Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Release date: October 23, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return

A detailed walthrough of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. You will learn how to cope with difficult situations, how to win battles with a pre-built card deck and solve puzzles, and much more
  • You’re going to be the Queen Meve in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. This walkthrough is more like a guide which tells you about the main game mechanics and gives you some useful tips and tricks.

A Bitter Return

In Chapter 1, after signing important documents, Queen Meve returns to her land (Hawkesburn) to face the bandits’ invasion. This is a training chapter, so it’s not that difficult to complete it. First, read a tutorial.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-1

We’ll start our guide with the description of three main resources: gold, wood and recruits. They’re displayed in the top right corner of a game screen.

Tip. Don’t think too much when choosing a difficulty mode—you can always pause the game, go to settings and change the mode.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-2

You will travel around the isometric overworld: it has a top view and mouse controls. Left-click or hold to give the instructions to Meve and travel around the map. By the way, you can’t move around the game screen using your mouse or arrow and WSAD keys: the screen always has Meve in its center.

Go down the road and you’ll come to Miller’s Bend where you’ll find a blue flag. Hover over it, and the flag will make a ‘’cross’’ shape. It means that the object you look at is interactive. You need to move closer to it, and a mouse icon with a highlighted left button appears, so you can perform some actions on this object. Come to the flag, right-click and hold to get new recruits. You will actually collect them in the environment, along with gold and wood.

Explore the area, talk with the woman who has a conversation with a man. After two or three interactions, she’ll draw you a treasure map.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-3

Collect all resources in the village and go to the right where you’ll find fir trees and a little hut, on the north-east of a fenced farm field. There is that map location near it. Get closer, and a white digger icon appears. Interact, open the chest and get 260 gold. You’ll also unlock a new trophy — the Reynard Odo card which you can later use in a multiplayer card game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-4

Go upwards and you’ll see a log. Now you have to make your first choice: you either have the loggers sort the matter (this will cost you 25 gold and 50 wood) or have the soldiers do so (this will cost you 1 recruit and 25 wood). Go upwards, and your first card battle starts.

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Card Battle Mechanics

So first, about basic mechanics. You fight against your opponent who plays its cards. Your card deck is on the bottom half and your opponent’s is on the top. Initially, each player has three cards. Units can be played on one of two rows: melee or ranged. The ranged row is next to the melee one, closer to the center.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-6

Close combat cards can attack your opponent’s cards which are next to your row. Ranged combat cards, in their turn, attack only from the long-range. Number ‘’2’’ indicates that you can attack only one opponent’s row if you put your card into your bottom row. Put your card into your upper row so you can attack both opponent’s rows.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-7

The player who initiated the battle goes first. The player who won in each previous round goes first in the second and third rounds. Each unit card has power points. The player with the most power points at the end of a round will win the round. You may attack your opponent’s cards or boost a unit's power by using different types of cards. So it’s not enough to have the high-value cards: you should combine them in the right way to win a round.

You should also use a leadership ability (Meve in this case). She can add power points to your cards. If you use Meve’s ability on the unit with a Loyal ability, it will double her bonus.

After winning, take the loot and go down the road until you reach Lyrian Plains. Here you can pitch your first camp which can be seen in an inventory management screen. Press the tent button on the left side to open this screen. Follow the instructions and upgrade the tent to level two in order to open a regional map (-1000 gold, -50 wood).

Get to the gray tent to learn how to create cards. Read the instructions, find the Wagenburg card (in the middle) and right-click. Then press the Recruit button at the bottom of the screen. Confirm the recruiting and left-click to add a new card to your deck.

Explore the camp: you can view the letters and reports in the Royal tent, or talk with Reynard in the Mess Tent. There is also a Grey Rider who can show you the game statistics. And, finally, you can get some upgrades in the Workshop.

