This Is the Police 2

Release date: July 31, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS

This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips

Useful tips for the gameplay, skills, assaults, investigagions and police staff, which will help you to adapt to the game and play through This is the Police 2

This is the Police 2 is a sequel to the well-known 2016 game, in which several genres mix and merge. The game includes elements of the original game as well as adds a lot of new and cool stuff.

In the series of articles we will tell you how to complete different crime calls (who to send there, which choices to make and avoid), assaults (this time the combat is turn-based, and in some cases, you must play stealthy) and our beloved investigations. By the way, investigations have also undergone some changes, but we will talk about it later.

General tips

To begin with, we advise you to read this long list of useful tips, which will simplify the game:

  • The workday lasts from 07:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. All tasks taken on before the end of the day will need to be finished (the result does not matter) before the day is officially finished and police officers return to their base. It is not possible to obtain objectives after one o’clock in the morning.
  • At the end of each day, you will receive ringpulls (such as those used to open tin cans). These can be used to purchase new items for your staff or to purchase new cops directly.
  • Police use several items in the game. They have a revolver, handcuffs and a knife by default. They can also use a baton, pepper spray and tasers with cartridges. All of them are necessary to stun opponents during the assault or are used to successfully complete crime calls. At the same time, some items can do harm. For example, you can’t use electroshock weapons on the people of age, because they might die. There are also more curious situations when warning shots may cause a heart attack.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-1
  • You will receive ringpulls for arresting suspects and saving hostages or lose them for ignoring calls, letting criminals go or failing to save civilians.
  • If for three consecutive days you lose more than you gain, Lilly will inform the feds about Jack’s whereabouts. Yes, he is the same Jack Boyd.
  • We advise you to expand your team and hire new cops at every convenient opportunity.
  • Special assignments appear every day.
  • Personal favors function in the same way as ordinary calls.
  • A little later in the game, you will start noticing pop-up windows, in which city residents offer unique opportunities to lower Jack Boyd’s morale. Those can be stealing hot water pipes from the station, raiding their lockers, etc. You receive money for those, but the consequences can be unpleasant.

Leveling up and attributes tips

  • There is a loyalty system in place. You may notice that some cops wear hats, while others do not. Policemen in hats completely trust you and will obey any orders, while the ones without may disobey them.
  • Officers without hats won’t work every day (only every other day), respond to calls alone or in pair with the lowest-rated colleagues even if there is a cop with a high rating in the same team. They also won’t execute your orders if they believe that those are not of use.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-2
  • Each cop has six basic attributes — strength, speed, shooting, intelligence, stealth and negotiations. All of them can be upgraded three times and each upgrade unlocks new active or passive perks. The skill point is awarded for every 50 reputation points.
  • First upgrade of the attribute unlocks two perks, the second and the third upgrades unlock two more, the latter being the most powerful perk.
  • Next, you unlock trainers for each of the characteristics. Pay them to increase someone’s skill but take note that it also takes away their energy.
  • You can restore energy by unlocking and using the bathhouse and the lake. Send there three and two people respectfully after paying for it. It is especially useful at the end of the shift.
  • Do not forget that officers also want to rest. Each of them has a meter under their avatar. It can be divided into six parts. One part is taken away for responding to each call or conducting an investigation, another one is taken away at the end of each workday. It is better to leave those running low at home and give them a day off. On the other hand, even if you force someone to work, they might not come anyway.
  • Tired characters can get into car crashes, injure themselves and even disobey your orders, not wanting to respond to crime calls and do certain actions.
  • Afterwards, you will be able to use the services of Kanayan, who will kill unnecessary cops while they are in the hospital.
  • When selecting cops, pay attention to the presence or absence of beer mugs icons in the upper left corner. If they are present, the person drinks and may skip work or come to it being drunk and subsequently get into various troubles.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-3
  • Some officers dress in their own way, which can make others hesitant about working with them. Or even the differently dressed officer in question himself won’t work with a policeman without a hat.
  • If the cop is injured or got into an accident, he is sent to Dr. Kanayan in the hospital. A message will appear in the upper right corner, telling you how many days your subordinate has to skip. If someone dies on a mission or in an accident, you won’t receive a substitute, but if it happens in the hospital, Lilly will surely find a replacement.

