Subnautica: Below Zero

Release date: December 31, 2020
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats and Console Comands

How to activate the console in Subnautica: Below Zero and a list of cheats and useful console commands 

How to activate the console

Subnautica: Below Zero has a built-in console that is disabled by default. To enable it you will need to press F3 to open settings window and then F8 to get a mouse cursor. Uncheck the "Disable Console" option. Once the console is enabled, press "~" or Enter, depending on your keyboard layout. This will open a command input.

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Warning: Using any of the commands will disable achievements for the current game session. Do not forget to save your game before using console commands if you intend to keep playing on current save file.

Console commands list

General commands

  • bobthebuilder — Enables fastbuild, unlock all, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch and disables radiation, as well as gives the player Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife and Repair Tool
  • bubbles — Spawns several air bubbles around the player
  • clearinventory — Clears player's inventory
  • creative — Sets the gamemode to Creative
  • damage <value> — Sets damage multiplier to the specified value
  • day — Sets time to day
  • dig <value> — Removes all terrain around the player in a sphere with the specified diameter in meters
  • ency <name> — Unlocks the specified data base entry (If the name of an entry consists of more than one word, write the exact spelling without spaces)
  • ency all — Unlocks all data base entries
  • exosuitarms — Gives the player every Prawn Suit arm
  • exosuitupgrades — Gives the player every Prawn Suit module
  • fastbuild — Makes the player build modules instantly with the Habitat Builder
  • fastgrow — Makes any plant grow instantly after being placed in any planter
  • fasthatch — Makes Eggs hatch instantly after being placed in the Alien Containment
  • fastscan — Reduces the scanning time of the Scanner
  • fastswim — Enables fastswim mode that allows you to swim at exceeding speeds while holding Left Shift
  • filterfast — Reduces time it takes to filter water
  • filtersalt — Makes ever Water Filtration Machine on the map to produce salt
  • filterwater — Makes every Water Filtration Machine on the map to produce a Large Filtered Water
  • fps — Shows FPS
  • freecam — Enables or Disables freecam mode
  • freedom — Sets the gamemode to Freedom
  • freeze — Freezes all small fish
  • freezeplayer — Freezes player
  • hardcore — Sets the gamemode to Hardcore
  • hypnosisoff — Disables the Lily Paddler's hypnosis effect
  • hypnosison — Enables the Lily Paddler's hypnosis effect
  • instagib — Enables or Disables instagib mode
  • invisible — All creatures will ignore the player
  • item <name> <value> — Adds the specified amount of the specified item in player's inventory. (If the name of an item consists of more than one word, write the exact spelling without spaces)
  • lock <name> — Locks the specified blueprint
  • madloot — Gives the player Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, 3x Battery, 4x Computer Chip, 5x Creepvine Sample, 10x Titanium and 10x Glass
  • niceloot — Gives the player an Ultra High Capacity Tank, one Metal Salvage, one Quartz, one Copper Ore, one Lead, one Mercury Ore, a Rebreather, a Reinforced Dive Suit, one Salt Deposit, one Gold, one Crystalline Sulfur, one Silver Ore, a Stasis Rifle, a Stillsuit, a Radiation Suit, a Compass, a Standard O₂ Tank, a Uraninite Crystal, one Cave Sulfur, one Kyanite, one Diamond, one Nickel Ore, one Lithium, one Table Coral Sample, one Ruby, one Coral Tube Sample, one Magnetite, and one Stalker Tooth
  • night — Sets time to night
  • nocost — Makes the player able to craft, build and upgrade freely without needing to have required items or resources
  • nosurvival — Disables player's hunger and health, removes sustenance value for items. (Can only be used in survival and hardcore modes)
  • precursorkeys — Gives the player one of each color precursor key (Including the unused Red and White keys)
  • resourcesfor <name> — Gives the player needed resources to craft the specified item
  • rotfood — Rots all of the food items in player's inventory
  • seaglide — Spawns an unpowered Seaglide
  • seatruckupgrades — Gives the player every Sea Truck upgrade
  • shotgun — Allows player to kill creatures by Right Clicking on them
  • spawn <name> <value> — Spawns the specified amount of the specified item in front of the player (If the name of an item consists of more than one word, write the exact spelling without spaces)
  • spawnloot — Spawns Quarts, Cooper Ore, Silver Ore, Salt Deposit, Gold and 4x Metal Salvage
  • speed <value> — Sets the game's speed multiplier to the specified value.
  • supplydrop — Shows a list of available supply drops names and its contents
  • supplydrop <name> — Triggers the specified supply drop
  • survival — Sets the gamemode to Survival
  • takedamage <value> — Does damage to the player in the specified amount of percent of his health
  • tools — Spawns Repair Tool, Seaglide, Flare, Transfuser, Propulsion Cannon, Stasis Rifle and a BuildBot
  • unlock <name> — Unlocks the specified blueprint
  • unlock all — Unlocks all blueprints
  • unlockdoors — Unlocks every closed door in the Alien bases (Does not apply to sealed doors)
  • vehicleupgrades — Gives the player every common vehicle module
  • weatherevent <name> — Sets the current weather to the specified type (blizzard ,calm, clearskies, cold, electricstorm, hailstorm, heavyfog, rain, snowstorm)

