The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fleeing Phoenix

The complete walkthrough of the eighth case ‘’Fleeing Phoenix’’

Johannes told you that Reed can open the gates and release Cthygonnaar or lock them for several hundred years. However, you first need to get there, and the road is known by an archeologist Joseph Hill. He lives in Reed Heights on Lambert St, between Healog St and Hale Lane. Go there, enter the house and examine a body of a man. Go down, kill the enemies and inspect three corpses of men and one carcass of the wylebeast.

Climb to the second floor and enter an open apartment. You’ll be attacked by a tattooed girl – it’s a difficult enemy so you can use your submachine gun. Enter Joseph’s apartment. The owner is located in front of you, while a letter from one of Joseph’s parents lies on the table on the left side. Talk to Joseph, then study the Mayan artifacts on the right side. There’s a photo on the bedside table in the room on the right. When you examine it, you’ll collect all the evidence and get additional experience points.

So, you have been attacked by Usha, a Maya priestess. She guards the passage to Cthygonnaar so you’ll have to deal with her. Go to the police station and use the archive. Select Hill’s request and set three conditions:

  1. Crimes: Violent crimes.
  2. Subjects: Victims.
  3. District: Salvation Harbor.

You will get a document about bloodless bodies. You are interested in the backyard of a house on Old Church Rd, between C. Smith Ave and Maple Lane.

Go there and find an entrance to the alley which is fenced by police barriers. Go there and kill three enemies. Inspect two bodies, a fish by the fire and blood with bullet holes on the brick wall on the right side. A bit further, you’ll find another body with wounds on the neck and a bag. Inside the bag, you’ll find a note from the Devil’s Reef hotel. A rift will appear. Enter it and examine four memories. List them in the correct order: from the beginning to the end of the alley (it’s simple).

Open the Mind Palace and combine two clues: ‘’A bag with a letter’’ and ‘’Usha hypnotized Raymond’’. Charles will conclude that the letter from the hotel owner was addressed to Raymond.

Go to Devil’s Reef where Reed lives and talk to the owner. Ask about Raymond, then go up to the second floor and enter the apartment which is located to the left of your room. Examine the diving suit on the left and a board with drawings on the right. Use the Mind’s Eye and look at the past at that same board. There’s a strange statuette on the table in the corner. Use the Mind’s Eye to turn it into Raymond’s diary and read its contents.

You will learn that Raymond worked in the flooded lab on Moorland Rd, between C. Smith Ave and Powderhouse St. Mark this place on the map – on the street, which borders Salvation Harbor and the Shells.

Go there, use the boat and moor to the pier. Go inside and kill the enemies. On the table in the kitchen, you will find the last note. The head of the house decided to stop the unbearable existence of his family. You may examine the house, grab loot and then leave it and sail to the opposite pier which leads to a brick building. That’s the lab.

Kill the monsters and inspect the door with blood in the opposite room. Go to the cages on the left, inspect the handcuffs and tools for torture. Activate the Mind’s Eye and look at the rift near the handcuffs. You’ll see that Usha was tortured in order to learn where the entry to Cthygonnaar is located. Go out and find a book Auctarium ad Vitam Peirescli on the table on the right side. Go up to the second floor, examine the table in the far corner and find a jar of ashes with salt and an alchemist’s diary.

Enter the rift and find three memories. List them in the correct order:

  1. The episode on the second floor.
  2. A ruined circle in the torture room.
  3. A man is trying to get into the room with the destroyed door.

After this, Raymond, in whose body is now Usha, will appear. You will learn that Joseph is a sorcerer and is pursuing his own goals. You must choose your side.

Our choice: kill Usha and Joseph.

Open the Mind Palace and combine the following clues:

  1. Hill left Raymond in mortal danger / Raymond was hired as a graverobber.
  2. Alchemist seeks a cure for madness / Hill will help me if I find Usha.
  3. Stone fingers in the garden of the dead / An underwater tomb (this is how you find Usha’s hideout).
  4. Resurrected Mayan tried to kill Hill / Usha wants Hill dead.
  5. Alchemist tried to learn from Usha / Hill will help me if I find Usha.
  6. A so-called "vampire" has killed people / Usha needs blood to become stronger.

After this, you’ll have to make your conclusions. We have noted that Hill cannot be trusted while Usha won’t tell anything – after all, she kills people by sucking their blood. Here’s the bottom line: Usha and Hill must die.

Go to Joseph and talk to him. He managed to convince us: the man prepared an ointment which could destroy Usha once and for all. Agree to help him and go to the cemetery in the upper left corner of Oakmont. There is a crematorium there – you have already been to this place. Having moved to the place by boat, meet a man in a hat on the pier on the eastern side. He asks for help. Agree to start a side quest Rest in Peace.

There is only one crypt here, so you won’t miss it. Go inside and interact with a diving suit to dive to the bottom. Follow the lanterns, use the Mind’s Eye to remove the statues from your way and enter the temple, having shot the underwater monster. Talk to Usha and fight against her. She will teleport and suck blood from the prisoner near a stone from time to time. You can shoot him. Use the submachine gun to defeat the boss faster. After her death, examine the cave and return back to the land.

Talk to Hill who is waiting for you inside the crypt. He says that the next ritual will be performed in the lab. Go to the secret lab where you have met Raymond. Talk to Hill and learn what you must do to get to Cthygonnaar. There, you can make a decision: kill Joseph or leave him alone. We decided to spare him – the case is closed now.

Robert Summers