Tip. We recommend you to go to the Workshop, open Command Tent section and choose the first upgrade — Watchtower (-750 gold, -250 wood). Now you can exit the camp, open your map (‘’M’’ button) and even open some important locations (it will cost you 50 gold). These can be areas of interest, resources, treasures and so on.

Go right and interact with a shrine (a small house). This can increase the level of your army’s morale which can be low, neutral and high. Neutral moral has no impact on your cards while low morale lowers the strength of a unit, and the high morale increases the strength. After any battle, morale returns to neutral.

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This time you’ll have a battle with the monsters. And you’ll get a new card — Banner which reduces Meve’s Cooldown by 1 when she uses her ability. You can replace this card later. You’ll also get a new row effect — a fog. By the way, there are a lot of such effects in the game. You’ll be having the Banner card during the whole battle. You’ll learn how to save your strength for the next round if a round isn’t going your way. Remember that losing one round is just losing one third of the whole battle.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-9

Soon you’ll get to Hawkesburn where you’ll find a signpost which unlocks the ability to fast travel.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-10


Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-11

Talk with an old man. If you listen to what he says a couple of times, you’ll get some additional gold. Go to the square, talk with the Sergeant and question the people. When you get to know who has helped the bandits’ leader, decide the fate of the people. If you let them be, this will decrease the level of your army’s morale. And if you press men into service, you’ll get new recruits. Anyway, you’ll have a new quest goal—to visit Lord Clayton's estate which is south from here.

Tip. You’ll find the first notice board. Interact with it to mark the nearest places of interest.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-12

While leaving the town, you’ll see an old man asking for your help with his wagon. Now you should decide whether you spend 25 wood and earn 50 gold, spend 50 gold and increase the level of morale, or ignore the request.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-13

Go upwards along the fence and you’ll find a wounded bandit inside a small dwelling. You can either hang him and increase the level of morale, or release him and get to know the location of their spoils. You’ll have a picture of a waterfall (we’ll show its location later after completing the Sacred Is Profaned side mission).

Go to the right down the road until you find your first puzzle. You need to destroy all three boulders to save Meve. This battle has only one round. You haven’t had such a battle before, so just follow the given instructions. Along with that, watch what ways of solving the puzzle the game gives you.

All the following puzzles will be quite difficult to solve, so we’ll try to describe each of them. Go down the road and you’ll find the third signpost. A storytelling starts, and you’ll get to know about the monsters which are east of here. There is a small yard with the Drowners and puzzle button. You can also activate a new notice board. There is a praying woman near the shrine, to the north of the crossroads. Talk with her a couple of times to increase the level of morale.

Go upwards to find the locked gates which lead to the battlefield. But for now, go down the Drowners’ village.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-19

Wildapel Rushing Waters Puzzle

You should eliminate all Drowners during just one round. It's important to make use of their ability: each turn, the opponent changes the rows of cards. If a unit with an even power (for example, with ‘’4’’) goes down from the ranged row, it damages all units on your enemy's row by 2. But if the unit’s power is odd, it can't attack the enemy.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-22

Your task is to destroy the cards before the end of the turn and not losing any of yours. Here is the right sequence:

  1. Lyrian Arbalest. Attack one of the two upper row cards to reduce the number of power points to 3.
  2. Crushing Trap on the three upper row cards with 3/4/4 power points. This card averages the unit’s power rounding it to the nearest smallest number. As a result, the total unit's power on that row is 3+4+4=11. 11 divided by 3 is a number less than 4, so each card's power is 3, and they can’t attack you.
  3. Use Decoy card to get Lyrian Arbalest card back into your deck.
  4. Draw Wagenburg card and finish your turn.
  5. Put War Wagon card on the same row. It will spawn two Light Infantry guys. So you’ll add three more cards to the row and gain three armors. Then you should use Wagenburg card to damage the enemies’ cards by 3 (which is equal to your armor). Since there are all four Drowners on the row, you’ll be able to destroy three of them (who have 3 power points). There will be one left with 1 power point.
  6. You can kill him with Lyrian Arbalest card.
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-23

After winning, you can investigate the bodies and find some resources and a treasure map (in the letter).

