TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Release date: September 20, 2018
Platforms: Android, iOS

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

The following guide will introduce use you to the basic mechanics of the game including characters and team management, combat, skill, in-game resources and territory game modes

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] is an action-packed, character-collecting, and combat strategy mobile game from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This is a treat to the anime fans since the game is based on Tokyo Ghoul, a popular dark fantasy anime series.

The game offers multi-dimensional graphics (2D illustrations and dynamic 3D graphics), over 100 collectible characters, a deep leveling system, raids and PVP battles.

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The main protagonist, Ken Kaneki, and his other identity, Haise Sasaki, are free to acquire as login bonus until December 31, 2018.


Assemble different teams of 6 characters and find your place in a fantasy world of war between ‘ghouls’ and humans. Character development and team synergy are the key aspects in progressing in the game. Fight your way through the main story, conquer territories, strike on other players, and join raids against powerful enemies.


The game story is similar to the anime series which is a treat to the fans and an opportunity for the non-fans to know the actual Tokyo Ghoul story.

The story mode is your main source of Kaku Gems, so you can focus here first if you need more SSR characters in your main team.

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Summoning is the main place to acquire characters. The game will give you a lot of free summoning options after the tutorials.

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Most summon banners need Kaku Gems, the premium currency in the game. The game favors multi-summoning as it will give guaranteed chances to get SR characters or better. Click on a banner and it will specify the number of Kaku Gems needed for a multi-summon.

There is also a banner for Voucher Summons. These are summons using vouchers from rewards and events.

Finally, the last option is Friend Summons. This will allow you to spend the Friends Points you have acquired from Dispatches and Rewards.

Character Types

  • Regular characters (square border) are the ones you can use in the story, combat, strikes, and raids.
  • Dispatch characters (circle border) can only be used in Dispatch missions. These characters have specialized skills intended specifically for the Dispatch feature of the game.

Characters are also classified based on their weapon/icon color. The relationships of each color are described in the Combat Mechanics.

  1. Strength — Red
  2. Speed — Green
  3. ntellect — Blue
  4. Light — Yellow
  5. Dark — Purple

Character Rarity

Characters can have any of the following rarity: R, SR, and SSR. SSR is the higher rarity and it is extremely difficult to acquire. They have the best stats and the difference between SR and SSR characters are massive.

Weapon Skills

Skills are special attacks that a character can use when the skill gauge is full. They are powerful attacks that can cause massive damage to single or multiple enemies. They can also be buffs, debuffs or heal abilities.

Some SSR characters have powerful Awakening Skills. These are special skills that boost combat capabilities and enhance the skill gauge points obtained for several turns. If a character is in ‘’Awakened State’’, his normal skill will change into a new powerful special skill.

Each character also has a Secret Skill that can be unlocked when their weapon is upgraded to level 10.

Combat Mechanics

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Character Types

Like most combat games, this game has an element/color triangle. Each character has corresponding strengths and weaknesses from other color types.

  • Red > Green > Blue > Red

The diagram means that Red characters will inflict more damage Green enemies and inversely receive less damage if attacked by them.

The two remaining types (yellow and purple) are stronger against each other.

Attack Points (APs), Combos and Weapon Durability

Each character has a corresponding attack point and it determines how many normal attacks a character can do in a turn in battle. The number of APs can also be increased when upgrading your weapon.

Attacks in succession will fill the combo meter. Higher combos increase damage and skill gauge fill rate.

Each character weapon has a durability point which determines how long it can withstand successive combo attacks. Once the durability reaches 0, the character will be under ‘Break’ status. A character in this status will take more damage from enemy attacks. Like the APs, upgrading weapons also increase the durability.

Activating Skills

Once the skill gauge is full, a blue arrow going up will appear in the character icon. Characters with Awakening Skills will have an additional yellow arrow going down. Sliding the icon up will activate the skill and sliding down will set the character in an ‘’Awakened’’ state for several turns.

