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 — Birthday

When starting a new game, a player should choose Venom Snake's birth date. If you enter the game on that day, there will be a true celebration.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Happy Birthday Cutscene

Dishonored — Wine

In one of the first scenes, Corvo can remove a jug from the table nearby Thaddeus Campbell, whose portrait is being painted. If you do this, there will be no jug on the finished portrait.

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Uncharted 4 — Mirror

If you stand close by a mirror and zoom in, Nathan will pose in front of it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops — Reznov

Until a certain moment, a player doesn't know that Reznov, in fact, is a hallucination. Developers made a little tip about it before the respective plot twist. If you shoot at Reznov after the escape from the prison in Vorkuta, there will be no penalty for friendly fire. And what penalty for firing at a hallucination can be?

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Rise of the Tomb Raider — Wet hair

The sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot had not been left without attention to little things. Gamers point out a small detail — Lara will squeeze her hair dry after having a swim.

Metroid Prime — Samus' reflection

If there is enough light, you can see the reflection of Samus' face in the visor.

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Dead Space 2 — Scales

At the beginning of the game, you can find medical scales. At first sight, it looks like an ordinary element of the environment. However, if Isaac stands on them, they will show his weight.

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Far Cry 5 — Sudden ending

Far Cry 4 surprised players by a sudden ending. Just don’t do anything when at a dinner table at the beginning of the game. You can discover the same thing in Far Cry 5 if you don't arrest The Father during the first minutes of the game.

Far Cry 5 Secret ending

Super Mario Odyssey — The Sun

If you look at the Sun too long in photo mode, Cappy will remind Mario that he shouldn't do this as he can hurt his eyes.

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Horizon Zero Dawn — Artificial Intelligence

Developers of Horizon Zero Dawn provided a couple of entertaining details. If Aloy shoots at Shell Walker’s cargo and remains unnoticed, the machine will look around and busily get a crate back into its place.

Doom (2016) — Spectrogram

In the Cyberdemon spectrogram composers managed to hide a pentagram and numbers 666. It looks quite scary, especially when you get to know it for the first time.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins — Wheat

A very interesting and atmospheric detail. As the main character walks slowly through a field of tall wheat, he stretches his arm to touch it. The same gesture could be seen in Riddley Scott’s Gladiator.

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Grand Theft Auto V — Anxious Michael

You can find Michael's house in Los Santos without any problems. But if you start shooting a rocket launcher at the building, Michael will call you. He will urgently ask you not to blast rockets around the house.

The Last of Us — Whisper

In the location where Ellie and Joel should get a car, there are locked gates and two clickers nearby. If you kill them, the characters will talk about the gates in a normal voice. But if you choose to go past the clickers, Ellie and Joel will argue in a whisper.

Uncharted 4 — SMS in focus

In Uncharted 4, using photo mode you can look at messages, which Nathan types on his phone. It’s impossible with the view over a shoulder.

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Detroit Become Human — Obstacles

Developers of Detroit Become Human put in a lot of effort and created a great number of details. One of the most noticeable is how the main characters walk. They will carefully go around obstacles turning their bodies and removing items smoothly if it's possible.

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Celeste — Instagram

In Celeste, there is a character named Theo, who likes to photograph everything and publish photos in social media. But not many people know that his account actually is on Instagram. It's called TheoUnderStars.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night — Nest

It's probably the oldest game in the list. In the location Outer Wall, a bird has built a nest and visits it every time when the main character enters the room. For the second time, the bird will lay eggs, for the third — chicks will hatch. As a result, two more adult birds will fly out of the nest.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered — Makarov

On the date when Modern Warfare Remastered was released, it was already known that there was Makarov in a car on the famous Chernobyl level. Developers from Raven foresaw it and prepared a special achievement for his murder called ‘’Time paradox’’.

John Davis