The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths

The complete walkthrough of the final case ‘’Into the Depths’’

The description of the quest says that once one heads to Cthygonnaar, you will not be able to go back. This is a hint: you must complete all side quests, or they will be failed. Rest in the hotel, then read the newspaper clippings and study the documents at the table to get some clues.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-1

So, the entrance to Cthygonnaar is located in the monolith in the center of Advent. Before you open it, you have to complete the Seal. To do this, you must find three god fingers which grow on three monoliths in different parts of the city. The first one is located on the central monolith while the two others are concealed. Fire worshippers have information about them.

Open the map and mark the building right in the center of Advent. Go there and find St. Michael’s church. Go inside and read the note Cleanse yourselves! that is lying on the table on the right side. Examine the canister on the left and then use the Mind’s Eye to look at the rift in the fire by the main scene. Go up to the second floor and talk to a woman – you will learn that the required information about monoliths is in the notes of Nicholas. His notes are hidden below while the key is located on the altar.

On the table, inspect the note with a list of purchases. Find the altar, read The Book of Holy Flame and grab the key. Go down to the basement and read a warning note that is located to the right from the door. Go inside, examine the books on the table and come to the wall on the right side. Use the Mind’s Eye to make the wall disappear. Kill the monsters and find a can with sleeping pills on the bed on the left side. On the right, you’ll find a diving suit – priest’s notes lie near it. Examine the dream diary on the nearby table.

Come to the wall with a hole and inspect it using the Mind’s Eye. You will find the first part of the Seal. Activate the Mind’s Eye and follow the crows. In the same room, there’s a bowl on the stand. Look at it so that it turns into a diary. Read the notes and get new information for your investigation.

Leave the building and find a rift not far from it, below. Examine three memories and list them in the correct order, starting from the passage below to the entry to the church. All evidence is collected.

Go to Oakmont Chronicle and grab the note that lies on the administrator table. This starts a side quest All That Glitters.

Using the first tip, you should go to the archives of the local newspaper. Select it in the list of clues on the left and set the following conditions:

  1. Period: After the flood.
  2. People: Celebrities.
  3. Section: Articles and interviews.

You will find the required information. It’s about Jimmy Price, who has found a treasure on a small beach in the eastern part of Old Colony St. This street divides the districts of Coverside and Grimhaven Bay.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-6

Go to the end of this street in the right part of the map. You will see a huge monolith. Come close and examine its wall. The Seal is not visible. Open the Mind Palace and select two clues – No sign of the Kayfinger and Kayfinger beneath the azure cloak. Charles will conclude that he will have to dive. There’s a note in the nearby – The last message – as well as wet clothes. Also, you will find a wooden platform with telescopes. Use one of them to conclude the search for evidence.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-7

Look to the right from the telescope and see boxes which could be used to get to the second floor of the building in order to enter through a hole in the wall. Go to the room in front, pick up a letter from a relative and a newspaper article from the table on the right. Go down through the hole in the floor and talk to Jimmy Price. He will give you a key from the room with a diving suit and a diving site and will ask to put crosses on his relatives. Enter the room behind the red door and pick up the fisherman’s farewell note from the table in the corner. Use the diving suit.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-8

Walk along the lanterns, acting as usual. On the way, you’ll find three corpses. Interact with them to put crosses on these bodies. Once you get to the hole in the monolith, look at it and use the Mind’s Eye to grab the second part of the Seal.

It’s time to get the third part of the Seal. The tip tells about three newborn twins. By the way, in case you have put crosses on three bodies under the water, you will get a reward during your conversation with Jimmy Price – ammo for all weapons.

Head to the hospital and use the archive. Select three conditions:

  1. Subjects: Patients
  2. Period: After the flood.
  3. Department: Surgery.

Charles will discover the birth certificate for newborn twins. They were born in the western part of the Shells, on the railway station near the crossroad of Salvation Rd and Moorland Rd.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-9

Go to the indicated place and find a huge building. Go inside, kill the monsters and find a dead monster that was killed by harpoons behind the cars on the left. Get through the boxes, inspect the body and examine the amulet from a piece of the monolith. Look at the monolith which has a chipped piece. Inspect the large stone (monolith) from the right, from two sides. Also, examine one more body with a disfigured face in the nearby.

A rift will appear. Go inside, examine three memories and list them in the correct order:

  1. The fanatics chip off a piece of a monolith.
  2. They try to escape.
  3. Wylebeasts appear.

Get through the boxes with a carcass of a huge monster (to the station with rails). Examine the corpse on the right, go to the cart which is located a bit further and examine a diary (from both sides). Inspect a body and a wheel. All evidence has been found. From the diary, you will learn the address of the new fanatics’ headquarters – the western part of the Shells, Justice St, between Inner Shine St and Warren Rd.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-10

This place is located in the nearby. Use the waterway and moor at the hole in the wall. Enter the house of stone worshippers. They have all turned into stone. Inspect the statue of a sitting man on the right, examine the stones on both tables (one of them is on the plate). Come to the table with stones in plates. Use the Mind’s Eye from the side of the woman and you’ll see how people eat stones. Climb up to the door. It is closed, but you can look through the glass on the left. Do this and you’ll see the desired part of the monolith.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Into the Depths-11

A rift will appear. Enter it and find three memories. List them in the correct order: from the hole in the wall to the stairs. Look at the shelves on the right side from the stairs leading up. There are books there. Examine one of these books and find a key. Open the door on the second floor and then get the third part of the Seal from the monolith. By the way, you can use the Mind’s Eye to look at the wall on the right where you can see blood. Having gotten rid of the wall, you will find an office where stone worshipper’s notes lie on the desk. All evidence has been found.

Return to St. Michael’s church in the center of Advent and descend to the monolith. Place the Seal on it and go under the water to the desired place.

Once on the ship, you can open the Mind Palace and combine the following clues:

  1. A piece of Monolith you stolen / Monolith worshippers have changed.
  2. I am the Seed / The Seed might not die.
  3. Cthygonnaar holds the Daughter / The Cycle will repeat.
  4. Monoliths are parts of Cthygonnaar / Cthygonnaar holds the Daughter.

However, two clues will remain (Previous Seeds died and The Cycle will repeat), and the investigation is not yet completed. Leave the ship and jump into green holes. You will wake up in your room. Follow the only available route until you get to the gates of Cthygonnaar. You’ll find rifts on the left, below, and on the right. Enter them, see two memories and list them in the correct order. After this, you’ll be able to install the Seal on one of the three columns.


The game has three endings, and all of them can be obtained without replaying the game. Having viewed one of them, select ‘’Continue’’ and set the Seal on another platform, and so on.

Robert Summers