Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Release date: October 23, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines

A detailed walkthrough of the fourth chapter of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales: maps, treasure chests,  puzzles, battle tips and quests


Seize Red Lobinden

Follow the marker, collect all recourses and attack Red Lobinden. This will be the beginning of a story battle. Despite the fact that Gascon will be killing the enemies on the other side of the battlefield, you can still use Fire Scorpions to spawn fire on both of their rows. You won’t have any difficulties during the fight. You just need to choose the deck which causes damage.

After winning the battle, you’ll get to know that both Reynard and Gascon have been scheming against Meve. You’ll have to decide whether you send one of them away or let them stay with you. We’ve chosen to forgive both of them to retain the cards of a great value.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-4

Use a notice board, collect all recourses and take a note. Walk south and keep it to your right to find a pier. Spend some recruits to get more gold and wood. You can also go into a standard battle — Ghost Town — against the monster. Note that, whenever a Vampire is played, a leader will boost it by 2. That’s why you’ll want to use Manticore as a banner.

Once you win the fight, find a signpost up there and go to the left and upwards to find a dead body in the water. Investigate it to get gold and a card fragment. There will be the bridge on the left — you can fix it by spending 50 wood or bypass the bridge and go to the north. There you’ll have to give a standard Drip, Drip, Drip... battle.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-5

This battle is similar to the previous one. The only difference is the leader’s ability you’ll have. Pay attention to the Vampire card which is able to snatch your damaged bronze card. So you need to either ensure that these cards have the full strength or boost them with Meve: Flail.

Then go northwest to the quay where you’ll find a box with a letter. Further on, we’ll be showing you screenshots of the location and point out where you should look for the card fragments, chests, treasure maps; how to solve puzzles (and where you can find them) and some other important stuff. Here we'll not be focusing on minor details.

Now it’s time for The Broken Bridge standard battle. You’ll manage to get to the chest after winning this fight. This chest has a new card inside — Glustyworp. The battle itself is similar to the first one where Katakan was a leader.

There is a fenced area not far from here where you can find Archespore. Approach the monster to start the first puzzle of the Abandoned Outpost chapter.

Abandoned Outpost Puzzle

You’ll have to kill every Archespore with none of your allies being killed. Archespores will move upwards if they have the even power cards. The fire immediately destroys the card. In this case, you can destroy your enemies’ cards with Arbalests.

Here is the right sequence:

  1. Put Arbalest into the upper row and attack any of Archespores and decrease the number of strength points to 6. End your turn.
  2. Put one more Arbalest into the same row and attack any of Archespores and decrease the number of strength points from 7 to 4. End your turn.
  3. Put the third Arbalest into the lower row, next to two Archespores with 7 strength points each. Attack any of them and decrease the number of strength points to 4. End your turn.
  4. Use Fortitude Tonic on the Arbalest with 1 strength point. End your turn.
  5. Put the last but one Arbalest into the upper row next to the other two Arbalests and attack Archespore which has 7 strength points. End your turn.
  6. Put the last Arbalest into the upper row and destroy the last Archespore.

After winning the battle, collect all resources and find a note.

Swamp Song Puzzle

Go to the left and cross the bridge to find out about a Typhus. If you donate 250 gold to the treatment, this will increase the level of morale. Walk to the left, activate a signpost and go through the village to the north. In the upper left corner of the location you’ll find a new puzzle — Swamp Song.

You need to move Meve to the opponent’s ranged row. We didn’t expect this puzzle to be so easy to solve. So, you have two cards — Queen Meve and Lyrian Arbalest. The latter is able to destroy any of Water Hags at a time. Each row has Torrential Rain, but Meve will put the cards only into the rows without it. Besides, each turn Meve crafts one more Arbalest. Every destroyed Water Hag card creates one Strays Slinger card which is able to move Water Hag up or down.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-15

First, use Arbalest to destroy the Water Hag which is in the bottom row, end the turn, and Meve will make a step up — as simple as that. You’ll have Arbalest and Strays Slinger cards being added to your hands. Use Strays Slinger to destroy one of the three Water Hags in a melee row of your opponent. This will make it move down. Next turn, kill Water Hag, and Meve will move upwards. Use another Strays Slinger to destroy one of the two Water Hags and move her upwards. Now you only have to destroy all the remaining Water Hags one by one.