Teleport commands

  • warp <x> <y> <z> — Teleports the player to the chosen coordinates
  • biome <name> — Teleports player to the specified biome
  • biome — Shows a list of all available biomes
  • spawnnearby — Respawns the player a few meters away from the original point
  • goto <name> — Teleports player to the specified location

Available location names

  • rocket (Exchanger Rocket launch pad)
  • twistybridgesvalleyfloor (near the cave leading to the entrance to Sanctuary Zero)
  • enzymesample (near the Sea Emperor Leviathan Juvenile in the Lilypad Islands)
  • shieldbasecaveentrance (cave entrance leading to Alien Research Site Zero)
  • shieldbase (entrance to Alien Research Site Zero)
  • arcticspirescache (Arctic Spires Cache)
  • crystalcache (Crystal Caves Cache)
  • deeparcticcache (Methane Ice Caves Cache)
  • fabricatorbase (Fabricator Base)
  • sanctuary (Sanctuary Zero)
  • rocketiceshelf (Ice shelf near the Shallow Twisty Bridges)
  • mtechsite1 (Cargo area in the Deep Arctic)
  • mtechsite2 (Cargo area on an island near the Lilypad Islands)
  • mtechsite3 (Cargo area in the Deep Arctic)
  • mbase (Marguerit Maida's Base)
  • divesuit (Jo Jeffreys' divesuit)
  • alterrabase1 (Research Base Omega)
  • alterrabase2 (Research Base Cappa)
  • alterratechsite1 (Tech site in the Twisty Bridges)
  • alterratechsite2 (Rocket Island dock)
  • alterratechsite3 (Tech site in the Arctic Spires)
  • alterratechsite4 (tech site)
  • tunnelexit (Exit of the tunnel from Research Base Zero)
  • basesupplydrop1 (First Drop Pod location)
  • shieldbasetop (Top of Alien Research Site Zero)
  • radiotower (Area between the Sparse Arctic and Arctic Kelp Forest)
  • seatrucktest (Trench in the Purple Vents)
  • glacialbasin (Glacial Basin)
  • hoverbikebase (Snowfox Base)
  • spypenguintest (Spy Penguin test area in Glacial Basin)
  • glacialbasinbridge (Large bridge in Glacial Basin)
  • frozencreature (Frozen Leviathan)
  • glacialbasinbunker (Jeffreys' Bunker)
  • glacialbasinlargecave (Large cave in the Glacial Basin)
  • glacialbasinjump (Ice ramp in Glacial Basin leading to Arctic Spires)
  • glacialbasinstart (Above the slope leading to the Glacier)
  • glacialbasindarkcave (Dark cave in the Glacial Basin)
  • rocketarearockcave (Cave on the Rocket Island)
  • spypenguintest2 (Spy Penguin test area 2)
  • spypenguintest3 (Spy Penguin test area 3)
  • spypenguintest4 (Spy Penguin test area 4)
  • spypenguintest5 (Spy Penguin test area 5)
  • spypenguintest6 (Spy Penguin test area 6)
  • bigtreespire (Big Tree Spire)
  • precursortechsite1 (Almanac Artifact in the Arctic Kelp Caves)
  • precursortechsite2 (Almanac Artifact in the Purple Vents)
  • precursortechsite3 (Almanac Artifact in the Arctic Kelp Caves)
  • precursortechsite4 (Almanac Artifact in the Deep Twisty Bridges)
  • precursortechsite5 (Almanac Artifact on the Rocket Island)
  • precursortechsite6 (Almanac Artifact in the Tree Spires)

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