This Is the Police 2

Release date: July 31, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough

A detailed walkthrough of all assaults including the best perks for missions, equipment and tactics

In this guide, we will briefly tell you how to get through each assault in This is the Police 2. Before we start, here is a list of important tips and recommendations:

  • Under no circumstances take cops without hats in your assault team. Since they do not trust you, they will act as they see fit during the assignment. AI will take turns for them, and believe us — it is not going to be stealthy.
  • Be sure to send full teams to assaults. Do not try to pass it with only two or three cops. Though in some cases it is possible, especially if you do it stealthily, but you will need to equip powerful items.
  • During the assault, you can be stealthy or up front. In the first case, enemies will not attack you without knowing of your presence. Some assaults must be completed stealthily, otherwise, they will be failed.
  • Alarms can be triggered under various circumstances. Different signs may appear over your enemies’ heads — exclamation and question marks. The latter appears only during your opponent’s turn. The question mark indicates that the enemy noticed something suspicious  — it can be a corpse of his partner, arrested or stunned criminal or even your officer. This does not automatically lead to an alarm though. Note that if the gangster sees something suspicious at the very beginning of your turn (after taking a few steps or standing still), he will use his second action to investigate the place he saw the player or his wounded ally. If this happens and he gets in up close, the exclamation mark will appear above him and he will raise the alarm.
  • The exclamation mark means that your opponent has already noticed you. If this does not happen during your turn, then the alarm will be raised for sure. If it is your turn though, then the enemy can notice your cop when he is right next to him. You can stun or kill him silently so that the alarm will not be raised.
This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-1
  • As for the question mark, if the enemy noticed you, simply run away. He will go where your officer was before, fail to find anything and stay calm. If your foe noticed his ally (dead, sunned or arrested), nothing can be done about it. You will have to get rid of the suspicious guy, otherwise, he will raise the alarm during his turn.
  • Every cop has a pistol, handcuffs and a knife. A pistol is a loud weapon, so everyone will hear any shots and will raise the alarm.
  • Knife kills enemies quietly, but you need to stand right next to your target, even diagonally.
  • Handcuffs are used to arrest criminals. Any cop can do it — again, you have to stand right next to your target, but handcuffs can’t be used diagonally.
This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-2
  • To use handcuffs successfully, it is advisable to stun your opponent. You can do so with several items.
  • Police baton stuns for two turns, a shocker — for three. Both of them work only when standing nearby, diagonally or not.
  • Pepper spray can be used at a distance of two tiles and stuns for three moves.
This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-3
  • Taser can be used from any distance, given that you have a cartridge, but you will not always hit the target. Stuns for four moves.
  • Taser, shocker and pepper spray can only be used once during the assault, while baton has unlimited uses. By the way, you can tase someone three times, given that you have equipped three cartridges beforehand.
This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-4
  • Before using any item, you can hover over it and see a curved meter. The more it is filled, the higher the probability of your action to succeed. It will be almost empty if you try to shoot someone from far away; and it will be full if you are trying to hit someone with a knife, while standing near them.
  • Shooting someone’s hand knocks any weapon out of it, so your foe will not be able to shoot back. But he will run.
  • Shooting enemy’s leg knocks him down, but he will continue shooting back.
  • You can shoot the stomach, so your enemy becomes helpless, but he will gradually bleed out.
  • Headshot instantly kills your target.
  • A wounded enemy will die after several turns or when you attack him for the second time.
  • There are many perks in the game, but you can only use four of them during the assault. There are no other applications for perks. You can find more in our Perks Guide.
  • The most useful ones are the ones allowing you to act stealthily. For example, the one making your first pistol shops completely noiseless, allowing you to kill one enemy without raising the alarm.
  • Many locations contain evidence boxes. Pick them up and take them to the car, or hold them in your hands when you perform the last turn (for example, killing the remaining foe or disarming the bomb).

The rest of the assault mechanics will be described when writing about particular assaults. You will learn a part of the main rules from the very first assault at the beginning of the game.

The assaults of the two gang leaders were covered in the Investigations Walkthrough Guide.