If the gauge gets full again during ‘Awakened’ state, a pink arrow going up will appear. You can now activate an enhanced and more powerful version of your normal skill.


Shifting is a feature that will allow you to switch positions of frontline and backline characters. At the start of combat, you will be given 3 chances to shift and it will be indicated above your character icons.

Shifting will allow you to extend your combos and strategize the skills usage of your backline characters. If you have used the shift option, 1 shift is recovered in every turn.


This feature will allow game AI to fight for you. You can toggle this feature with an option to use skills or not.

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Territory Game Modes


Dispatch is a game mode where you can send characters into Wards so they can earn territory points, character EXP, upgrade materials and items.

Dispatch Characters

As mentioned above in the Character types, Dispatch Characters have circle outlines in their icon and can only be used in Dispatch missions.

These characters also level-up and have their own skills. Their skills are specific bonuses for Dispatch mission like; reducing dispatch and rescue costs, shortens dispatch time, increase territory points earned and increasing success rates.

How to Dispatch Characters

Select a Ward in the Dispatch list and you can send up to five characters along with the link/assist character from a friend. The success rate will be displayed, and you need to take note of this. Failure in the dispatch mission means at least of your characters will be captured.

Captures and Rescues

If at least one of your characters have been captured, you have an option to rescue it. Rescuing it follows the same mechanics as a Dispatch mission. Failure means additional characters will be captured.

It is important to note that captured characters will return automatically after a period of time, so you do not need to go all out and rescue them every time.


Incidents are dungeons (Wards) in your Territory map. There are 2 types of incidents:

  • Permanent incidents are wards that are always present in the Territory map. They are the farming spots for EXP books, weapon upgrade materials and gold.
  • Outbreaks are temporary incidents that appear only during Territory battles. They are time-limited, so you need to prioritize them. Successful Dispatches can also trigger Outbreaks even if there are no active Territory battles.


Strikes are the PVP aspect of the game. Fight against the teams assembled by other players and earn medal points. The medal points earned determine your ranking and rewards once the Strike is over.


You can fight alongside with other players against powerful Wards that appear during Territory battle period.

Raids are played out like regular battles. However, since the enemy is very powerful, you must survive until you will be given an option to retreat. The retreat option will appear automatically after a specified number of turns.

Successful raids will give you Territory Points and reward drops. The reward will depend on the level of difficulty you have selected.


Tactics are powerful buffs which can be purchased to assist you in Incidents, Strikes and Raids. You can purchase tactics items using Kaku Gems.


Kaku Gems

Kaku Gems are the premium currency of the game. They are acquired mainly in the Story mode and some achievement/quest rewards. The can also be purchased from the Shop using real money.

They are used in Summoning, expanding the character roster, expanding your friends list, reviving your team after losing in a battle, and buying Tactics items.

Friend points

Getting Friend points is another way to summon heroes and you can earn them passively. You earn Friend points in the following scenarios:

  • When your Assist character is used by another player in Dispatch.
  • When you use another player’s Assist character.
  • They are also earned occasionally as rewards.

You can set your Assist character in Main Menu > Assist.

Note: Only Dispatch characters can be set as Assist characters.

Rc points

You can earn Rc points when you sell your unwanted characters. Rc points are used to buy items in the Rc Points Shop which can be found in the Shop menu.


Team management is as important as getting strong ultra-rare characters. The Team menu allows you to manage your characters and your different teams (up to 10 teams).

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Edit Team

This menu will allow you to assign characters and create different teams.


This is the most important menu in the game as this will allow you to level-up your characters (Training) and upgrade the character weapons (Upgrade Weapon).

Roster and Gallery

The Roster is your game inventory and it will display all characters, materials and items you currently have in the game. The Gallery is your character collection menu.

It will display the full list of characters in the game. Characters you have not yet unlocked will display a question mark.


The Sell menu will allow you to sell unwanted characters for Rc points and gold. Rc points are used to purchase various items from the Rc shop.

Thank you for reading this Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide. Hope it has helped you understand all modes and functions in the game.

Ian Leo Bertoldo