The treasure is buried in a field between two sheaves. This place is situated right to the left of the battlefield. There are no plants on this field—just two sheaves on the left side. Come closer to them and you’ll see a spot where you can dig. Open the chest and you’ll get 240 gold and a new card that can be used in the GWENT multiplayer card game.

Keep going

Now let's go north from Wildapel. You’ll find a temple to Mother Melitele with some priestesses standing next to it. They will tell you about the bandits who have devastated the shrine. Go right to find the wagons traces. You’ll also find a hole in the fence if you go upwards. Get to the temple to Mother Melitele though this hole. You’ll see a tree and a statue in the center of the area. Leave an offering by spending 250 gold in order to get the card fragment and increase the level of morale.

Exit the shrine and go upwards through the broken gates. Do you remember those locked gates? If you now turn right and go down along the river, you’ll have to decide whether you ignore people’s corpses or spend 50 gold to bury them and increase the level of morale. More than that, you’ll get beyond the gates and see the dragon near the priestesses. It’s not that easy to fight with the dragon, so we recommend you to postpone this battle.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-30

The Sacred is Profaned Side Quest (For Melitele)

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-31

Go upwards to find the bandits who have stolen the wine from the cloister. This time you can attack first, so you’ll have the first turn. This battle will last only one round. Firstly, destroy three wagons with gold (three cards with 1 health and 9 armor) during the battle. Secondly, finish the round having the most power points.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-32

Use your Arbalests (by putting them on the rows which have the biggest number of cards) and Wagenburg card to destroy the wagons. Interestingly, the enemy will draw four or five wagon cards during the battle while it's enough for you to destroy any three of them. Once the card is drawn, you’ll have two turns to destroy it. After that, it will disappear. Lyrian Scytheman cards are of no use in this battle since they are only good for having the most power points which is easier to get than destroy the wagons. Put War Wagon, which adds two more Infantry guys, and other cards.

Once the battle is over, you need to decide whether you keep the loot (get 941 gold and decrease the level of morale) or order the treasure to be returned to the cloister (increase the level of morale).

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-33

Imortant notice. This decision impacts Eyck of Denesle card. The knight will join your army much later and help you destroy Manticore during the In The Beast's Lair mission. So, if you steal silver, Eyck will leave your squad.

Keep Going

Now you need to go left until you find a locked house on the north edge of the region. Then go downwards and you’ll see a dead body lying next to the temple. Investigate the body to get a key to open that house and earn gold and wood.

Do you remember that map which was given to you by the man you were going to hang? If you go further left, you’ll see a bridge with a waterfall. Come to the bridge and you’ll see a spot where you can dig. You’ll get 230 gold along with a new Strays of Spalla card that can be used in a multiplayer card game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-36

Go to the left until you get to the cemetery with a nun standing next to it and warning you. Activate a pointing hand and go to the cemetery where you’ll see the Necrophage. This will be a new puzzle. Walk past him to the left and you’ll find a treasure chest on the ground. You’ll get gold and a new Avatar Border that can be used in a multiplayer card game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-37

Before starting a puzzle in the Monastic Cemetery, you may check the ruined tomb which is north from here. You can either take 150 gold and decrease the level of morale, or seal the tomb by spending 25 wood and increase the level of morale.