Armed robbery

Location: Sycamore Post Office

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-5

Before the assault, you can pay three witnesses to testify and tell where the opponents are, how to get into the building, etc. You do not need money, as you pay them with various items considered evidence.

If you pass through the main entrance, you will encounter two or three enemies. In the later stages of the game it is not a problem, but for now, your cops are too weak, so you need to act extremely carefully.

Go around the post office, splitting your team in two. There are two criminals — one to the right and to the left of the building, both should be neutralized. Use a baton, a shocker or, at the very least, sneak up and kill them with a knife.

By the way, you get one ringpull for each murdered criminal, and from three to five for each captured one. The enemy will be considered arrested even if you just wound him and complete the task before he dies.

Move to the left side of the building and go through the door. There is just one enemy here. One more is in the room in the upper right corner, where you sent another group of cops. To get there use the window. Now surround the enemies in the main room (hall) and attack them swiftly. Generally, you should not have many problems.

Bomb threat

Location: Warehouse

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-6

This task will be complicated by the fact that after twelve turns gangsters will blow up the bomb. You must either kill/arrest everyone in that timeframe or disarm the explosives. The warehouse is located behind the fence, while you spawn in the parking lot beside it. Choose the perks which will help you act stealthily. It will be tough to complete without killing anyone, so you should also use the perk for the silent shot.

There is one enemy in front and another on the left behind the truck. The third one will enter the building in the upper right corner of the map. You can get bypass the fence by going through the building located above on the right, or through the hole located on the left.

Still, we recommend going through the building. Although there are more enemies inside the warehouse, it is much easier to kill them than deal with those outside of it. They are constantly moving and can appear unexpectedly and surprise you. It is best to go through the aforementioned building, climb up and go inside when you have a chance.

Deal with all criminals but do not rush. You will have enough time to complete the mission while being careful. You must have at least one (better to have two, if one of them dies) cop with the ability to disarm explosives. This requires upgraded intellect. The bomb is located in a small room above the main warehouse. As soon as you see the room, the game will show you the device. Disarm it and the episode will be completed.

Hostage situation

Location: Dead House

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-7

Gangsters took hostages in the morgue. It will be necessary to act silently, otherwise, they will shoot two captives. If you look at the building from above, as you see it on the screen, the hostages are located at the top left and middle rooms. It is best to enter the building through the door in the upper right. Go there with all your officers. Leave one of them near the window of the right building so you can see what the criminals are doing. Go through the door, wait for one of the enemies to walk to the center of the room and deal with him. Now move the cop you left near the window to the room on the left (reception lobby).

Watch out for enemies. When they are not near the right room, stun and arrest another criminal, who is standing with his back to you and not even turning around.

Go through the central room, where two enemies are. You need to do it when they disperse (one goes up, the other goes to the door through which you will get here). Quickly attack the nearest foe, hide behind the chair and do the same with the second. Go to the room above, kill the enemy and free the first hostage.

Go to the lobby (where reception is located), entering when there is an enemy. Immediately neutralize him. Follow to the room on the left, stun the opponent, then seize the moment and go to the top room (when two out of three enemies will be there). They will not see that you stunned their ally below. Do the same with the second one, hiding behind the tables, then go into the small room, defeat the last one and free the second hostage. Mission complete.

Attempted murder

Location: Gentle Oak Cemetery

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-8

There will be an unlocked building next to you. Go inside and neutralize the enemy. Then it is better to get rid of the enemy in the left part next to the fountain. After that, climb up, neutralize the enemy who will approach the corner of the building. Another one will come down to the same corner.

Go through this passage between the building and the fence but be careful — there are traps, so you need someone who can see them (the same skill as for disarming).

Go to the right side with the other half of your team, disarm the trap in the passage and deal with the enemy in the upper right corner. There is also an evidence box there. Carefully make your way to the left with this group and to the right with the one standing on the left. One cop must stay below and climb up using the central route to deal with the distant gangster. After that, you will need to attack all of them at once. If you can’t do everything silently, then use a revolver. Do not forget that it makes six shots before reloading.