Calls tips

  • Participating officers receive 10 experience points for completing calls. The one who performed a valuable action receives 20 more — 30 in total. Even if you have several actions to choose from, only the last positive one will be counted and the person who performed it receive extra points.
  • Successful execution of an action requiring a certain attribute (for example, sneaking up requires stealth, armlock requires strength, catching up requires speed, order to surrender requires negotiation, shooting requires, well, shooting) usually needs just the first upgrade of such attribute. In rare cases, you may need to upgrade further.
  • If you are offered to use an item during the call, use it. Only in rare instances it can result in failure (do not shock elderly people!).
  • Sometimes unique actions appear, which allow you to complete the call successfully regardless of the officer’s skill. This is an ideal solution but an uncommon one.
  • Even if you kill a criminal, the call will be considered a success. You will just receive fewer ringpulls at the end of the shift.
  • Crime calls require a certain amount of total skill. If your selected characters do not have enough, you can’t send them to the task.
  • Sending as many cops as possible on a single assignment may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Yes, they will all receive the experience, but they will also get tired. Do not forget that you need to form a team for the next shift as well.

Assault tips

  • You will receive about 100 rating points for the assault. 50 for accusation during the investigation and 50 for arresting the criminal. Then you will be awarded even more points if the court finds the arrested person guilty and vice versa.
  • The meter on an item during the assault shows the probability of its successful application. For example, it will be more difficult to shoot from afar.
  • After injuring the offender, the second shot is guaranteed to kill him. Shoot his hand, and the enemy will run away, but will not be able to shoot back.
  • Shoot his leg so the opponent can’t move, but he will still be able to shoot at you.
  • Shoot his stomach so that the enemy slowly bleeds out, while not being able to do anything.
  • Shoot his head to instantly kill the criminal.
  • A knife, a baton or a shocker can only be used near the enemy, even if standing diagonally from him.
  • To arrest someone, you need to stand right next to the person (can’t do it diagonally).
  • For a successful arrest, it is best to stun your enemy or take him hostage using a special perk.
  • Knife instantly kills the enemy, while being noiseless.
  • There is a very useful perk called Silencer, which will come in handy during the assaults. It allows you to make one silent shot in a fight. It works automatically for the first shot the officer with such perk makes.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-4
  • You can extend the number of turns by using the Negotiation perk.
  • To perform three actions per turn instead of two, fully upgrade the stealth attribute and use the perk called Ninja. It works until the alarm has been raised.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-5
  • The Athlete perk will allow you to move farther.
  • Enemies shot in their stomach can be arrested if you manage to complete the assault before they bleed out.
  • To take the evidence box during the assault you must bring it to the car or hold it when the final opponent is being captured/killed.
  • A baton stuns for two turns, pepper spray and shocker for three turns, taser for four turns. If you don’t arrest or kill the enemy before those turns pass, he will raise the alarm. You can prolong the stun by hitting him with a baton again.
  • There is a perk that increases the stun effect when using a baton.
  • Flashbang grenades can stun multiple targets at once, but their explosion alerts everyone of your presence.
  • Do not take officers without hats to assaults. They act as they want and will probably raise an alarm.
  • Assaults are not limited in time, so you can send your team there at any time before the end of the day. There are no total rating requirements, so you choose as little or as many cops as you want. More details in a separate article.
  • You choose four active and passive perks for a cop to use during the assault. Choose them in accordance with the objective (you need to work fast, secretly, intimidating, etc.)
  • You get one ringpull for each murdered criminal and from three to five for each captured one. For example, if you are offered a choice to disarm a bomb or neutralize all enemies in a set number of turns, then you can only complete the first task, and all the criminals will be counted as captured.

Investigation tips

Below you will find a list of tips that will help you solve the crimes happening in Sharpwood. To see all the sequences and who commited the crime, see our Investigations Walkthrough.

  • To take on the investigation, you must send a cop to the purple icon on the map. When he returns, you will be able to open the investigation, learning its name and discovering first evidence. You can send from one to three officers there every day, each of them performing a specific task — finding clues (tips that help you determine who is guilty and how the crime occurred) and photos of your first and second suspects. You can’t send multiple people to do the same job — each of them must do their own different work.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-6
  • The higher the intellect of the cop sent to investigate, the more evidence and photos he will find.
  • It is better to send intelligent police officers to investigate. For example, a cop with a fully upgraded intellect will find all the clues in one try, allowing others to start searching for photos immediately.
This is the Police 2 Walkthrough Tips-7
  • When you arrest an innocent person, you can pay a judge to rule in your favor, but it is only possible after you help him with a special call.

John Davis