Cemetery. Troubled Repose Puzzle

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-38

This is another fight with a set deck and a special mission. At the top, there will be three Rotfiends with 8 HP each. You need to make sure that by the end of the battle each card has 1 HP. And here's how to get there:

  1. All cards need to be placed in the top row (except for the last turns). Lay down the War Wagon so that another two fighters disembark.
  2. Throw in the Lyrian Arbalest card on the right and attack any card.
  3. Throw in another Lyrian Arbalest on the right and attack one of the two remaining cards. Now the Rotfiends should have three, four and eight 8 HP remaining. If so, then you are on the right track.
  4. Throw in the Count Caldwell card between the two Arbalests, which will draw out two Arbalests more from the deck.
  5. Throw in one of them in the top row and attack the Rotfiend with 8 HP. He will have 1 HP left and that’s what you need.
  6. Throw in the second Arbalest in the bottom row and attack the Rotfiend with 4 HP, leaving him with 3 HP.
  7. So, you are left with an Arbalest and a Scarecrow card in your hand. Put the Arbalest in the bottom row next to another Arbalest and attack any Rotfiend, leaving the foe with 1 HP.
  8. Use the Scarecrow card on one of the two Arbalest in the bottom row, then repeat step 7, until the last Rotfiends is left with 1 HP. Puzzle solved!
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-39

Collect the loot and exit the graveyard to the right. Talk to the nun several times to increase the army’s morale.

Keep going

Now go down towards the main marker in the Lord Clayton's estate. There is a tavern in front of the bridge leading there. By paying 25 gold and resting there, you will increase your army’s morale. Before going to the Lord, go to the left. There will be a field with cows and another quest — On the Range.

On the Range Quest

You need to destroy the Deranged Cow with 16 HP before it kills at least one of the other cows. There are five ordinary cows with 4 HP each. The Deranged Cow destroys the weakest cow or inflicts 1HP damage on any of the other animals. This happens every two moves and after the first hit at the beginning of the battle. Thus, at the beginning of the fight, all the cows have equal HP, so the Deranged Cow attacks any of the five. If you do not take action after the first hit, the Deranged Cow destroys the cow it attacked first. All you need to do is to attack any other cow with an Arbalest placed in the empty row so that it also left with 3 HP. By the way, pay attention to the need to use the unique Leader ability. This time, Meve will have the ability that allows her to move any card to the top of the deck.

Anyway, here is the sequence of actions:

  1. Throw in the Regiment Drummer in the top row.
  2. Activate Meve’s ability and move the Rivian Pikeman to the top of the deck. After that, use the Regimental Drummer with the Order ability.
  3. Take out the Pikeman from the deck and place the card in the top row. The “deploy” tag will allow all the other Pikemen to appear in the same first row.
  4. Throw in Reynard Odo in the top row to give the Regimental Drummer one more hit.
  5. Use this hit and take another Arbalest out of the deck. Place him in the top row and attack the Deranged Cow leaving it with 8 HP.
  6. Complete the turn, and in the next one kill the Deranged Cow by throwing in another Arbalest in the upper row and attacking it.
  7. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-42

As you see, we ended the fight in three turns, and at the same time, we didn’t even need to equate the HP of the two ordinary cows. You will receive an additional Scarecrow card for winning the battle, which can be added to the deck at the Command Tent.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-43

For Better or Worse Side Mission (Abducted)

Above the field, there is a locked house, and to the left of it you can find a note with a key that allows you to open it and take the resources. Go down left to get to the wedding. Agree to attend it to witness the bride’s kidnapping. After that, you will need to decide whether to mind your own business or help those poor souls.

After you’ve seen the bride being abducted from the wedding celebration, get to the quay and talk with an old man. You can get a card fragment by decreasing the level of morale or by spending 100 gold.

Then go to the right and you’ll find the bride and the bandits near the bridge. You only need to destroy the kidnappers. You shouldn't get the highest score in this round! Use Wagenburg card (also put a couple of War Wagons into the row and use the leader's ability to add armor) and Arbalest card (put it into the row with the biggest number of cards). This battle is quite easy.

A new Lyrian Merlot card will be added to your army after completing the quest. You may find it in the Command Tent. You also need to decide the fate of the bride and her kidnapper (who is actually her lover)—give them leave to flee or send the girl home.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-51

Keep going

Go north from the battlefield and you’ll find a man next to the hut. Get round the right side of it and move upwards. Go to the left down the wood glade to find a treasure chest which has a new epic Avatar Border.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-52

Return to the bridge that leads to the Lord Clayton’s estate. You may go north-west to get to the Old Graveyard. You’ll see a weird monster here and a tomb. Dig it, spend 100 gold and get the third card fragment. The card is now complete, and you can find it in the Command Tent.

