This Is the Police 2

Release date: July 31, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS

All False Alarms in This is the Police 2

Learn which calls you shouldn't respond and send cops to in order to save their energy

The principal activity in This is the Police 2 is a correct distribution of cops to all incoming calls during a work shift. Nevertheless, most of them are false. When dispatching cops, you lower the energy level, which plays a key role. It requires an unlocked bathhouse and the lake, and their usefulness is debatable: you pay money for one visit, but cops who have a rest couldn't be dispatched on calls.

We recommend sending cops to rest at the end of a workday when you are certain that there will be no more calls (after 0:30 a.m.).

Below, we will enumerate all false alarms. It can help you to save time, you'll not dispatch your own police officers on them (saving their energy):

  • Shooting 5-38, Sikamo st. Neighbors complain of a loud noise (23 November).
  • Kidnapping 5-47, Sikamo st. Several men pushed a girl wearing a dress into a car.
  • Trading without a license 5-77, Sikamo st. Neighbors complained of a family which sells health-threatening goods right in front of the house.
  • Speeding violation 5-12, Sikamo st. A woman complains of sports cars which rush outside her house windows with loud noises.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident 5-11, Sikamo st. An eyewitness heard loud noises outside the window similar to the engine sound. After that – metal clank with the following scream.
  • Drug production 5-64, Sikamo st. Residents of the street complain of an intense stench and insist that someone makes drugs in one of the buildings.
  • Sikamo st. A scared man insisted that somebody gets killed in the next house (hears loud shouts).
  • A noise complaint 5-19, the trailer park. Passing neighbors heard loud shouts and a desire for bloodshed in one of the trailers.
  • Impersonation of a police officer 5-73, the trailer park. An eyewitness saw a strange police officer near the road.
  • Extortion 5-55, the trailer park. Eyewitnesses said that someone demands money from a single mother.
  • Assailing 5-30, the trailer park. Two women talked to each other on the phone, but one of them said that there were screams and desire to rip out someone's tongue on the second line.
  • Drug production 5-64, the trailer park. Neighbors say that someone makes drugs in one of the trailers. Lots of smoke comes out of it.
  • Theft 5-54, the trailer park. A man says that his neighbor stole his generator.
  • Attempted burglary 5-51, Jameson Hill. A man says that forest spirits haunt his house (25 November).
  • Domestic problem 5-23, Jameson Hill. A neighbor complained of loud shouts from the neighbor's house, where a husband ‘’beats Sara again’’.
  • Noise complaint 5-19, Jameson Hill. Mrs. Stickson says that she hears noises of resonant cuffs coming from the neighbor's house.
  • Explosion 5-58, Jameson Hill. Something exploded on the second floor in the house of an eyewitness.
  • Trade in arms 5-68, Jameson Hill. Unknown man in a suit with a tie enters each house and offers to buy weapons.
  • Attempted assassination 5-26, Jameson Hill. A boy says that his own babysitter wants to kill him.
  • Attempted assassination 5-26, Ralph Pikkoli mill. An old lady will complain about seeing a kid with a revolver (26 November)
  • Сruelty to animals 5-36, Ralph Pikkoli mill. A passerby heard a horse neighing behind a mill. He considers that someone tortures it.
  • Hostage situation 5-44, Sharpwood bank. Loud shouts in some unknown language and sounds resembling an alarm system come from the bank (27 November).
  • Attempted burglary 5-51, Sharpwood bank. A teller said that a stranger dropped a gun near a cash desk, then became nervous and ran away.
  • Prostitution 5-42, the old church. A call came in about a girl who walked into the church in an outrageous outfit.
  • Suicide threat 5-29, the old church. A woman intends to commit a suicide climbed the roof of the church.
  • Mass riots 5-21, the Central Post Office. Eyewitnesses complain of the huge crowd of people in front of the post office which are going to destroy it.
  • Drug possession 5-66, the Central Post Office. A clerk said that there is a big guy, who came to the post office and stuffed a package with a white powder in his bag.
