Two Point Hospital

Release date: August 30, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide

This guide will tell you how to manage and train your staff, how to keep patients alive and happy, what to do with ghosts and monobeasts, how prestige works and how to get kudosh points


How to train staff?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-1Set up training courses in your training room to give your staff skills they don’t have. Start by training them for psychiatry. Without that unique skill, you can’t even use the psychiatrist’s office.
  • Hire extra staff to replace the ones that you are training
  • Rotate them out. When one staffer is done with training, train his replacement, over and over again

After you’ve got the unique skills you’re after, start training your staff for efficiency, quality of diagnosis and training skill. They’ll learn faster and faster, and become unstoppable diagnostic machines.

How many skills are there?

There are 12 skills, 4 technical abilities and 5 personal traits that can be trained. The technical abilities allow staff to use certain machines like the injection room or the M.E.G.A Scanner.

Personal traits improve patient interactions.

The 12 skills affect how quickly and how accurately your staff will treat patients and they can be upgraded a total of five times each.


  1. Customer Service – Increases Reception and Retail Skills.
  2. Diagnostics – Increases Diagnosis Skills.
  3. General Practice – Increases Diagnosis Skill in GP's Office.
  4. Maintenance – Increases Repair and Maintenance Skills throughout the hospital.
  5. Marketing – Allows and Assistant to work in Marketing.
  6. Mechanics – Allows Janitors to Upgrade Machines.
  7. Pharmacy Management – Increases Treatment Skills in Pharmacy.
  8. Psychiatry – Increases Diagnosis & Treatment Skill in Psychiatry Room.
  9. Research – Increases Doctor Research Skill.
  10. Surgery – Allows Doctor to work in Surgery.
  11. Treatment – Increases Doctor/Nurse Treatment Skill.
  12. Ward Management – Increases Diagnosis Skill in Ward and Treatment Skill in Ward & Fracture Ward.

Technical abilities:

  1. Genetics – Allows Doctor to work in a DNA Lab.
  2. Ghost Capture – Allows a Janitor to detect and capture ghosts.
  3. Injection Administration – Increases Injection Skill in Injection Room.
  4. Radiology – Allows a Doctor to use the M.E.G.A Scanner.


  1. Bedside Manner – Increase the Happiness of Patients when dealing with them.
  2. Emotional Intelligence – Increases Staff Happiness.
  3. Motivation – Increases Staff Speed and Efficiency.
  4. Stamina Training – Energy drains at a reduced rate. Staff work for longe before requiring a break.
  5. Training Masterclass – Increases teaching and learning speed in Training (Room).

What skills to train?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-2

This is perhaps the hardest decision you’ll need to make since there are so many different skills. Firstly, you’ll want to have at least one doctor with psychiatry, and one with research, in case you intend to run research.

After that, you’re pretty much free to pursue any skills you’d like, with one distinction – Certain skills are room-specific. Try to train your employees in skills that they’ll most frequently use, and make sure not to switch out employees in different roles.

For instance, if you’ve got three doctors acting as general practitioners, keep them in that position and train them in General Practice. Train pharmacists in pharmacy management, surgeons in surgery, and so forth.

On the other hand, you’ve got personal skills like bedside manner and emotional intelligence. These have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the practitioner, and more to do with how they improve your hospital overall. It’s up to you to decide which of these are most important.

Observe your hospital. If employees get tired often and you can’t afford to switch them out, train their stamina. If your patients are often unhappy, train for bedside manner. Finally, feel free to max out training masterclass on employees that you intend to use as teachers in your training room. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

How to raise staff morale?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-3You’ll want to have one staff room in every building, and improve it with new items whenever possible. Every new item helps. The basics you need to cover are sofas, drink and snack machines and nearby bathrooms. Every fun item on top of that helps boost their morale. You can also increase their stamina slightly by having coffee makers and sweet dispenser`s around.

Other than that, you’ll need to make sure that you rotate your staff assignments manually. Send them on a break until they’re fully rested, then rush them back to work. When left alone, they’ll often overwork themselves.

How to fire staff? And when

You can fire staffers from the staff menu, but will rarely find yourself doing so. You should only fire staff when they’re expensive, with few unique skills. More often than not it’ll be profitable to train them and improve their quality of care. But, if they’re pointlessly expensive, it’s better to fire them then and there.

Kudosh Points

How to make Kudosh (K) points?

K points let you unlock new items for your hospital. They’re the most important currency in the game, because they’re account-wide. You can unlock them gradually by playing the game, but to rack up serious K-points, you need to get proactive.

Check out the career goals in the map screen and try your best to cross out as many as possible. After you’ve got a few successful hospitals, train your staff until you get the K-Point research option. This will let you farm those points quick and painless.

On top of that, you need to impress inspectors and handle medical emergencies. They’re unique opportunities for quick points.

What to spend K points on?

