Stardew Valley

Release date: February 26, 2016
Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS

Stardew Valley Cheats and Console Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of the most useful console commands for Stardew Valley and instructions on how to use them.

How to access the console

There is no way as of now to use console commands in-game. To be able to access them, you will need to download and install a SMAPI mod manager and the command console bundle mod. If you need these commands for cheating purposes and to have fun, rather than develop a mod for the game, we would strongly advise to install one of the cheat Steam Workshop mods, which offer much simpler interface and use.

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List of console commands

Notice: Using these commands may result permanent changes and corruption of your save files. Don't forget to create backup files.

These commands can be inputted through SMAPI console

  • debug shears – Gives you shears.
  • debug pickaxe – Gives you a basic pickaxe.
  • debug pole – Gives you a basic fishing pole.
  • debug slingshot – Gives you a basic slingshot.
  • debug wand – Gives you a return scepter.
  • debug can – Gives you a basic watering can.
  • debug pan – Gives you a copper pan.
  • debug hoe – Gives you a basic hoe.
  • debug ax – Gives you a basic axe.
  • debug mp – Gives you a milk pail.
  • debug <skullkey> – Adds the skull key to your wallet.
  • debug clearSpecials – Removes all wallet items.
  • debug< fillbackpack> – Fills your inventory with random items.
  • debug <removeObjects> – Removes all objects from the current location.
  • debug <removeDebris> – Removes all debris from the current location.
  • debug <TV> – Gives you a TV.
  • debug weapon <weaponID> – Gives you a weapon with the specified ID.
  • debug <gold> – Gives you a million gold.
  • debug divorce – Divorces the current husband/wife.
  • debug marry <NPC> – Makes you marry the specified NPC and initiates preparations for the wedding.
  • debug friendship <NPC> <value> – Sets the friendship level with the specified NPC to the specified value.
  • debug friendAll – Gives you the maximum level of friendship with all NPCs.
  • debug killNPC <NPC> – Removes the specified NPC from the game.
  • debug train – Makes the train pass through Stardew Valley.
  • debug completeCC – Completes the Community Center.
  • debug beachBridge – Fixes the bridge located on the beach.
  • debug deleteArch – Resets records for minerals and artefacts found, fish caught, and mail received.
  • debug whereis <NPC> – Shows location and coordinates of the specified NPC .
  • debug dp – Shows the amount of in-game days played on the current save.
  • debug characterInfo – Shows the number of characters located on the current map.
  • debug fishing <value> – Sets the fishing skill to the specified value.
  • debug heal – Heals the player completely.
  • debug speed <value> – Increases speed by the specified amount.
  • debug cooking – Unlocks all cooking recipes.
  • debug energize – Restores player's energy.
  • debug die – Makes the player pass out.
  • debug money <value> – Gives the specified amount of gold.
  • debug specials – Sets all special access conditions to true (Sewers, Skull Cave, Club, Witch's Hut, Dwarf), and gives the player the Special Charm.
  • debug festivalScore <value > – Sets the Spring Festival score to the specified amount.
  • debug toggleCatPerson – Switches the pet preference between cat and dog.
  • debug slimecraft – Unlocks the recipes for Slime Incubator and Slime Egg-press.
  • debug minigame setUpFarm – Tills certain patches of land; adds 20K money; adds a silo, a coop, and a barn; adds shears, milk pail, and full stacks of items 472, 473, 322, 388, and 390; upgrades all four tools to iridium level.
  • debug growCrops – Grows all crops in the current location.
  • debug house <value> – Upgrades or downgrades the house to the specified level.
  • debug minigame befriendAnimals – Sets your friendship with all of your (present) animals to 1000. Must be used inside a coop or a barn.
  • debug owl – Spawns an owl.
  • debug minelevel <value> – Teleports the player to the specified mine level.
  • debug warpHome – Teleports the player to their house.
  • debug rain – Switches between rainy and sunny weather.
  • debug time <value> – Sets time of the day to the specified value (must use 24-hours military time system).
  • debug growAnimals – Grows all animals present in current location into adults. Must be used inside a barn or a coop.
  • debug bluebook – Gives you a blueprint.
  • debug removeTF – Removes all terrain features in current location.
  • debug removeFurniture – Removes all furniture from the current location.
  • debug crafting – Unlocks all crafting recipes.
  • resetAchievements – Resets Steam achievements.

Full list of commands can be found on the official Stardew Valley Wiki page.

John Davis