Total War: Three Kingdoms

Release date: May 23, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Total War: Three Kingdoms Common Technical Issues and Solutions

How to run the game and get rid of crashes, black screens, launch problems, and other issues

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the latest part of the Total War franchise. All real-time turn-based strategies by Creative Assembly are exclusives for PC but despite the huge amount of experience in development and good optimization, there are a lot of issues and technical failures in the game. Here we will tell you how to solve these problems.

Total War: Three Kingdoms doesn't start or crashes

Players say that when they try to launch Total War: Three Kingdoms, the game can't synchronize and doesn't start. Most likely, it happens because of incorrect launch options. Perform the following steps to fix it:

  • Press Win+R
  • Enter %appdata% in the search bar and press Enter
  • Go to The Creative Assembly and delete the catalog named "Launcher"
  • Launch the game to generate a new catalog

Another reason could be connected with an antivirus or Windows Defender, that could identify files of the game as viruses. You can solve this problem by shutting down an antivirus or adding exe-file to the exclusion list.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Common Technical Issues and Solutions-1

The third possible reason is the absence of administrator privileges. Go to Steam library, RMB on the game in the list, and select "Properties". In the tab "Local files" click on "Browse local files" and RMB on Three_kingdoms.exe. Go to the tab "Compatibility" and put a tick on "Run this program as an administrator". Save changes and try to launch the game.

Blurred image

This is one of the problems that a lot of gamers of Total War: Three Kingdoms faced. Actually, it isn't a bug – just disable "depth of field " in the menu of advanced options to fix it.

D3D device deleted

First of all, make sure you use the latest version of your GPU's driver. Find out if MSI Afterburner or another third-party software run in the background. Shut down it and launch the game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Common Technical Issues and Solutions-2

Check file cache in Steam. The error of D3D occurs because of the overclocked GPU. Set default clock rate (you can use MSI Afterburner).There is one more solution – disable "Vertical sync" in Nvidia settings.

Black screen

This is the case where you can hear the background music but can't see an image. Press ALT+Enter to switch to the windowed mode. If you see an image, set an appropriate resolution that corresponds to your screen and switch to the full-screen mode.

There is an alternate solution – press Windows+R, type appdata, and go to Roaming folder. Then go to Creative Assembly/3K/scripts, use Notepad to open preference.txt. Here you can change resolution in the game.

Paul Whitaker