Once you win the battle, get all resources and find a letter on the dead body.

Keep Going

Follow the quest marker until you see Druids. You can wish them a safe journey or offer to join your squad. We’ve chosen the second variant and later we’ll explain the consequences of this decision. Walk southwest and use a signpost. Go left up to a new battlefield where you’ll find a chest standing next to it. A Cursed Land standard battle will start after which you’ll be able to open the chest.

Go down from the signpost and you’ll see a wooden bridge. Don’t cross the bridge and open the map. You should turn right and head for the clearing with the huge stones. On your way to the clearing, you’ll have a difficult fight against Nilfgaardians in the camp. Your opponents will have plenty of cards with the highest strength (especially during the second and the third rounds). That's why you have to be crafty: steal their cards and use a couple of Decoys to attack them with a high strength Strays Slinger+ card for the second time.

Go to the right, towards the stones, and you’ll get to Gernichora’s Shrine. You can either make a sacrifice to the marsh gods or stop the blood ritual. We’ve chosen the second variant. You can turn right from the camp in order to get to a huge wooden fort. But if you go northwest from the camp, you’ll find a new puzzle — A Heavy Conscience.

A Heavy Conscience Puzzle

Now you should eliminate the Hym without any allies being killed. Every time you use your abilities and end the turn, Hym uses them against you. Here is the right solution to the puzzle:

  1. Use Bekker's Dark Mirror and end the turn.
  2. Use Lyrian Merlot to boost a Scytheman card by the power of the card on the right. End your turn.
  3. Use Bekker's Dark Mirror to damage Scytheman and strengthen Hym. At the same time, Hym will take this damage back.
  4. Use Alzur's Thunder and end the turn. Then use Dazhbog Runestone to damage Hym by 8. He will have 1 strength point left but still you’ll win the fight.
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-24
You’ll get a new Devana Runestone card

Keep Going

After solving the puzzle, investigate the body and you’ll find a treasure map. Then walk right towards the Gerwin's fort. If you want to come inside, you’ll have to pledge to respect the sacred laws of hospitality. During the queen’s stay in the fort, she realizes that Gerwin mistreats his peasants. Now you have a choice — don’t interfere and respect the oath or free the peasants.

We’ve decided to free the peasants, and this led to the Lord of the Swamps short battle. You need to finish the round having the most strength points and try to kill Gerwin.

The easiest way to win the fight is to use Strays Slinger+ card and Decoy together. Put Strays Slinger+ to damage Gerwin by 20. Next, take Strays Slinger+ using a Decoy card and then repeat the actions. Gerwin has exactly 40 strength points which will be destroyed. By the way, you can add damage using some other damaging card (for example, Bekker's Dark Mirror). After Gerwin being killed, the battle will be over. It’s probably the only way of winning this battle because you’re not likely to have more strength points than Gerwin has. You’d better kill him before he starts to destroy your basic squads.

You’ll get a Dimeritium Shackles card. Now it’s time to cross the bridge and get to a new puzzle — Wesperley Bridge.

Wesperley Bridge Puzzle

You need to destroy all enemy units and use your leader's ability. You’ll have to use four Lyrian Landsknechts for killing Nilfgaardians. You can damage any card by 1 using Orders. All enemies with the same power will be damaged by 1.

Your opponent has two 10 point enemies and three 15 point enemies. It makes sense that you attack 15 point enemies first because, when they move down, you’ll be able to attack five units at once.

Here is the right sequence of actions:

  1. Attack three equal cards (in a melee row) with four of your Lyrian Landsknechts. Use your leader's ability on any of Lyrian Landsknechts to restore charge and then attack the same units. The other two units will be also captured after the strength points become equal.
  2. Before ending your turn, use Marching Orders card which reduces Meve’s Cooldown to 0. Next, use your leader's ability and attack the enemies’ units with Lyrian Landsknechts.
  3. End your turn. Destroy Nilfgaardians with your last card which damages a unit by 4 and repeats this ability if a unit was destroyed. Each card will have 3 strength points.
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-31
You’ll win the fight and get a new Marching Orders card

Keep Going

Cross the bridge, use a signpost and go southwest, up to the big ships on your left. There you’ll be attacked by Nilfgaardians. This will be the beginning of a new shortened battle. The fight is not that difficult since you’ll get Arnjolf and Disgraced Warriors after your third turn. The rest of the battle is quite usual. Talk with Arnjolf after the fight. Besides, you get some new cards: Arnjolf the Patricide, Dagur Two Blades, Disgraced Brawler and Disgraced Warrior. By the way, you’ve just used three of these cards.

