Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release date: September 1, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Outfit and Skills

A guide to characters’ equipment and abilities use and upgrade


The third way to increase the power of the character is to equip him. The mechanism is straightforward; there’s no customization or freedom of choice. You click on an empty outfit slot and see what outfit should be there (by using the «Find» button, you can see what sets and what quests will give you the necessary outfit). Complete quests, fill all six available outfit slots for your character and increase his level. When you transition to the next level, all outfit will be lost, but the character will retain his parameters and you’ll have six new slots to fill. The transition to the new outfit changes the avatar color: from white to green, blue and, finally, purple.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Outfit and Skills-1

Getting outfit of the next level becomes harder and harder as you progress through the game. Ultimately, you’ll have to hand out the equipment from the previous outfit and so on. Sometimes, you’ll need a certain outfit level to unlock new character skills.


Each character has four types of skills. The basic skill is your standard attack without a cooldown. Special skills allow your character to do something particular, and you’ll have to make a few moves before you can use them again.

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Jedi can heal squadmates

Leadership skills give a bonus to the whole squad if the character is the first in the party, meaning that the squad cannot have more than one leader. Unique skills are passive bonuses that are provided by the character. Understanding these skills and the synergy between characters is a sure way to create a powerful PvP squad.

You can also upgrade character skills by buying special materials (for example, in the Canteen shop for the unique in-game currency that you get for quest completion).

John Davis