The Lament Puzzle

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-53

In the old graveyard, you will meet the Grave Hag monster. She can’t be directly targeted since she is immune. At the same time, she has Rotfiends with the Deathwish tag in one row with her. After destroying them all, you can kill the Grave Hag.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Put the Lyrian Skytheman card on the battlefield, as the Grave Hag attacks the weakest card (s) every two turns.
  2. Complete the turn, then throw in an Arbalest near the Skytheman and attack any Rotfiend.
  3. Finish your turn, and the Grave Hag will destroy the Skytheman. You will have to throw in another Arbalest next to the first one and attack the same Rotfiend you attacked before.
  4. End the turn and place Count Caldwell between two Arbalests to pull out two more from the deck.
  5. Place the first one in the same row as the rest, then hit the Rotfiend attacked before. He will die, causing damage to all the cards in the row.
  6. Place the second Arbalest from the deck in the same place and attack any other Rotfiend. Now the Rotfiends will die one by one succumbing to damage from the first one, and the Hag will perish with them.

You will receive a new Meve: War Hammer card for completing this battle that replaces her main ability.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-54

Neighbors Puzzle

When reaching the town, you’ll find that the locals have rebelled against the elves and dwarfs, therefore, as soon as you find yourself there, you can decide whether to move on or to join the battle. In the second case, the fight will begin with a set deck, while the task is simple: to kill all the foes.

At the beginning of each turn, the Angry Mob cards will restore their hit points to the amount equal to the number of cards in the row. Thus, there are six cards with six HP each.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Put Wagenburg in the top row and end the turn.
  2. Put the War Wagon near Wagenburg for two infantrymen to appear. Wagenburg’s armor is now at 3 points (this card will inflict this much damage accordingly). So far, this is not enough, so end the turn.
  3. Move the two Light Infantry cards down into a separate row, then place Reynard Odo in the top row. This will restore hit damage at the cards with the Order tag, allowing to return the Light Infantry back to the top row and thereby increasing Wagenburg’s armor to 6 hit points. The only thing left to do is to defeat the Angry Mob by attacking the entire row. Mission passed!
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-57

After the battle, you will need to decide whether to kill the instigators or to flog them. Anyway, don’t forget to collect the loot and look-up the message board to see new markers on the map. Talk to the dwarf to the right of the town to get an additional recruit.

Lord Clayton’s estate

Head down and you will find yourself in the Lord Clayton’s estate. Here you will have to kill Gascon, the Duke of Dogs. The battle called Taming a Stray will begin. It lasts one round. To defeat him you will need to use strong cards. At the beginning of the battle, Gascon has too many health points, so you will have to make sure that total power of the cards to the left and right of him is higher than his own.

If this is the case, then at the start of the next turn, Gascon will take 3HP damage. Surely, he will move to the top row, and that is where you will have to surround him. Towards the end of the battle, one card adjacent to Gascon will be enough. As soon as his card is destroyed, the battle will end. For this victory, you will receive a new card — Meve: Rivian Broadsword (grants new unique Leader ability).