Winter Nights recreation center

For this assault, you will prepare in advance. First, you should send an officer in the evening to get the key to the recreation center. Then click on each of the two points (A and B) on the assault map select ‘’Gather Intel’’. It will be necessary to pay each of the three witnesses to acquire important information.

After that, you will need to click on each point again and choose ‘’Assign Cops’’. It takes six officers, and each of them must meet certain requirements that are important to take into account. For example, you may need the ability of pick locking, the ability to climb over high fences, etc.

As soon as you are done with your team, you can click the continue button. Climb over the fence with the first cop and open the gates on the left from another side. Surround the building, wait for your chance and attack all the enemies when they wander around. If you do not have an officer who can perform three actions in a turn (Ninja perk for maximum stealth), then you will have to call one or two cops from the second group to this place. It will not cause any problems, you will just need to return all the cops back to clear the building on the right later.

By the way, it is not necessary to clean out buildings exclusively by those groups that are next to them. You can call everyone to one of them, then come back with the whole team.

You can get into the buildings on the right side through the windows. Deal with the lone enemies. There are three more opponents in the central room. The last one is located in the kitchen on the upper left part of the building.

When you defeat everyone, the mission will be over.

Hostage situation

Location: Roger Linington Gas Station.

This assault will be a trap. Just fight off the gang. This is why you should choose perks that increase your firepower before taking on this mission. Do not take anything required for a stealth walkthrough, as you will not have to do so.

Terror Threat

Location: Old church

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-9

Another timed mission, which can be completed only by disarming the bomb or neutralizing everyone.

Prepare for the assault, pay witnesses with evidence if you want. Divide your team into two groups, which should be sent along the left and right walls of the territory. On the left side, you will encounter four enemies. Two will be before the fence, another two will be at the cemetery. Use the open window to get inside the building.

On the right side, there are three enemies who patrol different places separated by tall bushes. Getting rid of them is easy! Get inside the office and deal with the other criminals. The bomb is located in the top part of the main room. You can disarm it or defeat the remaining enemies by entering the main room with everyone at the same time.


Location: Garm Funeral Home

Here you will have to clear out the whole building. First, deal with opponents to the left and right of it (two criminals on each side). Then place a part of your cops next to the main entrance, and send others to the upper right corner of the screen where you will be able to get inside the building. Gradually clear one room after another. This is one of the easiest missions, which can be passed without raising the alarm.

Neckties base assault

This is the Police 2 Assaults Walkthrough-10

To prepare for this assault, you will need to choose a cop with high intelligence and stealth and take a box of Armagnac with you. Be careful, because this cop will become an alcoholic.

Then interact with two points on the map and select ‘’Gather Intel’’, to pay witnesses. You will need around $7.000 in total. The assault will begin only after all four days have passed. By this point, you must complete all three actions, allocating a team for the mission.

Enter the location through the left side, bypassing traps and defeating the lone enemy. The same can be done with the guy below to the right, near the fence. There are the first barrels. It is necessary to interact with four such sets of barrels, pouring fuel out of them on the ground.

In the upper left corner are another set of barrels and a generator near the lantern, above the tent. The third set is located a little higher than the first one, and the fourth is in the upper part of the territory, among the trailers.

Use your second group to deal with opponents near the entrance (four in total), then move to the right to go through the hole in the fence or proceed directly through the main entrance.

Be sure to equip a perk allowing you to make a silent first shot.

It is worth noting that all enemies will die here! You will not be able to arrest anyone because there will be an explosion. Thus, there is no need in stunning and handcuffing anyone. In the upper part of the main location, there is an open tent. This where the leader of the gang hides. After completing all the tasks, you will need to run to the extraction point in the upper right corner. It will be hard to do if there are any enemies left. Therefore, before turning off the generator, clean the whole camp from any criminal scum. Then you can keep all the cops near the extraction point in the upper right, while shutting down the generator with just one officer.

Final Battle

When protecting the police department, take one group and keep them on the last barricades below on the right, and place another on the left. All the enemies will move from these directions. Do not arrest anyone, just kill them. Take all the needed perks except for the stealth ones. By this time, you will have a nice team of upgraded cops, so it shouldn’t be too hard to complete it.

John Davis