Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release date: September 1, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

How to Train and Promote Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

An overview of the ways to promote and upgrade your character in the game.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game built around tactical battles between squads. You’ll be upset if you counted on another card game like Hearthstone or Star Wars: Force Collection.

The game has various elements from many popular mobile games, but it is most close to Summoners War. In our first guide on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes we’ll look at main functions and game mechanics.


You start the game with a detailed tutorial. Alas, not everything, including some game modes, is available right from the start. Many game modes will be unlocked on higher levels – «Squad Arena», spaceship battles, events, alliances and even the Dark Side campaign. On the other hand, this system of unlocking new modes as your account progresses supports gamers’ interest.

How to Train and Promote Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-1
Galactic wars are available once you reach the 40th level

You’ll always get something truly interesting when you reach another level, in comparison with another portion of a premium currency that is offered in many other games.

Training and promotion of characters

Characters are unlocked with a certain number of stars regardless of the bag from where you take them. For more powerful heroes with four starts, you’ll need 80 fragments for unlocking. Three-star heroes demand 50 fragments, two-star heroes – 25 fragments, one-star heroes – 10 fragments.

How to Train and Promote Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-2
You need thirty shards to upgrade Chewbacca to four stars

Promotion is one of the best options to increase the strength of the character and one of the three methods to increase the hero’s characteristics. The level of promotion (the number of stars) impacts the primary increase in strength, agility and intellect for each level of the character. The second way to increase the power of heroes is to train them with the help of droids. This function allows to increase the character’s level up to the level of the account.

How to Train and Promote Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-3

If you want to spend droids efficiently, choose the droid with the highest level. If the system chooses only one such droid, there’s a significant probability that he trains for more experience points than you need. Thus, choose a lower-level droid. As soon as the system chooses several droids, reduce their number by one and add lower-level droids. Reduce their number by one and so on up to the minimal level. This scheme guarantees that you won’t lose experience provided by high-level droids.

You’ll have plenty of credits (the main currency) at the beginning of the game but once you reach 40th – 45th level, credits will turn into premium resources. Save credits at the beginning and focus on training, promotion and outfit crafting for the chosen ten heroes (2 squads with 5 heroes for battles of the light side and dark side). At the same time, choose five heroes out of ten to form a PvP squad (and for Canteen missions) and focus on them. When you upgrade all characters up to the maximum level (the level of the account), you’ll be able to switch to other heroes that will be used to create various gaming styles.

John Davis