Generally, unlockable items are useless and serve to decorate your hospital and give it some visual variety. There are a few exceptional items, though, that have some crazy uses:

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-4
  • Gold Certificates – You can use these to get easily high prestige in just about every type of room.
  • Luxury Snack/Drink Machines – They boost patient happiness a lot more than the generic versions.
  • Air Conditioners – An absolute necessity for hot maps. There are no default air conditioners, so make sure to grab these along the way.
  • Coffee Makers and Sweets Dispensers – These give your staff a small boost in stamina and are super useful for when you can’t afford to let anyone take breaks.
  • Anatomy model – Boosts the prestige of reception desks.
  • Big Fountain – Makes a lot of people happy. Best placed right next to your reception desk.


Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-5

How to keep patients happy?

The most important thing to remember is that patients hate being in your hospital. Every second that they spend there is a problem for them. That’s why you need to minimize queue lengths for your patients as much as possible.

Build more general diagnosis rooms and GP offices to make sure patients don’t spend too long waiting in line. Build enough benches with enough room so that patients can get around, and rest. Finally, make sure that you spend all your extra cash on amenities that entertain your patients while they wait. Arcade machines, food and drink dispensers, trash cans and even decorative paintings, all help make patients happier. Last but not least, make sure you have enough bathrooms within reach of every waiting area. Bathrooms make a huge difference.

How to stop patients from dying?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-6
There are two ways to keep your patients from dying in your hospital. One of them is to cure them and the other is to send them home a few moments before they die.

If you’re trying to nail that pesky ‘’No mortality’’ quest, then you should probably send them on their way, before they ruin the quest for you. It sounds cruel, but it gets the job done.

On the other hand, if you genuinely want to keep patients alive and well… you need to improve every facet of your hospital. More specifically, you need to have a ton of GP offices for quick and accurate diagnoses. Patients will either die while they’re waiting for the right diagnosis, or their treatment will be ineffective because your GP let them down.

Money and Value

How to make money?

In Two Point, making money is a bit more complicated than you might think. Firstly, try to avoid going into debt, ever. Don’t take out any loans. If you need to dig yourself out of a crisis you’re better off just jacking up prices to your most popular treatment for a few minutes. Loans can set you on a downward spiral with no recovery.

Beyond that, you need to make sure that you scale gradually. If you give away too many promotions with too many raises, but don’t make use of them in profits, you will not recover under any circumstance. Train your staff frequently, but only in the skills that they can use to make you money. And finally, don’t be afraid to fire any staff members that are flat out not bringing in any cash.

How to increase hospital value?

The value system in this game is a bit illogical. You don’t get value by improving your hospital. You only get it by earning money. The best and quickest way to boost value is to jack up your budgeting so you overcharge for all of your services, then just let the game run for a little while. You’ll rack up money and hospital value in spades.


What does prestige do?

Room prestige has a direct effect on all the people that use it. Generally, a prestige-maxed room will keep the doctor that works in it, satisfied and effective, and in turn, you can pay them less. It’s always smarter to jack up the prestige of your rooms, than to give your staff raises.

How to increase prestige?

There are many items that you can place in a room to increase prestige, both decorative and functional. The cheesiest way to do it is to stuff your rooms with 10 gold certificates each. This should max them out to level 5. It’s a cheap method, but it works.

And the rest…

How to unlock the clown clinic?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-7
A bit of a complicated task – you can unlock the clown clinic by following through with the ‘’Flottering’’ questline. First, you’ll need to get a training license:
  • Get Hospital level to 4
  • Hire 7 Staff
  • Get Staff Morale to 55%

Then, you’ll need to train a staff member for the job, and you should be able to build clown clinics and heal people suffering from Jest Infections.

How to move a room?

Easy as 1-2-3, just hit edit on the room, then click and drag from any empty point inside the room – not on an item. You can move rooms around as much as you’d like, for free. Make sure to check whether the appropriate staff member finds their way after you’ve moved the room.

How to get rid of ghosts?

Two Point Hospital FAQ Guide-8You’ll need to hire a janitor with the ghostbusting talent, or train your current janitors in it. If your ghostbusters aren’t busting, you might want to move them around, closer to the ghosts. They’ll always find their way to the ghosts eventually, but you can give them a helping hand if you want to get rid of your spooky problem faster.

How to manage Reputation?

Reputation increases the number of patients that come to your hospital. Generally, you want to increase reputation in order to grow. However, if you find that your queues are long and you simply can’t fit any more patients, don’t rush yourself. Improve the hospital that you already have and perfect your diagnostic chain before you decide to expand.

How to get rid of monobeasts?

It’s silly, but you can actually shoot monobeasts manually by clicking them while the game is under normal speed. These critters fall off of patients with mono(brow), and tend to hide under vending machines. You can uncover them by moving the machines around. Make sure to shoot them really fast, they like to hide behind cover.

How to unlock the golden toilet?

You can’t buy the golden toilet in-game, but you can get it for free, as a DLC item, by signing up for Two Point Hospital insurance. Go to the official Two Point Hospital website and scroll down to the Hospital Pass section. Sign up with your Steam account, and just like that, you’ll be privy to the majestic golden toilet.

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