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-60

Go to Dravograd's Rescue

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-61

Once you exit the estate, you’ll meet the Nilfgaardian envoy who will tell you about the general’s ultimatum. You need to decide whether you attack the escort or ignore the ultimatum.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-62

Go to the right, down the road, and then walk downwards to find a mill. There are also a signpost, notice board and some people who are offering to give you new recruits. In return, they request some gold. Go to the left and you’ll get to the garden behind the Lord Clayton’s estate. Walk through the garden towards the farmland which is on your left. Then go upwards to find a treasure chest with a new Strays Bomber card for a multiplayer card game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-63

Return to the fork with a mill and go to the right. Don’t forget to collect the resources. Come to the Rastburg fortress which is on the north, climb its walls and have a short battle with Nilfgaardians. You won’t have any difficulties in fighting the enemies if you efficiently use Orders (which also include the leader abilities) to destroy your opponent's cards. You’ll get 10 recruits after winning the battle. Talk with a soldier to get 4 more recruits.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-64

Abandoned Farm. Stench of Decay Puzzle

Go south from Rastburg to get to Abandoned Farm. Here you’ll find a notice board and another puzzle. This is probably the most difficult puzzle in this huge location. The thing is, the Scorch card destroys the highest unit, and, if there are two cards with the highest (equal) power, both of them will be destroyed. In this case, we need to make three cards equal.

Here is the right sequence:

  1. Use Alzur’s Thunder card to destroy Alghoul in the nearest row.
  2. Draw Arbalest card to attack Alghoul in the second turn. Use Meve’s ability for the Arbalest you’ve already put, and he will attack Alghoul one more time.
  3. In the third turn, put the second Arbalest next to the first one and attack Alghoul. At this point, each card should have 11 power points.
  4. The power will increase at the end of the turn. Alghoul will have 24 points and two upper cards — 21 points. That’s OK: you just need to put your third Arbalest next to the first and the second ones and attack Alghoul to damage him by 3 (this equals the number of the cards in the row, including the card that has just been put).
  5. Now each card has 21 power points. Use the Scorch card the destroy any of them.

When the battle is over, collect all resources and use a notice board.

Keep going

Return to the Rastburg fortress’ entrance, but this time go around the top of it along the river. Move left to get to the chest, which you might have seen earlier. There is a card for the multiplayer GWENT inside.

Head to the right of Rastburg until you find a burnt house. You can interact with it by spending recruits; it will increase morale and earn you a card fragment. A little further to the right is a signpost — activate it.

Two men are standing nearby. After talking to them, go down and overlook the destroyed bridge. Since you will not make it to the other side, turn right and fall into the trap.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-71

You will have a short battle with your own card deck. It is enough to win in just one round, by having more power in total. After your victory, decide what to do — promise freedom in exchange for information or hang them up, increasing the army’s morale.

Cross the bridge above and talk to the man standing next to another man and woman. After a few phrases, you will get 47 gold. Above stands another man — the shopkeeper. Talk to him. If you give him 4 recruits, you will receive 250 wood in exchange and another card fragment. Go left and return to the bridge. If you go further left, you will be able to fight with another Water Hag. The fight takes place in usual format — until you achieved victories in two round. When completed, search the bodies for a note and a treasure map.

Head up to a small village and find an elf, who is being lynched by some local residents. Figure out what to do — let them do as they please or save the elf. If you save him, you will be able to recruit him, receiving one recruit. Continue going up, then right and down to reach the Milin village. Check the notice board, then exit the village on the right and activate the signpost. Go up a little and chat with a man at the mill. You can spend 100 coins to raise your army’s morale or refuse, receiving 4 recruits at the expense of the morale.

Head down to the signpost at Milin and turn right. Go between the fir trees to find a small hay shed below. There is a stone above it: approach it and find a place where you can dig a chest with 300 gold and a new border for the online game inside.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-76

Now you can head up and cross the bridge next to the house and a nun. Behind the bridge, you will see a shrine, which can raise your morale. Now, you can either go up to bypass the blockage on the right or you can clear it, spending 50 coins or ordering youк soldiers to do it and lowering the morale.

If you go up into the ravine, you will soon find the Nilfgaardians attacking the troll. There is an opportunity to help him, and this is exactly what we gonna do.

Some Trolls Have All The Luck… side mission

During this short battle, you must kill all the enemies before they kill or capture Shupe. You will use your own deck and the fight will only last one round. The difficulty here lies in the fact that every two turns, the troll deals damage to your cards in the same or the opposite rows. It all depends on the total strength in the particular row — if it is even or odd. However, it is quite easy to win (at least on regular difficulty). You will receive Elf and Onion Soup card for helping Shupe.

