10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis

These ten tips will help you better understand the sumoning and rerolling system, combat timing, how to assemble the best team and what should be equipped, and how to win in multiplayer battles

Square Enix’s underrated RPG series, Star Ocean, is now on mobile. The release of Star Ocean: Anamnesis on mobile means that the Star Ocean’s fanbase can enjoy exploring the galaxy and taking down threats once again.

This character-collecting combat RPG is now quickly gathering old and new fans alike. Organize your crew, travel to different planets and work your way up to become a legendary space captain.

Here are 10 great tips that every space captain needs to know in order to master the game.

Aim for at least 1 top tier 5-star summons early on

Otherwise, reroll is your best option

The game is quite generous. Finishing the tutorial for about 5 minutes will net you at least 10000 Emblem Stones from rewards. That is good enough for 2 ten-fold characters summon. Consider yourself lucky if you get at least 3 galaxy rare characters, but you should want at least 1 of them to be in top tier.

You will also get a free 5-star summon selection among five characters (Fidel, Victor, Maria, Myuria and Miki). Maria and Myuria are top tier characters so they are your best picks. The 3 other are still on high tiers but since your goal is to get at least 1 top tier characters, it is a good idea not to pick them.

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Spend your free Emblem Stones and try your luck in getting at least one of the following top tier characters in the current meta. They are the characters in the first row in the above image starting from left to right.


  • 2B
  • Halloween Demon Clair Lasbard


  • Everlasting Summer Myuria Tionysius


  • Halloween Vampire Victor Oakville
  • Maria Traydor


  • Myuria Tionysius


  • Everlasting Summer Sophia Esteed
  • Rena

Duplicate summons will enable limit breaks of your characters, so they are a good thing to have.

Use your Emblem Stones only on 10-fold summons

Ten-fold summons offers a guaranteed (at least) 4-star summon. This will greatly improve your chances in getting a 5-star character or weapon.

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The game gives 1 free character summon daily, and you will also get some summon coupons from rewards and events. You can spend these freebies directly once you have gained them. However, your Emblem Stones should be kept until you can perform ten-fold summons.

Take note that there are different summon banners. Event and Special characters may appear only on a specific banner so you need to consider this if you are aiming for a specific character.

You may also check on the ‘’Odds’’ button in the banner to view the detailed odds in acquiring a specific character.

Use auto-battle on easy and early stages

Auto-battle seems counter-productive if you want to master the game, but it is your best option in easy stages if you want to complete quests faster. You can toggle auto-battle on and off on the upper left part of the game interface.

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After acquiring top-tier summons and pouring your resources on them, you will find that finishing the first few planets can be done with your eyes closed. This is why auto-battles are useful early on.

What are the benefits of auto-battle early on?

  • You can complete stages faster since most enemies are done after a couple of hits. It will be hard to practice on important combat skills like dodging, charging, switching or chaining when your enemies die so quickly.
  • You can still play on semi-AFK. Time is equivalent to progress so it is still possible keep playing the game while doing some minor tasks in real life.

Master combat timing on abilities, dodging, charging and rushing

These skills will not matter early in the game because you will normally complete stages with ease. However, as you progress to harder stages, these skills will become very important when auto-battles start failing.

Abilities are the clickable skills in your arsenal. Spamming them would normally get positive results but on harder stages, timing is very important. During combat, when an ability has a glowing white outline, it means that the target has a weakness on that element, so it is the best ability to use at that given moment.

Dodging is achieved by performing a quick swipe in the screen to a specific direction. Mastering this skill is essential for players with attacker or defender main character. This is very important in boss battles where healers cannot out-heal the boss damage. Ranged characters also need to know when to dodge. Some enemies can charge to your location and some bosses have long range and area attacks.

It is important to note that you can perform dodging even if you are performing an ability. This will cancel the ability but at some cases survival is your top priority.

Charging or charge assaulting is performed by holding your tap at an ability for a couple of seconds until your ability has a blinking green animation. This will speed up the ability animation which means quicker attacks and enemy kills. It does come with a downside though. During charge assault, any damage you take are critical hits. Use at your own risk.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-4

Finally, Rushing is performing your ultimate skill once it is available to cast. It is very important to know the exact effect of your character’s Rush attack, so you will know when to use it in battle.