Go south and head for the Bloed Carn. Interact with a question mark and go inside the ruins where you’ll start a shortened Elven Ruins battle. It’s optional for you to eliminate the Ancient Fiend. You should use the cards which have more strength points to destroy the enemy. The thing is, the Fiend will be taking any of your cards every two turns. Then, 5 point Phantasm will appear.

As soon as you destroy this card, the Fiend will return your card. At the same time, he’ll be damaged by the number of points which is equal to the tripled number of your card's points, i.e. in case the Fiend has stolen 15 point Gascon card, he’ll be damaged by 45.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-40
After winning the battle, you’ll get a new card with a leader's ability — Meve: Angreni Blade

Don’t forget to walk northwest up to a blind alley with a question mark on it. Spend some wood to get more gold and dig the chest out. You’ll get a new Avatar Border which can be used in the Gwent multiplayer card game.

There’s another Nilfgaardian camp above those ruins and a new puzzle — Fortress in the Swamp.

Fortress in the Swamp Puzzle

You need to eliminate all enemy units. You’re given a hint: ‘’Meve is prepared to deliver the final blows...’’ You shouldn’t kill the Recruits since they will be replaced by the new ones. It is an Inexperienced General who you should kill. Recruit becomes an Inexperienced General after the latter being destroyed.

Forager+ card is extremely useful: it allows you to destroy two Arbalests to the right (when using Orders). But before doing that, put two Mantlets and mark those Arbalests. In this case, you’ll be able to take Arbalests back and use them one more time after them being destroyed by Forager+.

Here is the solution:

  1. During the first two turns, put Arbalests next to each other and attack Inexperienced General.
  2. During the next two turns, put two Mantlets near the Arbalests and mark them both. At the end of the fourth turn, you can use your leader's ability to eliminate the first Inexperienced General.
  3. Put Forager+ to the left of marked Arbalest. Do not use it until all Arbalests are being used!!!
  4. Put Arbalests into the same row and eliminate one General after another. When there are no Arbalests left, use Forager+ to kill two marked Arbalests and take them back.
  5. Use those Arbalests to destroy the last two Generals.

The Siege of Tuzla

After solving the puzzle, find the treasure map near the yellow tent on your left. The map points to the nearby location, outside the camp (above the tents). Dig out the chest and get a new card that can be used in the Gwent multiplayer card game — Gimpy Gerwin. You can buy a card fragment from a merchant in the village which is south from here, or take it away from him.

Important notice. Go to your camp and talk with Isbel in a Mess Tent. She’ll suggest becoming an attacker instead of a healer. If you agree, you’ll get a new card — Isbel: Destroyer.

Head for the market and use a signpost. You’ll be stopped by druids near a big tree (in case they have joined your squad). They will inform you of their leaving. And they will also thank you for stopping the ritual in the swamp. Interact with the tree to get gold by using Eyck or recruits and by decreasing the level of morale. Get to Tuzla Castle and interact with it.

Don’t try to find all the chests — you couldn’t have collected all of them by this moment since another half of the chests is inside the castle. But this would be the next, fifth chapter. Start The Siege of Tuzla battle.

You’ll have to destroy Caldwell’s traitor. First, crush Castle Gate using Zigrin+ and Decoy cards. Then use your usual tactics to get more strength points than Caldwell has. After the battle, talk with him about different stuff and get a new card — Reinforcement.

Leave Ysgith

Now you’re inside the castle. Go right and use a signpost. The road goes northeast, but you can also visit these two locations — northern and southern villages. You’ll have to spend 50 wood to fix the bridge and get to the northern village. Then walk upwards, there will be Eternal Peace puzzle.