  • Attempted assassination 5-26, Apollo’s Toes cafe. A girl and a guy were on a date. When the girl asked about a job, the guy said that he will have to kill her if he tells everything.
  • Attempted hold-up 5-51, Apollo’s Toes cafe. A waitress says that some black person is just about to rob the cafe.
  • Assailing 5-30, the hairdressing salon. There are shouts coming from the salon: an unknown person says that she will not leave anyone unpunished.
  • Attempted assassination 5-26, the hairdressing salon. An old woman said that someone threw some poison in her face.
  • Missing person 5-48, the hairdressing salon. A senior citizen said that his wife disappeared from the hairdressing salon.
  • Drinking-and-driving 5-13, Two Seconds car wash. An eyewitness said that some drunken man can't park his car near the car wash.
  • Prostitution 5-42, Two Seconds car wash. An old woman saw a prostitute near the car wash, who offers her services to drivers.
  • Attempted assassination 5-26, the town cemetery. A widower saw a woman dressed in red, who waves her hands and scares away visitors.
  • Suspicious package 5-70, the town cemetery. Eyewitnesses saw a strange bag on the cemetery that contains a live ammunition for sure.
  • Counterfeiting 5-72, NorthStar grocery store. A woman says that she has worked as a cashier for a long time and she is sure that she received a counterfeit bill
  • Carjacking 5-15, NorthStar grocery store. An old man said that someone stole his car.
  • Mass riots 5-21, NorthStar grocery store. A crowd of pupils near the shop, who are up to something.
  • Drinking-and-driving 5-13, Jörmungandr lake. A drunken man does laps in the car on the frozen lake.
  • Suspicious individual 5-69, Jörmungandr lake. A boy says that an alien came up from the bottom of the lake.
  • Сruelty to animals 5-36, a railway station. Two animal abusers torture a dog at the station.
  • Shooting incident 5-39, a railway station. A passing old man heard loud sounds of firing at the station.
  • The railway station. An old man reported that he saw a girl with tears in her eyes, who is lying on rails.
  • Сruelty to animals 5-36, Chief Judge Trent's Park. A woman said that some guy beats a dog up with a stick (25 November).
  • Suspicious individual 5-69, Zodiac stadium. A passerby noticed a man with a rifle, who walked up on top of the stadium.
  • Extortion 5-55, Rosemary hospital. A patient complains of a nurse, who wants to rob him.
  • Trade in arms 5-68, Bavos monument. A little girl said that she overheard a conversation between two men. One of them tried to persuade another to buy weapons.
  • Fight 5-24, the forest. Eyewitnesses saw two men, which fought each other in the forest.
  • Drug use 5-65, Saint Faustina's boarding school. An old lady said that her grandson plays truant and uses cannabis.
  • Hostage situation 5-44, Volva pharmacy. A passing man heard loud shouts coming from the pharmacy and realized that some man is being held hostage.
  • Сruelty to children 5-34, the city center. A woman called and said that her son's mate doesn't want to go home because his parents beat him up.
  • Explosion threat 5-57, a bus stop. An old man stands in the middle of the street and says that he'll explode himself if someone comes nearer to him.
  • Murder 5-27. Eyewitnesses noticed an armed man. But it turns out that he came home from a hunt.
  • Illegal infiltration 5-50, the morgue. A hospital attendant complained of strange noises coming from the next room.
  • Theft 5-54, a hog killing plant. A worker said that someone stole his watch during lunchtime.
  • Hostage situation 5-44, Astrid Y. Johnson school. A gym teacher took hostage boys by locking them in the gym.
  • Missing person 5-48, Nastrond Correctional Facility. Got a call about a prisoner, who escaped from the prison.
  • Complaint 5-19, the woodworking plant. Workers reported some terrifying sounds coming from the plant, where someone committed a suicide a few years ago.
  • Close Encounters second-hand store. A man called the police and said that there are young people near the shop, who are preparing to make some disturbances.
  • The water tower. A girl climbed on top of the tower. Some man is running around and aims something at her.

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