Keep going

Whether you bypassed the blockage or helped the troll, you will find yourself near a signpost anyway. Then you can cross the bridge to get as close as possible to Dravograd. You will see the East Army Group. So begins the Battle of Dravograd.

The battle will take place over three rounds (or two, if you win or lose twice in a row). There will be an additional task — to kill the commander of the Vreemde battle group. The commander has 20 units of power, which he restores at the beginning of each turn. To defeat him, you will need two Wagenburg cards.

Lay them down, and then increase the power using Meve’s ability and putting other cards in the same row. Do not pay attention to other opponents. Even if there are cards which are being enhanced by your orders. After collecting the necessary amount of armor with two Wagenburg cards, destroy the commander. If you do not want to do it, you can ignore the commander and win two rounds as usual. The battle also ends automatically after you kill the commander.

After winning the battle, you will lose the Count Caldwell card and receive another one instead — Fake Floren (most likely, this happens only when the commander is killed). You will also need to decide whether to support Dravograd or not. The first option requires you to donate 2000 coins.

Go to Lyria’s capital

You can’t enter Dravograd, but you can go around it to the left, along the walls. Return to the camp that you just destroyed in the battle and collect some useful items. You will find resources, a note, and even a chest with a shiny new Elf and Onion Soup card. However, you will not need it, if you have already unlocked it before.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-83

Go to the village behind Dravgrad and look at the notice board. There are people standing nearby — talk to them and choose if you want to ignore them or exchange two recruits for 200 coins or morale boost.

Proceed further until the pirates led by Gudmund stop you. It is not necessary to kill him, but you must use his card’s specifics to your advantage. Each turn he exchanges damage with the most powerful card, even if it is his own ally. Thus, first play your worse squads, to make sure that Gudmund fights against his own. If you are lucky, you may even kill the villain. Otherwise, you have to win by total strength in one round, like in the other cases. As a reward for winning the battle, you will receive a new Mardroeme: Bear card. Then you can either punish the pirates or set them against Nilfgaard.

Follow the path to the left until you reach the Kridam village. There is a signpost nearby and a notice board inside. Talk to the guard and give a speech if you want to increase morale. Go down the bridge, to the arable land a find a new puzzle with a Wyvern.

The Serpent of Foregate puzzle

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-88

During the battle, you will need to protect the cows while trying to kill the wyvern. You will lose if there is not a single cow left on the battlefield. The wyvern kills a random cow at the beginning of each turn.

Perhaps this is one of the easiest puzzles:

  1. In the first two turns, place two Wagenburg cards in the top row.
  2. In the next turn, set War Wagon next to them.
  3. In the third turn, move the two infantry cards to the lower row using order, then place Reynard in the upper row to restore the charge of the displace infantry. Immediately return them to the top row (although this can be done in next turn).
  4. In the fourth and fifth turns, add arbalests to the top row, while attacking the dragon. After using the second Lyrian Arbalest, use the two Wagenburg cards to finish off the wyvern using Order. Yep, you will have to kill the distant cow.

Look around after the battle, gather some loot and a note.

Hard as a Rock puzzle

By the way, another puzzle awaits you to the top of Kridam, left of the camp. Go there to start it. You need to destroy all opponents, but this is not an easy task. After destroying the first card, two similar ones appear. As soon as there are three such cards, a Lesser D’ao appears. Similar to the Boulders at the beginning, as soon as there are three lesser golems, a bigger one, D’ao, appears. This is the one you have to kill. You will do this by using Light Infantry’s deathwish (they damage a random enemy by 5 when dying). Here is how to do it:

  1. Put the Wagenburg card on the board.
  2. In the second turn place the Lyrian Arbalest next to it and destroy the Boulder. Two more Boulders will appear on the field.
  3. In the next turn, use the Wagenburg to destroy the Boulders. Four more will take their place, merging in one lesser golem.
  4. Now you need to add the War Wagon, then Reynard to restore the charge of the Wagenburg card.
  5. Next, add another arbalest and use it to destroy the Lesser D’ao. As usual, two more will appear.
  6. You must destroy them with the Wagenburg card, which should have five armor by this time. If this is not the case, add some movement to the scheme. Move two Light Infantry to the lower row after you lay down the War Wagon. Then place Reynard in the top row and return the infantry back there, as they will recover their charge.
  7. When you destroy one lesser golem, the big one appears. In two turns, this D’ao will destroy all your cards. But before he has time to do this, you can bring out just one Forager. This will be your last card left after the golem destroys all the cards on the board. Two of them are Light Infantry, whose deathwishes will deal 5 damage to the D’ao. Since there is only one enemy, they will inflict 10 damage to him, while he only has 9 strength. You won!

Now you will receive a new card, as well as some resources.

Keep going

Go back to Kridam and follow the path left to the next signpost. Before reaching it, go up past arable land to find a woman in need of help. If you help her, you will earn the third card fragment and get a new card in your deck.

From the signpost left of the village, head up and find the peasant. He will sell you a treasure map for 50 coins. You can also just take it from him, but it will cause the morale to drop. The map shows a place nearby. Go up and walk to the right. Here you will have to resolve the dispute between two men who can’t share a garden. If you simply split it in half, you will not get anything useful. Go to the right of them and look for two logs and an axe behind the house.

This is the place that was depicted on the map. Dig out the treasure and receive a new item — an avatar for the multiplayer. Take some resources and go back to the signpost.

In the Beast’s Lair side quest

Cross the bridge on the lower left and you will meet a lone knight. Talk about everything, then receive a new card — Eyck of Denesle. You can add him to your deck through the Command Tent. Head up from the place you met Eyck at to find the lair of the beast. The fight will only last one round, so make that one count and kill the Beast.

In fact, this is a very simple battle. You will Eyck of Denesle in your deck now — he can attack one particular unit when placed, and every time your cards take damage, his strength increases (even if he is your hand at the moment). This way, play without Eyck for a major part of the fight, accumulate Wagenburg’s armor and use it to attack the farther part of the Beast. If you destroy the head, the battle is won. If you destroy any other part, then the head will receive an additional 6 points of damage. As long as the Beast attack you, Eyck will build up strength, so later you will be able to play him and finish off the manticore with a swift blow to the head. Nothing complicated, really.

  • Important decision. Eyck will remain in your squad only if returned the silver when helping Melitele priestesses. If you stole them, he will leave. In any case, you will receive a new card after the battle — Manticore Trophy.
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-98

Keep going

Head down and to the right along the path that leads to the exit from this vast location. Along the way, you will be able to go through Gudmund’s camp to gather some resources and another note. Above and to the right of the camp is the village of lumberjacks, where you will be able to help a man with his bandit problem. You can spend 100 gold or two recruits to increase the army’s morale. After you help him, find a new card in boxes to the right — Mardroeme: Vengeance.

Go on. If you took the elf with you earlier, then this is the place where you learn that he is the one who poisoned the water, causing one recruit to die. Queen orders to execute him, so you will lose another recruit. Go to the right and soon reach the exit from this location. As soon as you leave it, the chapter is complete, but you will not be able to return there if you want to solve more puzzles or find more chests. If you unlocked Watchtower in the Workshop, open the map and use it to find all the points of interest (it will cost you 50 coins). As soon as this function stops working, it means that you have discovered all the interesting objects. Now you only have to collect resources and solve the remaining puzzles.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 1: A Bitter Return-99

Chapter summary:

  • Quests completed: 14.
  • Puzzles solved: 8.
  • Regular battles won: 4.
  • Golden chests found: 10/10.

John Davis