Eternal Peace Puzzle

You need to kill the Grave Hag and use your leader's ability. So let’s do it! The thing you should remember is that the Grave Hag destroys a less powerful card. She can even do it with herself! So you don’t have to destroy this card completely.

During the first two turns, use Royal Decree to take two more Arbalests from your deck. Put them into the upper row and attack two Barghests. After you end the turn, the Grave Hag will kill the card with 1 strength point. Keep reducing the Barghests’ number of strength points but don’t make it equal — the Grave Hag should destroy only one of the Barghests.

Then use your leader's ability to attack one of the Barghests. Your Arbalests will start shooting and damage the enemy's card by 2. The second Barghest is dead, all the damage goes to the Grave Hag.

Keep putting Arbalests using the cards with Orders. Use Lyrian Merlot if Arbalests cards have less power than Barghests cards. If this happens again, use Dazhbog Runestone. Don’t forget that you should damage one Barghest at a time. By that moment, your leader’s ability has cooled down. Use the second Dazhbog Runestone on Barghests to decrease their strength. Then use your leader’s ability. Arbalests will completely destroy Barghests and will attack the Grave Hag. There will be around 1-3 strength points left. Take a pass, and she will kill herself.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-53
After solving the puzzle, you’ll find a chest in the same camp. Open it to get a new Avatar Border that can be used in a multiplayer card game

Go south, towards another camp where you’ll find a new puzzle — Abandoned Village.

Abandoned Village Puzzle

Your task is to eliminate all foes. There are a lot of winning combinations in this puzzle. Notice that there are three types of the enemies’ cards: Arachas Drone, Gigantic Arachas and Arachas Queen. When you destroy any of these cards, you’ll take one, two and three cards from your deck respectively.

Follow these instructions:

  1. During the first two turns, put Rivian Onagers next to each other.
  2. During the third turn, put Strays Slinger next to Rivian Onagers and use it to attack two Drones and one Gigantic Arachas in the melee row for them to move into the upper row.
  3. Next turn, put Forager to the left of Strays Slinger for the former destroy it and boost self by its power. This will also add one charge to each of the Rivian Onagers.
  4. During the fifth turn, put Pitfall Trap into the opponent’s ranged row.
  5. Use Rivian Onager to eliminate Arachas Queen in the upper row and you’ll get three new cards: two War Wagons and one Mardroeme: Vengeance.
  6. Put these two War Wagons into the bottom row, and six Light Infantry cards will appear. After being destroyed, one of these cards will damage a random enemy by 6.
  7. Use Mardroeme: Vengeance card to kill Forager and to take two more cards from the deck. Left-click to highlight these two cards. You can’t use these cards, so you’ll have to attack with Strays Slinger and Forager respectively.
  8. Put Strays Slinger next to Rivian Onagers and attack one Drone with 12 strength points in the opponent’s melee row and two Drones with 7 strength points in the upper row.
  9. Put Forager to the left of any Light Infantry card. The latter will be destroyed and will damage a random enemy by 6. In our case, it is one of the two Drones that has been moved to the bottom row. Since these are 5 point cards, the Drone will be completely destroyed. A new War Wagon card will appear. You might have the same card sequence if you put Forager to the place which is shown on the screenshot (with Light Infantry card on the right). The Forager and the Light Infantry card (damaged by it) will add charge to two Rivian Onagers by 1.
  10. Next, you need to destroy one or two Drones to get a Sapper card which will bring you to victory. Use this card to destroy all of your Light Infantry cards. Hope you’ll be fortunate enough to get one more Sapper. Put War Wagons onto the battlefield. After that, destroy Light Infantry cards with the second Sapper. Then you just need to eliminate all of the Arachas with the last card you get — Cadaverine.

Thus, the most important thing you should remember is that Rivia: Sapper can attack even your own units.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-58
You’ll get a new Cadaverine card after winning the battle

Keep Going

Follow the marker. You’ll also need to decide whether you execute one out of three deserters or reduce them to a lower rank. Go down the road, win two standard battles and one short In the Heart of Ysgith battle.

