Release date: April 2, 2015
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge

Learning to weed: advice on distortions B1-B4 in Skyforge

Currently, Xbox One and PS4 see the invasion of fitonides, which will last until mid-June. Don’t miss your chance to get the best equipment in the game. We’ll tell you how.

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge-1

B1: Caryolis


The required rank will vary on different platforms. It is important that characters who pick up the divine spark have a rank that is higher than the required one.


  • Tank (paladin or knight)
  • Alchemist and lightbinder (buffs and auras)
  • Berserker to destroy the shield
  • Ranged attackers

Characters with low prestige level should be equipped with «Decreasing the defense of the target». Required symbols: «Pain shock» and «Ban».

Two-three members of the squad should activate the Hyperion module «Sentence» that gives an increasing addition to damage to the boss.

The recoil of the «Sentence» is significant. The group must agree on its use before the battle.


The first stage lasts up to 80% HP of Caryolis or 3.5 minutes. The tank holds the boss not far from the center (on five hours). The squad positions itself on eleven hours from Caryolis.

After everyone is in their place, it’s time for the first full supporter buff.

  • The lightbinder pronounces «The blessing of the sun» and casts «Stream of light» on the strongest damager.
  • The alchemist throws a «Biotrap», uses «Energetic shower» and «Stimulator injection».

Then, focus on Caryolis.

The tank should turn the boss so that the squad does not fall under the damage of phytonide thorns. Red regions will be seen on earth a few seconds before thorns appear – avoid them and evacuate immediately. If someone from the squad is damaged by the thorns, he’ll be poisoned. The lightbinder may remove the negative effect by clicking on the right mouse button.

Poisonous buds appear on the battlefield every ten seconds. They attack a random target. The triffid’s victim is highlighted by the red cursor. The white point indicates the direction of the bud. If you are the target, don’t forget to notify your group and move away. If the triffid reaches a character, a significant area will be damaged.

Once the focus on the boss is over, the group must shift to poisonous buds until the next buff.

On the second stage, Caryolis fills the whole field with poison except for the small island in the center. At this point, berserker must destroy the shield as fast as possible and get the divine spark.

Berserker uses skills «Devastating attack», «Thirst for battle», and «Split», while the lightbinder holds him under the bonus of the «Stream of light». If there’s no spark, the squad may lie down.

The divine spark is picked up by any damager who then destroys the remaining buds. After this, the god changes the class to alchemist and casts «Army of God».

If the squad’s damage is normal, you’ll soon get to the second and third sparks. After this, you’ll only have to finish off the phytonide.

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge-2

B2: Malicenia

The next boss, Malicenia, is one of the most challenging carnivores in the phytonide army.


Squad: tank, alchemist and lightbinder, range attackers (at least 2 cryomants), revenant or druid (optional). Add a standard set of symbols and Hyperion models.

Important: The first character that gets the divine spark must be the best damager in the raid. Choose him beforehand.


In the first stage, the squad descends on the arena and positions itself on six hours. The tank positions Malicenia so that the group sees its back. Diona periodically releases thorns. Pay attention to the fact that the boss «puts the head into the sand» before their release.

As soon as the tank has enough agro, it’s time for the first buff. Continue to kick it off without the «Biotrap» and «Energetic shower».

Every 25 seconds Malicenia summons roots that attack a random member of the squad (a red cursor will appear under the chosen character). This character must run away from the group. Don’t stop, or the weeds will quickly kill you.

The remaining squad continues to work on the boss up to the beginning of the second stage, when giant mushrooms appear on the 45th second. In this moment, the alchemist must deploy a terminal while the raid gets on the nearby mushroom. After this, the stage will be covered by poison. This may as well happen on the 20th second, if the squad has successfully passed the 92% HP of Malicenia. Also, stones appear at this stage, and militiamen may throw them at the boss.

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge-3

In the third stage, fireflies-baits appear. Pay attention to the red grass that is growing right below them. Three dionas appear once a character steps on this grass. Cryomants will help you get rid of them. Keep monsters in check by using the skill «Fangs of frost». In case of a mass contamination, use «North’s breath». If you can’t kill them quickly, ask the tank to pick them up.

