Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release date: September 1, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

How to Unlock New Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Ways and cost of unlocking new characters

Each player starts the game with a few basic heroes. As the player progresses in the game, he will need to open (buy) data cards and farm the same locations to get character cards and unlock more powerful heroes. Data cards are the easiest method to collect characters in the game. If you are going to spend real money on the game, buy a set of chromium cards that will give you the best chances to unlock heroes. With this set of cards, you’ll get advantage early in the game and you’ll spend time upgrading more powerful characters rather than weaker basic ones.

How to Unlock New Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-1
Darth Vader requires 80 shards to be unlocked

Also, characters can be unlocked with the help of their shards. Get to the screen of any hero and click on the «Find» button near the hero’s image. You’ll see all locations that you should complete to get the shards of this hero. You’ll get these by completing various tasks and buying sets. When you have the necessary number of shards you’ll be able to activate the character. Hero’s strength may be increased through training (level), new equipment, skill upgrade and promotion (increase the number of stars with shards). If you don’t know what characters you should develop at early stages of the game, read additional information on this site.

John Davis