Witcher Ivo of Belhaven will be of a great help for you during the battle. After being destroyed, each card damages all the cards by 2 (Deploy bonus). Kill Glustyworp only at the end of the battle. After her death, all the created cards disappear. However, the monster will return, but it will be easy for you to destroy it since you’ll have more strength points.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-62
You’ll get a new Magical Barrier card after winning the battle

Go northeast, walk past a notice board and interact with the house. Spend morale to get more resources and the third fragment of the card. Now you have a new card — Wyvern Scale Shield (in case you’ve already collected the first two fragments).

The Bloody Mistress

Go down the road, collect resources until you get to The Bloody Mistress lair. So The Bloody Mistress story battle will start. Your task is to eliminate Gernichora. This is a really tough fight. Focus on the cards which cause damage but try not to take hard-to-control cards (for example, Arbalest who shoots when you activate Loyalty).

We recommend you to take Banner to trigger your leader’s ability. Take two Lyrian Landsknecht cards which allow you to damage Gernichora’s Fruits. These Fruits bring damage to Gernichora only when standing in the same row with her. Every second turn Gernichora changes their position. It means that the first two turns they destroy her and the next two turns they don’t. Each Fruit drains Gernichora by 3 and gets more strength points.

When this unit’s power reaches 10, it explodes. In this case (or in case you kill any Fruit) you lose a random card (Deathwish ability works). So, the first thing you should remember is that you shouldn’t kill Fruits but attack them from time to time in order to decrease the number of strength points.

You can’t make Fruits move to Gernichora’s row faster. Even if you move them into the bottom row right before a counter activation (for example, by attacking three cards with Strays Slinger card), they will stay where they are. Your task is to fight as long as you can. Your neutral skill will be really helpful here. Don’t forget to take a Decoy card. You get to win the battle after a few attempts. Landsknecht cards damage a unit by 1 and distribute this damage among the rest of the cards to weaken Fruits. That’s why Landsknecht is perfect for damaging Fruits.

At the end, use Blood card which allows you to see five of the blind cards and use two of them. Take one Fire Scorpion and spawn fire on the upper row. Note that if you don’t kill Fruits, they will almost completely damage Gernichora (with the help of Decoy) by the end of the fight. Gernichora will have the last two strength points. You may destroy it with Lyrian Merlot during the fight but make sure that you don’t kill any of Fruits. Another variant is to use Fire Scorpion and spawn fire onto the upper row.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-67
After winning the battle, you’ll get a new card — Gernichora Trophy

Follow the road, check the wagon and then get to a signpost. You’ll find a note with a key inside one of the boxes. Turn left and follow the Misguiding Light. It will lead you to a huge spider. A standard battle will begin. After winning, collect all resources, come back to the signpost and go north towards a quest marker and turn northeast before getting to it. You’ll find a chest: open it with the key you’ve just got. It has Dagur Two Blades card for a multiplayer card game. There are a cave and a new puzzle to the right of the chest — Knickers’ Adventure.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-68

You’ll be able to activate this puzzle only if you’ve taken the dog with you in the first chapter.

Knickers’ Adventure Puzzle

Knickers should reach the end of the cave without turning back. You’ll have to use your leader’s ability. You can follow the Stale Bones and Soup cards to move around the battlefield. A Shadow card replaces the card which you’ve just used for moving. You can’t step on Shadow. At the end, you need to get to a Wine card which is in the upper right corner of the battlefield.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-69

Click on Knickers and on Stale Bones at the bottom left. You should start only from this point! You can step on Soup cards to get to Wine, however, it’s also possible to step on Stale Bones. This would be the right sequence: up, up, up, right, right, down, right, up, right, right, down. Down, left, left, down, right, right, right and up to the Wine card.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-70
Knicker’s Adventure puzzle solution

Get to the checkpoint to finish the mission. Xavier Lemmens will leave your army. You’ll get a new Reynard Odo+ card instead of a simple Reynard card (in case you’ve forgiven him).

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Behind Enemy Lines-71

Once the conversation is over, go north to follow the traitors and interact with the Lyrian soldier. A short Battle of the Yaruga will begin. When the fight is over, you’ll need to decide whether you abandon the injured or give the medics time to dress the soldiers’ wounds. Anyway, you’ll get to the other side and will be able to go ahead and return to Red Lobinden. Here the Battle for the Bridge will start. This is a simple two round battle.

John Davis