This Is the Police 2

Release date: July 31, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide

How to unlock all perks, their description, tips and tricks on how to use them in the game

Perks in This is the Police 2 are special skills that can be unlocked and used by your cops during assaults. It’s worth noting that they are the only missions that require them.

In total, you have access to 24 skills that are associated with a certain attribute. Each attribute has four skills. You need to increase the attribute level by one to unlock a perk. For the first point, you unlock two skills. For the second and third points, you unlock one skill, but it is more powerful.

In turn, you need to increase the overall rating to increase the characteristics of cops. This is done by contemplating calls, investigations and assaults. For each rating point that is a multiple of 50 points, you will get one point to increase characteristics (for example, when you increase the rating to 500 points, 550 points etc.).

Note that the sequence of unlocking perks is fixed. When you increase stealth from 1 to 2 you are guaranteed to get the perk Silencer regardless of the exact cop that you are upgrading. First, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the sequence of skills.

An increase of attributes from ‘’0’’ to ‘’1’’:

  • Strength – Battering ram and Knockout.
  • Intelligence – Burglar and Sentry.
  • Shooting – Volley and Shooter.
  • Stealth – Chameleon and Shadow.
  • Negotiation – Force surrender and Interrogation.
  • Speed – Ferret and Interception.

An increase of attributes from ‘’1’’ to ‘’2’’:

  • Strength – Jumper.
  • Intelligence – Hunter.
  • Shooting – Lucky shot.
  • Stealth – Silencer.
  • Negotiation – Freeze, buddy!.
  • Speed – Patience.

An increase of attributes from ‘’2’’ to ‘’3’’:

  • Strength – Atlas.
  • Intelligence – Awareness.
  • Shooting – Aimed shot.
  • Stealth – Ninja.
  • Negotiation – Negotiation.
  • Speed – Athlete.

Before any assault, you can choose four skills for each cop. Only the selected perks will be used in combat. It’s worth noting that some of them a passive (they give a permanent bonus when certain conditions are met) while other are active (they require activation and, probably, cannot be used more than once per battle).

Let’s now analyze each skill in detail!

Strength perks

Battering ram

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-1
  • Description: A policeman loudly breaks downs the door or window.
  • Use: intended purpose. If you select this skill, you will need to go close to the door, click on the cop and select a perks section in the circular menu. The necessary perk will be highlighted. All active perks are used the same way. You can use it several times per battle. A window or a door that are loudly knocked out raise alarm.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-2
  • Description: Blows with a baton stun criminals much more.
  • Use: this is a passive skill. When you stun the opponent with a baton without this skill, he will be immobilized for two turns including the current one. With this perk, the stun will last one move more (three moves in total).


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-3
  • Description: A policeman can climb over a high wall or fence.
  • Use: a passive skill that works automatically. You can send a cop over a high wall by selecting the desired cell.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-4
  • Description: The cop can carry a wounded ally or valuable cargo like he’s dragging a weightless feather.
  • Use: a passive skill. With this perk, the radius of movement of a cop who picked up his ally, hostage or a box with evidence is significantly reduced. With this perk, the presence of cargo at hands won’t affect anything and the policeman moves as if he has nothing to carry.

Intelligence perks


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-5
  • Description: A policeman silently opens a closed door or window.
  • Use: this skill is active and is used like the Battering ram but does not raise alarm.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-6
  • Description: A policeman sees further.
  • Use: a passive skill that increases the distance at which your cop can detect an enemy, a valuable cargo, a hostage or a bomb.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-7
  • Description: A policeman disarms explosive devices and notices traps — and warns his friends about them.
  • Use: a partially passive and active skill. To disarm an explosive device, you should stand close to it and activate the perk just like in the case of Battering ram or Burglar. You do not need to do anything to search for traps – just stay away from them at a certain distance, and they will be highlighted. Cops get leg injuries when they get into traps.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-8
  • Description: The location of the criminals is highlighted for one turn. Works once per mission.
  • Use: an active perk. Activate it to see where all opponents are located. They will disappear after you start the next move.

