The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Rest in Peace

How to complete cemetery guard’s assignment and unlock the Man of Science suitt

During the task Fleeing Phoenix, you will find yourself at St. Botolph’s Cemetery in the upper left corner of the map. By the river at the eastern part of the cemetery, there’s a man who asks for help. Go to the left of the man and climb the steps to the cemetery. Immediately inspect an open grave in front of you. Grab a note addressed to Virginia from the basket of flowers. Inspect the opened coffin and gravestone. Virginia Cooper rested here.

Now move to the left from the grave, if you look at it from the side of the quest provider, and find a corpse of a man on the road. Inspect it and kill the monsters that appear. Activate the Mind’s Eye and then go where the ghosts are pointing. That’s how you will find another excavated grave. Inspect the grave itself and the gravestone. Then, pay attention to the scratches on the inside of the cover. You have already found the corpse.

The third excavated grave is located in the other part of the cemetery. Go back to the cemetery guard, but don’t go to him to the left – instead, turn to the right. Examine the excavated grave, blood and a note on the exhumation of a magician.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Rest in Peace-1

Head to the city hall and use the archive. Select Plundered Grave and set three conditions for your search:

  1. Subjects: Citizens.
  2. Period: 19th century.
  3. Registry: Citizen records.
The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Rest in Peace-2

You will learn where Virginia Cooper lived. Go to the northern part of Salvation Harbor, to her house which is indicated in the case book. Climb over the fence to the closed territory. A hole in the wall of the building will be at the top left. Get on the cart and use it to get through the hole and get inside the house. Examine the body of a woman on the bed. Inspect the bottle on the right and the suicide note on the stand to the left from a man.

Now, go to the local library and use the archive, selecting the evidence A Book Page. Set the following conditions for your search:

  1. Section: Restricted section.
  2. Period: 17th–19th century.
  3. Region: European.

You’ll get the information about a book Secrets beyond the veil. It was read by the representatives of the company of Fabian Koswick. The address is indicated in the journal.

Head to the eastern part of Coverside and go to the factory owner’s house. Go upstairs, kill the enemies and inspect the skeleton in the coffin. Read a greasy letter that lies in the nearby. Inspect the body covered with a white sheet to complete the search for evidence.

Return to the quest provider on the cemetery, tell him about three bodies and get the reward – shotgun ammo and the Man of Science suit.

Robert Summers