TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Release date: September 20, 2018
Platforms: Android, iOS

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] Advanced Tips and Tricks

This useful tips will explain to you how to do better summoning and which characters you should reroll for, what is the best way to upgrade skills, how to level up quickly and do better farming

Your progression in Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] depends on your luck in getting SSR rarity characters. The gap between SR and SSR characters is simply too big and your aim should be having only SSR characters in your teams.

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This guide will help you progress the game faster, so you can ease through level A incidents and perform better in strikes and raids.

Summoning and Rerolling

Like most games that make use of the Gacha system (for example, Fire Emblem Heroes or Fate/Grand Order), Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] offers a lot of chances to Summon ultra-rare characters in the game early on. To maximize your chances, you should know the following tips in summoning.

  1. Always use the multi-summon option. When you click a summon banner, check for the note indicating that you have a chance to get SR characters or better.
  2. Some special characters appear only in a particular banner so if you are aiming for that character then you can focus on spending your gems on that banner.
  3. The game gives you some vouchers early on. Make sure you click on the arrow after the voucher to switch to other vouchers options.
  4. The game gives Friend points as rewards even if you do not have friends yet so check on the Friends summon banner as well.

If you followed the steps above, you should have some SSR characters early in the game. If you are not satisfied with the characters you got, the reroll option is available.

Who are the best characters to reroll for?

Haise Sasaki (Light) and Kishou Arima (Dark) are hands down the best 2 characters in the game. If you get at least one of them, consider it a successful reroll and a good time to start.

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Tier 1 Characters. Kisho Arima (left), Haise Sasaki (right)

Haise Sasaki is the main protagonist of the game so it is no question that he is the most sought-after character. His basic skill increases the attack of front row allies by 1.5x for 3 turns. He also deals 1.2x damage to a single enemy 6 times and reduces durability by 3.

Kishou Arima is considered the strongest character in the game right now. His skill increases his attack and evasion for 3 turns. He also deals 1.4x damage to a single enemy 6 times and reduces durability by 3.

If you are not lucky enough to get any of those 2, you can work on the tier 2 characters below. This is based on community assessment and the max level skills are considered. The skills of some of these characters may look underwhelming so don’t be fooled and continue working on them.

  • Eto (Light)
  • Noro (Dark)
  • Ken Kaneki (Strength)
  • Kohtaro Amon (Strength)
  • Saiko Yonebayashi (Dark)
  • Mutsuki Toru (Intelligence)
  • Ginshi Shirazu (Speed)
  • Shu Tsukiyama (both Strength and Intelligence)

The images below show some of these tier 2 characters:

If you have gotten at least 3 of the tier 1 and tier 2 characters, you can say that you have a good start on the game. Otherwise, consider rerolling for better summons.

I got an SSR character during summoning, but it is not showing in my character list. Where can I find it?

It is probably a Dispatch character with a circle icon. You can find it on the second tab of your Team > Roster. Dispatch characters can only be used in Dispatch missions.

How to level up quickly

If you got a couple of top tier characters, your next goal is now to make them hit the max level as soon as possible (level 80).

Before you start to work on power-leveling, your 3 front row characters must have SSR rarity. If not, consider checking if you can summon more characters using gems, vouchers and friend points.

Leveling up your front row characters is your utmost priority if you want to progress quickly in the game. The objective is to make them strong enough to farm EXP books in level B and A Growth Wards.

Once you can take on difficulty A in the Growth Ward, getting all characters in your main team to max level will be a breeze. Getting your main team to max level as soon as possible means you can handle higher difficulty incidents and outbreaks.

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Important Tip: Do not be afraid to spend Kaku Gems to revive when you die on the boss in difficulty A Growth Wards. It will revive all your characters with the skills gauges full. The SSR EXP books you will acquire are more than enough to cover for 1 Kaku Gem.

Auto-battle is your friend. The AI will execute normal attacks and skills instantaneously so this means that you are getting those EXP books in a more efficient rate. However, the boss series is usually the problem as the AI may focus on the tanky boss instead of the boss minions. Until your auto-battle can handle the boss without a problem, it is recommended that you turn off the auto battle during boss fights. Kill the minions first then you can turn on the auto-battle again.

Using EXP books to level up your characters have a chance to be Very Successful and Super Successful. Very Successful will increase the level gain by 1.5x and Super Successful by 2x. For example, if your upgrade preparation will give a character 10 levels, a Super Successful upgrade will make it 10 levels.

Upgrading Skills

While you are working to hit the max level of your main team characters, it is important that you upgrade at least 1 or 2 weapon levels. The materials needed to upgrade up to level 2 can be acquired in difficulty C and B Wards.

The power spike in getting at least 2 weapon levels is very significant because the level A bosses are very tanky.

Even if your characters hit the max level, you will realize that bosses in difficulty A Wards are still giving you a hard time. It is time to work on farming for upgrade materials in difficulty A Wards. Getting at least weapon level 4 in all your main team characters means you can breeze to most A Wards using the Auto-Battle.

Upgrade Mastery

Duplicate characters can be sacrificed to improve Mastery of your skills. Each character will improve Mastery by 20%. Increased mastery will improve the multipliers of the character skill.

Most SR characters can have a lot of duplicates, so you can merge to make them stronger if your team is not yet completely composed of SSR characters.

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Tactics is an actual function in the game and it is not referring to ‘’strategy’’. Tactics are buffs that last for a specified amount of time. Most tactics last, 30 minutes so you need to plan ahead in using them.

Different tactics can be used for Incidents, Strikes and Raids. Each tactic costs 1 Kaku Gem so you need to use them only when necessary.

For Incidents, it is recommended to use only the Skilled Technique which doubles the rewards earned. There are only 2 tactics in Strikes and both are equally useful. In Raids, prioritize getting Eternal Spirit (eliminates soul costs) and Ultimate Blade (Double ATK).

Farming Tips

  • Kaku Gems. The Story is the best source of Kaku Gems. The story mode is easy to complete so you can just auto-battle battle your way through it.
  • EXP Books. You can farm EXP books from Growth Wards. For a most efficient way to farm EXP books, the following steps are suggested:
  1. Aim to max level your front row characters in order to be able to handle level A and B wards.
  2. Upgrade weapons skill levels of your front row characters to level 2. The materials can be acquired in level A and B wards.
  3. The Growth Ward boss has a fixed character color so if you have SSR units that are strong against it, make them your front row characters first.
  4. Test the waters in level A Growth Ward. If you can complete it without dying or taking too much time, then you can formally start your EXP book farming.
  5. Purchase and enable Skilled Technique tactic to double the amount of rewards you get.
TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] Advanced Tips and Tricks-8
Efficient farming essentials: level A Wards (left), max level characters (middle), enable Skilled Technique Tactic (right)
  • Weapon Upgrade Items. Farming them follows the same principle as EXP book farming. You can alternate EXP book farming and upgrade item farming to gradually strengthen your team.
  • Auto-battle. Once your team is strong enough to auto-battle in level A wards without dying, then this becomes the most efficient way to farm. Auto-battle simultaneously triggers normal attacks of all characters and you have an option to use skills or not.

Thank you for reading this Tips and Tricks. If anything is unclear, you may refer to the Beginner’s Guide.

Ian Leo Bertoldo