The second stage is repeated on the 2nd minute: the alchemist deploys the terminal, the raid mounts on the mushrooms. After the end of the phase, Malicenia gives the divine spark to one of the triffid-baits. If you can’t pick it up quickly, it will go to another triffid and an aggressive diona will appear near the first triffid. In this stage, squad members may position themselves as they wish, but they should not fall into the bait area and should keep inside the support aura. After the character picks up the divine spark, use full buff (change class to alchemist and cast the god’s army) and kill the boss.

Stages will repeat if you don’t deal enough damage to the boss. Malicenia will jump, spit poison and destroy mushrooms on the corresponding stage.

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge-4

B3: Syringa

The third boss, the chief dryad Syringa, is de-facto the manager of all phytonides in the region.


Squad: 2 tanks, alchemist and lightbinder, range attackers, berserker or revenant («Damage to shields» is obligatory). All group except supporters is better off carrying the artifact «Totem of the fall trewang». The set of symbols and Hyperion modules is standard.

Important: it’s desirable that the participants’ rank is 2 points above the recommended rank.


Roots move counterclockwise near Syringa. Safe zones are roughly 20 meters from the boss, on 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours.

The fight begins from the descent to the arena under the «Inviolable barrier» that is made by the lightbinder. The squad performs full procast and buffs. While they are over, the participants spread across the arena. Tanks position themselves on 9 and 3 hours from the boss, while damagers are at 6 and 12 hours. Buffs at will. Don’t forget that the next stage with the shield begins at 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% of Syringa HP.

The first tank works with the dryad up until he receives a curse that will significantly increase the damage dealt by the boss (it looks like a purple cloud). In this moment, the second tank must replace him.

Spreading across the map is necessary to control the sharp sprouts that will periodically appear on the arena. You should destroy them as fast as possible. Each live sprout leads to additional roots that start moving clockwise around the dryad.

Every 40 seconds Syringa summons merciless roots that attack a random target. A green cursor appears under the feet of the character. The victim must get away from the group.

Every 45 seconds the dryad sends intoxicating flowers to a random character. If you got a rose flower – get close to the boss; if you received a purple one run away from the boss. Keep in mind that the player does not see the flower above his character. Watch your friends and alert them in case of danger!

At 80% a random member of the squad takes the form of a minor god. He needs to change class to berserker (revenant) and start beating the boss’ shield.

At this time, the group will be chased by merciless roots. Run away from them, kill the sprouts and gather small sparks to extend the form of god. As soon as the shield falls, roots will stop chasing you.

If you are going to destroy the shield with the help of the berserker, do the following: store energy, pronounce “God’s power”, ask for the keeper’s buff and attack the shield. Revenant is better off with the following procast: «God’s power», «Death’s vicar», «Chopping blow» and «Execution».

If you have been a lightbinder or a tank, return to your class. If you were a damager, change class to alchemist and perform full procast. Reiterate until victory.

How to beat ''Dangerous Greenhouse'' Distortion in Skyforge-5

B4: Nephelis

The last boss is one of the most dangerous members of phytonides army – Nephelis.


Squad: tank, alchemist, lightbinder, range attackers (several cryomants). Everything else is standard.


The boss is in the center of the poisonous field. There are many safe platforms around. Any character can use them but no more than 25 seconds. Periodically, all platforms except for the central one, disappear, and the squad must gather in the center.

Every 40 seconds the boss gets the weapon of a random target. Alchemist shield helps from this inconvenience. The other method is to run to Nephelis and take the weapon back. Periodically, the boss covers several characters on platforms with lianas. They are easily dismantled.

The key to success is to spread across the arena. The further you stand from each other, the more damage you’ll be able to deal to Nephelis. Squad members should position themselves in a way that allows the maximum characters to get the buff. At the same time, they should be able to get to nearby platforms in due time.

When Nephelis buries itself into the ground and reappears, buff and focus on Nephelis. This happens two times until all platforms are destroyed. In the center, the alchemist provides a terminal, roots are destroyed, and the group works on the boss.

In the next phase, Nephelis gets a shield that is supported by the dryads. The squads’ goal is to decrease HP of any three dryads to 15%. After this you should kill them fast. One damager should collect all three divine sparks. Then, the god should quickly deal with the remaining dryads and get sparks from them ahead of Nephelis. Full buff follows, and the boss is killed.

John Davis