The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense

The complete walkthrough of the seventh case ‘’Self-Defense’’

The new storyline task will start automatically. Examine the crime scene: .38 caliber cartridges, bullet wounds in the stomach and the heart, a first aid kit on the nearby table and blood stains on the phone on the right. Activate the Mind’s Eye and look at the scene with Johannes and a table. He sat with someone by the table and performed a ritual.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-1

A hat with a sign ‘’4’’ lies near the scene. Examine it, use the Mind’s Eye to open a rift and see a vision. Someone blackmailed the murderer. A rift will appear. Enter it and examine four memories. List them in the correct order:

  1. Van den Berg meets his guest.
  2. A man with a pistol comes to the people at the scene.
  3. The guest of van den Berg calls the police by the phone.
  4. The murderer runs away, dropping his hat.

Climb to the second floor. Examine three open books on the table. Find three more closed books – one is located on the same table, another one is on the shelves, while the third one is on the stand which is part of the shelves. All clues have been found. Leave the theater – Charles will be arrested upon leaving the alley. Now you know why the murderer was ordered to wear a hat.

Talk to the black man. That’s an administrator from Carpenter house. Apparently, it does not matter whom you have supported (Graham or Brutus) as the head of the Carpenter house will pay bail and release you. Talk to the police officer and go outside.

Head to the Carpenter mansion. At the entrance, you’ll watch a cutscene. Go up and enter Graham’s office (or Brutus’ office if you have supported him). Talk about everything. Finally, you will learn about a witness who claims that Charles is the murderer. That’s a politician Milton Pierce. Also, Graham/Brutus will provide you with a new weapon – a submachine gun.

Go to the Oakmont Chronicle and select Finding a witness. Set three conditions:

  1. Period: After the flood.
  2. People: Officials.
  3. District: Reed Hei.

You will find Pierce’s interview. He is the owner of a multi-storied building in the eastern part of Reed Heights, on Museum Ave.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-2

Go there and find a door with a symbol #. Go inside the building and inspect a bloody poster on the left side. Destroy the lock and open the door to the apartment on the first floor. Find a note to Milton Pierce on the shelf on the right side. It was written by Johannes who offered to meet at the theater. Also, examine a book on the nearby table and a note My fellow Oakmonters! Look at the empty bottle on the table and on the clothes in the wardrobe on the left side. You may inspect the baskets with dirty laundry near another door. Go to the bedroom, examine the knife on the table and a letter from the EOD. You may also examine the letter from Throgmorton which is lying on the pedestal with a mirror.

A rift will appear. Enter it and mark four memories. List them in the correct order, starting from the door. Next, go to the city hall, as Pierce went there to meet voters. Talk to Milton in the room on the right and you will learn what he wants. To make him change his testimony, you must kill Agatha Pierce by poisoning her drinks or food. Agatha – Milton’s mother – is a very rich lady, and Milton needs money for his political campaign.

Agatha Pierce lives in the north of Oldgrove, on Beacon St, close to the crossroad with Bullock St. Do not hurry, open the Mind Palace and combine two clues – ‘’Killer was blackmailed’’ and ‘’Suspected Newcomer’’. Charles Reed will recall that the real murderer has recently married, so you can find him using the marriage certificate.

Use the archive in the city hall, select Looking for a newcomer and set three conditions:

  1. Subjects: Newcomers.
  2. Period: After the flood.
  3. Registry: Occupation.
The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-5

Here it is, the marriage certificate of Glenn Gordon Byers and Evelyn Catherine Lane. They live in the east of the Shells, in a house on the corner of Powderhouse St and Orchard Ave. Since we have decided that Pierce Milton is a villain, we have first visited the house of his mother and told her that her son was going to poison her.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-6

Next, go to the murderer’s house, go to the second floor and talk to Glenn. Agree to help him in exchange for a confession in murder. Examine the inscription on the wall near him and an envelope with a severed finger right in front of Gordon. Look at the brochure on the bedside table. Next, examine the gramophone and enter the next room. Read Michael’s diary which is lying on the pillow and look at the poster of Joy Hayden which is hanging on the wall. Look at the broken door, inspect a piece of cloth and a blood stain in the center of the room. Look at the shovel with blood and at the boards which cover the hole in the floor. A rift will appear in the room with Glenn.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-7

Enter the rift, find four memories and list them in the correct order:

  1. People burst through the door.
  2. The bandits beat a woman.
  3. Michael, the son, tries to protect his mother.
  4. Bandits exit through the door of the room with Glenn.

Talk to Glenn Gordon to get the key from the kitchen on the first floor. Descend and go there. Kill the monsters and examine the boards that lie on the table in the far side of the room. Examine a bottle of expensive booze and a letter with congratulations in the basket of flowers, then look at the leg on the floor. Activate the Mind’s Eye and find a rift to see an image from the past.

Go down through the hole and find a body of the bandit. Search it to get an image of a map with a marked house. Now you are interested in the southern part of Salvation harbor, the house on Eel St, to the north from the crossroad with Skipper Rd.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Self-Defense-8

Go there, enter the house and find yourself at bandits’ lair. Climb to the second floor and activate the Mind’s Eye to see a symbol on the coffin. The wall will disappear. Talk to Billy, the one who saved Charles. You can leave or fulfill Gordon’s request. We have chosen the second option which leads to the beginning of a fight.

Kill all bandits, grab loot from the boxes and enter the room on the left. Grab a note Aggrieved by EOD from the shelf on the right and take a smelly note from the wall. On the nearby table, you’ll find a carefully folded letter and fragmentary notes. You will learn that Milton Pierce agreed to Drunnon request to expose Charles. A bit further on the wall, you’ll find a map with photos. Grab the note On reviving the long-dead. Pick up a key from the table where you have found the previous notes. Open the nearby room and talk to Michael.

Glenn’s relatives are saved. Return to him and tell him about this. Open the Mind Palace and combine several clues:

  1. Milton Pierce, the sell-out / Byers and I look alike.
  2. Killer was blackmailed / Repentant sinner.
  3. Killer was blackmailed / Out of danger.
  4. Blood spatter / No alibi.
  5. No alibi / The gun .

You will have to choose how to call Byers and Milton. If you indicate that the first one had no choice and he was a victim while the second one was a mean villain, you may choose another option. You can place the weapon to the selected person, and he will be arrested. You have another option: agree to the confession of Glenn Gordon.

Our choice: expose Milton Pierce.

Go to Milton’s house, go down to the basement and put the pistol on the basket with bloody clothes. Take a picture of it and then head to Carpenters’ mansion and show the photo to the administrator at the front door. Tell him that Milton Pierce is the murderer.

A rift will appear outside the mansion. Enter it and see van den Berg sitting on the chair. He offers to meet at the Devil’s Reef hotel. Return to the hotel and go to your room on the second floor. Grab the note at the door, enter the room and pick up several newspaper clippings from the stand on the left side. Johannes is in the apartments. Talk to him about everything – it does not matter what you will say to him. The case will be closed. From now on, the King’s robes suit is available to you.

Robert Summers