Shooting perks


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-9
  • Description: A cop will shoot his revolver three times in a row. However, his accuracy will suffer a little.
  • Use: requires manual activation. Select the enemy, go to the skill section and click on the skill. The skill requires one action point.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-10
  • Description: The cop gets a small bonus to accuracy and takes no penalty when shooting at an opponent in cover.
  • Use: a passive bonus. Increases accuracy of your shooting.

Lucky shot

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-11

Description: If the policeman misses, he fires off another shot quickly with a slightly lowered accuracy.

Use: a passive skill. At any miss, your cop will fire again. The skill does not consume action points. If you shoot twice per move and miss, the cop will make a second shot in both cases. Note that the skill consumes bullets in the revolver and brings the moment of recharging closer.

Aimed shot (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-12
  • Description: The cop spends two actions on an accurate shot.
  • Use: an active skill. Choose the opponent, go to perks and click on this one to make an accurate shot. The probability of hitting increases significantly but you will use all your turn (unless you have a Ninja perk – more on it below).

Stealth perks

Chameleon (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-13
  • Description: A policeman hides better behind small cover.
  • Use: a passive skill that reduces the likelihood that the enemy will detect you if you hide behind small objects (a box etc.).


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-14
  • Description: A policeman can spend one action and move right in front of the enemy without them even noticing.

Silencer (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-15
  • Description: For this mission, your cop’s very first shot will be noiseless
  • Use: works automatically when you make the first shot. It’s a good choice when you are making a stealth assault. All other shots will raise alarm. In this case, you need to shoot either in the stomach or in the head.

Ninja (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-16
  • Description: Before raising the alarm, a policeman gets one more action (up to three actions maximum).
  • Use: one of the best skills in the game. If an alarm is raised, your cop will have one or two actions as in the default case.

Negotiation perks

Force surrender

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-17
  • Description: There’s always a chance that the criminal will voluntarily lay down his arms and comply for the rest of the mission. Wounded criminals surrender much more willingly.
  • Use: a passive skill. Without this skill, it is almost impossible to arrest a criminal who was not stunned. With this perk, you can sometimes do it.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-18
  • Description: A policeman interrogates an arrested suspect. The location of criminals and active objects is highlighted for one turn. A policeman cannot interrogate a criminal more than once.
  • Use: first, you need to arrest the criminal and then activate this skill. After a turn has passed, all highlighted enemies and objects will disappear, and you will not be able to interrogate the criminal. On the other hand, you can arrest another criminal and then interrogate him. Active objects include hostages, bombs and supply boxes.

Freeze, buddy! (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-19
  • Description: Before raising the alarm, the policeman can take an offender on the fly and immobilize him for one turn.
  • Use: select a criminal and then click on the perk – the opponent won’t do anything for one move. Also, it’s easy to arrest criminals in this case. After a turn has passed, your opponent will raise alarm.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-20
  • Description: A policeman can contact criminals by radio and postpone the explosion of a bomb for several moves. This works once per mission. The policeman spends his turn entirely.
  • Use: this is a very useful skill but only in the case of a mission where you need to deactivate a bomb. There are two such assaults in the game.

Speed perks


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-21
  • Description: The cop has a better chance of dodging enemy shots.
  • Use: a passive skill that is automatically activated when somebody fires at you. It is only relevant when an alarm is raised.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-22
  • Description: The policeman spends his remaining actions and finishes his move. During the opponent’s move, the cop can fire at the first criminal he sees.
  • Use: it works automatically and is relevant during the assault with activated alarm or in conjunction with the Silence perk which makes the first shot noiseless.


This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-23
  • Description: A policeman can spend all his current actions in exchange for a bonus action next turn (up to three actions maximum).
  • Use: you activate the skill and the cop ends the turn. It is relevant if you have a Ninja perk and you move up to three times. On the other hand, the perk Ninja does not work if an alarm was raised, but this skill can be used in any situation.

Athlete (editor's choice)

This is the Police 2 Perks Guide-24
  • Description: The policeman can move an aditional one or more cells.
  • Use: a passive skill that increases the range of cop movement.

John Davis