Rush chaining is performing the Rush attacks of all characters and they will have a specific order depending on who clicked first. Understanding your character’s order in the rush chain is essential to boss battles. This will also give your teammates the idea on whether you know what you are doing or not.

Rush chaining normally has the following order:

Healer | Tank > Shooter > Invoker | Attacker.

Make sure your weapon and accessories Factors are fit for your character

The gap between 4-star and 5-star weapons is too big, so 5-star weapons are your only option. However, getting a 5-star weapon is not enough. Weapons and accessories have Factors that greatly boost stats, effects and abilities.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-5

If you have a variety of 5-star weapon options for a certain character do not choose which one has the cooler look. Check on the Factors on the weapon and decide which one will benefit you the most. Note that some factors will not appear until you level up the weapons, so you need to enhance them first.

Your team should be composed of different character roles

Your main team should have a Tank and a Healer. A tank can be a melee attacker who can distract and soak up the initial damage while your main damage dealer launches strong attacks.

Healers are optional early in the game, but you should develop one because the missions and dungeons can get hard very quick. Without a healer, you better have enough firepower to finish all enemies before they wipe you out.

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There are 5 characters types (Attackers, Defenders, Shooters, Invokers and Healers) but you can only bring up to 4 characters in battle. Defenders and Healers are generally ‘must-have’ in every team so you just need to give up one of the 3 remaining character types.

The 4th character in your team is always borrowed from other players. It is important to know what role is lacking in your team so you can choose it from the list of helper characters before you start a battle.

Focus on upgrading your main character while keeping your wingmen in decent levels

Focus on upgrading a single main character first if your resources are limited. The early game rewards should be enough to max level a character early on, so you better spend it on the strongest character you get.

You can only bring 1 character in multiplayer mode, so you need to develop a strong main character to increase your chances in getting accepted multiplayer teams in difficult stages.

Strong ‘’favorite’’ characters have greater chances on being used by other players. This will allow you to gain Support Medals at a faster rate.

If you play actively, enhance materials are easy to come by, so you should have a max level team very quickly. Spend extra materials sparingly because you might suddenly get top tier characters from summoning that could replace your current team member.

If you have enough materials for limit break, spend them on your strongest character as well.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-7

There are also items that can be consumed to permanently increase specific stats of the character where it is spend. Items like HP Starseed can give additional HP if used on a specific character. Make sure that you will spend these additional stat items to your main character.

Make Events and Missions on top of your priority list

Events offer great rewards but they can be available on limited time only. Make sure to always check on the events as characters and weapons can appear as rewards. The Event Oath Upon a Lantern gives the 5-star healer Oracle Nel.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-8

Missions are quests that can give a lot of rewards when completed. Make sure to always check on them first before anything else.

You will not want to complete the maze first then get a mission to complete a maze. This will cost you another day to wait for the maze reset.

Set your strongest character as the favorite character

The ‘favorite character’ in the main menu display is not just for show. Your favorite character is the one that can be used to assist other players in the single player combat. This will allow you to earn Support Medals that can be used in special summoning events.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-9

Players have the option to select from a list of characters to assist them. The stronger your character, the greater the chance that it will be selected to assist.

Special role characters like healers and defenders are more likely to be used as support or accepted in multiplayer teams.

Multiplayer is your best option on harder stages

No matter how strong your team is, you will finally hit a wall where the difficulty is now too much for your team. Even if you mastered switching through your characters and skills, the auto-battle AI will fail you at some point. This is where you need the help of other players through multiplayer.

Multiplayer has generally a higher success rate because each character is controlled by a different person. There is also a guarantee that you will be playing with other people who are using one of the best characters in their arsenal.

10 Great Tips to Master Star Ocean Anamnesis-10

Tips for winning hard Multiplayer battles

  1. Make sure that each player have different roles. Defenders and healers are must-have characters.
  2. Members should not have duplicate talents.
  3. Understand the recommended rush chaining order (Healer | Tank > Shooter > Invoker | Attacker).
  4. You should be familiar with your role. Healers should keep an eye on the health of your team members while tanks should ensure that they have the enemy or boss attention at all times.
  5. Make friends with people who know what they are doing. This will increase your chances in completing very hard stages and dungeons.

Thank you for reading this Tips article. Hope it has made your journey to become a legendary space captain easier.

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