Streets of Rogue

Release date: July 12, 2019
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows

Streets of Rogue Walkthrough Guide

Check out this guide to find out how to complete main and optional missions as well as big quests

We have recently analyzed all 24 characters of the pixel roguelike game Streets of Rogue. This guide is dedicated to the walkthrough of the game. In particular, we’ll briefly describe the main tasks and big quests.

Main missions

Main missions are random quests that you get on each individual floor that make up game levels. Quest objects are highlighted by blue, red and purple markers. To get to a new floor, you must complete them. On the other hand, you can do it in any sequence.

By the way, you can get to a new level even with a failed mission, but you won’t get the reward (for example, money).

The main missions can be of the following types:

  • Free one or more people;
  • Destroy an object;
  • Destroy several objects;
  • Destroy an object and get a quest item;
  • Free a slave;
  • Get a Mayor’s Hat and give a speech;
  • Kill, knock out or convince a target to leave the town;
  • Do the same thing with multiple targets;
  • Interact with one or more objects;
  • Free a prisoner and get him to the elevator while defending from everyone;
  • Escort the quest giver to the elevator;
  • Collect bombs scattered across the floor;
  • Get an item from a chest or a safe;
  • Get an item from a person.
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Optional missions

You’ll get optional missions exclusively on each second floor of individual levels. You are not required to complete them to move forward in the game. Optional missions are highlighted by yellow quest markers. A yellow letter M will be located above the head of the quest giver. If you have listened to his request and agreed to help, the letter M will turn green.

You are not required to complete the optional mission that you have obtained – you can safely proceed to the next level. If you hurt the quest giver, the mission may be automatically failed.

Big quests

Each individual character has one big quest that he should complete in one walkthrough. Unlike main missions, big quests are optional but cover global goals related to each floor and level. In one case, you must complete similar tasks on each individual floor, in the other case some of these tasks may be skipped.

You may still complete the game without big quests, but their completion allows you to get a solid reward:

  1. Additional experience points upon completion of each floor if you have fulfilled all the requirements.
  2. Additional experience points upon movement to a new level if you have completed all the tasks.
  3. The big quest ends after you have completed ‘’Uptown 5-3’’. If you have been able to complete the big quest, you’ll be able to use the character’s superpower in the mayor village and then the corresponding mutator in future runs.
Note. Big quests are only available to default characters. If you have created your own hero, he will not get such a quest.
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Here’s how you can complete big quests for different characters:

  1. Slum Dweller. Quest ‘’Movin’ On Up’’. You should invest money until you become rich. You must donate money on each floor through the ATM machine or when interacting with a clerk. However, you can miss some floors. To earn money, deal with a character who has a melee weapon and then kill everyone you see except for strong melee fighters like gorillas.
  2. Soldier. Quest ‘’Power Struggle’’. You must destroy all generators that supply energy to the Uptown. You should eliminate all generators that you encounter!
  3. Gangsters (both types). Quest ‘’Turf War’’. You must eliminate opponent gangsters: if you play for blue gangsters, kill red ones, and vice versa. Also, the gangsters of your color should gain control of the city. As in the case with generators, you must eliminate all targets.
  4. Thief. Quest ‘’Undiscerning Looting’’. You should break or steal items from all chests and safes on each floor. Use explosives and move through the walls to deal with chests/safes which are guarded by many enemies. Try to find a good melee weapon as soon as possible.
  5. Shopkeeper. Quest ‘’The New Hotness’’. Shopkeeper has a Portable Sell-O-Matic. Use it to sell an item that is relevant to the current floor. In the description for each floor, you’ll find an item that should be sold. If you have an upgraded shotgun, you can throw it away, find an ordinary one, sell it and come back to grab the modified weapon.
  6. Bartender. Quest ‘’Quest with a Twist’’. You should serve different people with drinks. Kill everyone, collect money, buy status effects from a drug dealer and create cocktails. You can also use the help of a friend, creating a separate server and asking him to take a Scientist. Let him provide you items with status to create cocktails.
  7. Hacker. Quest ‘’Hack the Planet’’. Search for computers on each floor and download viruses into them. Do not forget that robot cops will check the place where you have been located during hacking and downloading the virus to the computer.
  8. Doctor. Quest ‘’Purveyor of Peace’’. Try to kill as few people as possible on each floor. Instead, use chloroform or tranquilizer. If you are attacked by an overwhelming number of opponents, use a stun grenade or a trap. Avoid poisoning water or air, do not destroy generators if people are located in the nearby.
  9. Scientist. Quest ‘’Ethical experiments’’. Start by infecting someone and then examine him with a research gun. Use freeze ray and shrink ray (consecutively), then trample your opponents. If you need to examine a target, freeze it, apply an effect and use the gun.
  10. Gorilla. Quest ‘’Hairy Justice’’. Free all gorillas on all floors.
  11. Cop. Quest ‘’Law Abiding Law Enforcer’’. Avoid breaking the law. Arrest the perpetrators and get two points, and kill criminals, earning one point. If you kill or arrest innocent people, you’ll lose points. This condition is optional for each floor. Kill cannibals from the bushes or vampires who drank blood. You can set gorillas against scientists so that they become guilty. If mutators are working, you can choose ‘’Everyone Hates You’’ – in this case, everyone is guilty.
  12. Vampire. Quest ‘’Mythical Matchup’’. Use Werewolf A-Were-ness to find the hidden monster. Search for them at each level.
  13. Wrestler. Quest ‘’Undefeated Champ’’. You must challenge the marked characters to a duel and defeat them using only melee weapons. Each time, you’ll be provided with the class of the desired character. You can use a sledgehammer, the best weapon in the game.
  14. Assassin. Quest ‘’Silent But Deadly’’. You should neutralize the character highlighted by the orange marker. If you are noticed, you’ll have to eliminate the witnesses.
  15. Comedian. Quest ‘’Last Comic Standing’’. On each floor, you should tell jokes to an indicated number of characters. Thus, you should find a good melee weapon before you start joking.
  16. Jock. Quest ‘’Harmless Pranks’’. Destroy indicated items at each level.
  17. Shapeshifter. Quest ‘’Seeds of Chaos’’. You should make people fight against each other. You should possess an indicated character and kill a character of a certain class.
  18. Investment Banker. Quest ‘’Sobriety is Super’’. Investment Banker is a drug addict. By taking drugs, you are euphoric, but if you do not use drugs for a long time, a withdrawal syndrome is activated. This should occur no more than specified in the task. Optional for each floor.
  19. Werewolf. Quest ‘’Satiate that Bloodlust!’’. Find a place with five Zombies, activate the beast and kill them before the effect is gone, then hide somewhere.
  20. Cannibal. Quest ‘’Acquired Tastes’’. Kill indicated characters and eat their corpses.
  21. Slavemaster. Quest ‘’Catch’ Em All’’. When you are assigned a task, enslave the indicated person and lead him to the elevator. You can use a teleport.
  22. Zombie. Quest ‘’Spread the Love’’. Do not pay any specific attention to the task. Spit at as many people as possible at each level, turning them into zombies.
  23. Firefighter. Quest ‘’Fire Watch’’. You should complete the tasks as quickly as possible or arsonists will appear at the levels. If this happens, you’ll need to put out the fire as soon as possible before it destroys anything.

Robert Summers