SoulCalibur 6

Release date: October 19, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay

Ivy is one of the most recognizable SoulCalibur fighters. Here, you will find the best cosplay images of this character

Isabella Valentine, or Ivy, is one of the main and most noticeable characters of the SoulCalibur series. She first appeared in the very first part of the franchise, in 1998.Over the game’s history, she was trying to find Soul Edge — a magic sword believed to grant its owner with eternal youth. However, the sword, in fact, devoured souls and Ivy swore to destroy it. In the end, she was killed but managed to stay alive with the help of an artificial soul she created. So, Ivy is naturally undead being always 32.

Ivy can’t be called a hero as her methods of achieving goals are often questionable. She’s more the antagonist of the series. Anyway, cosplayers often portray her because of the combination of her beauty and harsh fate.

Arina Ryabinina

Arina Ryabinina is not a cosplayer, she is a professional model from Russia that has been working on every Igromir (the biggest Russian game show) since 2006. In 2011, as part of SoulCalibur 5 PR campaign, she has created an image of Ivy. Even after seven years, this character performed by Arina is perceived as a high-grade cosplay. Note that SoulCalibur is not as popular in Russia as Mortal Kombat or Tekken, so artists rarely cosplay characters from this fighting game.

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-1
In SoulCalibur lore, Ivy is a countess with a difficult fate and inner struggles in life. It is not clear how can one combine it with insane sexuality and pretty revealing outfit, but fans certainly can find an explanation
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-2
Such outfits have never been considered something beyond the bounds at Russian gaming exhibition Igromir — girls in bikinis have been pleasing the eye since 2006. However, Arina was one of the first to present a costume with a lot of details
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-3
Zombies do not exist in the world of SoulCalibur, but they turned out to be the main symbol of Igromir 2011. Walking dead teased visitors while constantly growling and pulling their hands to them. As you can see, even Ivy felt comfortable in their company


The SoulCalibur is very popular in the US and Europe. One cosplay artist from Italy named herself after her favorite character. Unlike Lera Orlova or Tanya Croft, Ivycosplay works not only with one character but with Ivy remaining her main.

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-4
So, few think about the difficulties of creating Ivy's costume. Notice, that this outfit combines elements of fabric, leather and metal. In addition, the suit must fit perfectly or it would be impossible to wear it for the whole day at the festival
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-5
Live photos of Ivy cosplay do not look as beautiful as studio ones
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-6
Recently, Ivycosplay rarely feeds fans’ eyes with new works. Probably the girl just iced the cosplay out completely

Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano, also known as Cosfx, is a female cosplayer from San Diego. She constantly experiments with images, tries on the roles of varied sexy characters, and her fans always accept her new works.

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-7
The SoulCalibur franchise depicts Ivy as a hypersexual woman, but in reality, such an ideal woman with large breast, a thin waist and legs for days hardly exists. It is a harsh reality: the 2D ladies look more spectacular than real ones
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-8
As a rule, female cosplayers with large breasts tend to demonstrate their dignity with the help of a deep neckline. Some like Jessica Nigri, for example, use this trick constantly and it is even a bit annoying. Others like Elena Samko show a variation of cosplay art, including non-sexual images. Crystal Graziano always wears open dresses, because her cosplay characters were created to give rise to a desire
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-9
This photo is not a studio one; it is from the gaming exhibition. Note that the facial expression of Crystal does not match with the inner state of her character — instead of expressing militancy and grace it shows misfortune

Belle Chere

Most cosplay girls are beauties with a thin waist. However, there is an exception to every rule. This applies to Belle Chere, whose figure differs from those that we got used to seeing. She is working at popular gaming festivals, has created dozens of cosplays and has got 23,000 subscribers on Instagram. This gives us an idea that guys are into different girls.

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-10
From certain angles, Belle Chere’s Ivy seems to be a spectacular lady, almost like in the game
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-11
You need to be a brave person to walk down the street in such a suit. However, this applies to all cosplayers who try on skimpy outfits
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-12
Ivy suit from Belle Chere is the one of the best in the world of cosplay

Alena Polutorova

Alena ‘’AsherWarr’’ Polutorova is one of the few Russian female cosplayers who created the image of Ivy. Her hobbies are not limited to cosplaying video game characters. In fact, the girl participates in historical medieval battles (WMFC). At the same time, Alena knows how to surprise her fans. There are a lot of cosplays from different game universes in her portfolio. But we are primarily interested in her Ivy cosplay.

SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-13
Alena looks thin among other ladies who cosplayed Ivy
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-14
But hardly anyone will blame her appearance for being noncanonical and the costume for minor discrepancy
SoulCalibur Ivy Cosplay-15
By today's standards, Alyona’s costume looks unpretentious. But do not forget that this photo is dated 2014 when the art of cosplay was considered as something unusual

John Davis