The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil

The complete walkthrough of the sixth case ‘’Deal with the Devil’’

Talk to Johannes – that same man whom you have seen at the beginning of the game. He knows about the Seal. Even if you have previously decided to save Dough, the woman will die – van den Berg will report about this. He asks to find the Seal which could have been lost by Reed when he lost consciousness, and then bring it to him to the Crown theater. The theater is marked on the map. Pay attention to the fact that a new additional quest ‘’Silence is Golden’’ is now available to you. Apparently, it is activated automatically after the previous mission.

Go down and talk to the doctor. He will say that Billy Drunnon saved Reed. Pick up your clothes, but there will be no Seal among them. You may descend to the basement to find the corpse of Harriet Dough and read the report lying next to the body.

Use the hospital archive and select the clue ‘’Good Samaritan’. Set three conditions:

  1. Subjects: Patients.
  2. Period: After the flood.
  3. Department: Therapy.
The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-1

This is how you will find the card of William ‘’Billy’’ Drunnon. He is a regular customer at The Seven Oaks bar. Go there, enter the bar and talk to Billy. He will tell that he has found you on the Calm Shore. The corresponding marker will appear on the map (In the lower left corner). You can treat him with a drink which costs one bullet.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-2

Follow the marker. You will need to turn towards the sea a bit earlier, to the north from it. Move along the coastline, kill the enemies and use the Mind’s Eye to examine a knife near the corpse and a torn diving suit. In both places, you’ll see a rift that allows you to see the past – in both cases Ebernote Blackwood is to blame.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-3

Now you know that he has taken the Seal. Find another corpse that is located behind another body (where the knife is lying). This man was left without a face. Examine the body with the Mind’s Eye and go to the place which is watched by the octopuses. You will see a symbol on the rock on the left side. Examine it and then go into the rift near the first corpse.

Examine three memories and then list them in the correct order: start from the diving suit and follow the order up to the far corpse. You’ll conclude that Drunnon is involved in this. Go back to the bar Семь дубов but Billy won’t be there. Instead, you will find a notebook with a strange symbol. Talk with the bartender and he’ll indicate where Blackwood mansion is located.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-4

Move as close as possible to the mansion and get there on foot. Bypass the houses and see a passage with a brick wall. Use the Mind’s Eye to get rid of the wall and get inside the mansion. Enter the hall and kill the monster. Activate the Mind’s Eye once again to get to the wall in the basement which can be removed.

Go downstairs and find a place for rituals. Examine the stone near the pedestal by using the Mind’s Eye to find a rift and see Blackwood. Look at the diary in the nearby – Ritual log. In this diary, you’ll learn about all Chosen Ones, whose seed Blackwood was trying to extract to become a Chosen One himself. You’ll find a key under the diary – study the patterns on them, it’s the eye of Dagon.

Examine the symbol on the wall on the right by using the Mind’s Eye to eliminate the wall. Inspect a fresh grave so that a rift appears. Enter it, find three memories and list them in the correct order:

  1. Ebernote accompanies Gordon Smith.
  2. Ebernote conducts the ritual.
  3. Ebernote buries Smith’s corpse.

Activate the Mind’s Eye when you are at the ritual venue and go to the place where the crows are pointing. Go to the upper floor and get to the office in the far corner. On the table, you’ll find a strange object with a symbol. Come close to the symbol using the Mind’s Eye so that it turns into a diary. Examine Blackwood’s diary.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-8

Go down to the first floor and find a door with the image of a big eye. Open it with the key you have found to pick up the Letter to I. Blackwood from the stand. It has very interesting content. The letter was written by Portia Marsh. The recipient is Ionia Blackwood, mother of Ebernote. The letter says that Ebernote prepared to fulfill the duty of the Chosen, but the Dreamer’s Seed was not found in him. As a result, Portia advised him to serve in the EOD. There’s a postcard under the book. Take it and read the text on the other side (Come unto the sea!). You can also examine the portrait of Ionia which is hanging on the wall.

Combine two clues in the Mind’s Palace — Blackwood exodus and Place of pilgrimage. You will learn about a cannery which is located in Oakmont. The exact location is unknown, so you’ll have to search in the archives.

Go to the city hall which you have visited before. Open the archive and select Finding the cannery Set three conditions for your search:

  1. Subjects: Enterprises.
  2. Period: 19th century.
  3. Registry: Legal documents.

The factory is located in the center of Grimhaven Bay, on the corner of Nantucket St and Fitz O’Callahan St. Go there and enter the building through the door on its corner (in the tunnel with a railway track and a car). Talk to Kings in yellow.

Go to the second floor, examine the stand with a symbol and a note to Ebernote Blackwood from doctor Palmer. There’s a stack of books on the table. Use the Mind’s Eye to look at it so that it turns into a key from the factory. Go down to the basement and open the door. On the stand on the right, you’ll find a note about an ancient prophecy. Its content corresponds to the description of three frescoes from the last cave where you met Dough. Also, take away the Seal of Cthygonnaar.

Go up and meet Ebernote. Listen to him and tell him that you need to think. Open the Mind Palace and combine the following clues:

  1. The Chosen go mad / I was woken by a nightmare.
  2. Ebernote has the Seal / Focus from Cthygnaar.
  3. Ebernote's Ritual / Burial.

After this, you will have to make a choice: either Ebernote rituals are doomed to fail or they can free you from nightmares. Even if you agree, the game will not end.

Our choice: agree to the ritual.

Ebernote will tell you to lie down on the altar. Go down to the basement, go to the altar and watch the cutscene. Upon the completion of the cutscene, take the Seal and examine the body of Ebernote. Enter the rift, mark three memories and list them in the correct order:

  1. Ebernote started the ritual.
  2. Reed got up and came to him.
  3. Reed strangles Ebernote.
The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Deal with the Devil-13

Now that Charles has the Seal, it’s high time to visit van der Berg at the theater. He is located in the western part of Advent at Winland Ave, to the south from University St. Get to this place – the main door will be locked. Go to the alley on the right side, kill the monsters and enter the theater. Come to the scene with dead Johannes. At this point, the case will be closed.

Robert Summers