The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Silence is Golden

Side quest given by the librarian Joy 

We have received this quest automatically at the beginning of the mission Deal with the Devil. If you do not have it, visit your room in the hotel Devil’s Reef or go to the library. Once you have visited the library, talk to Joy. Kill the monsters, go upstairs and enter the apartment number 1. Inspect the corpse of a dog. Grab the note with the bloody inscription that lies on the table on the left side. Pick up a toy from dog skin and examine it. Look at the bloody symbol on the wall on the right. Move on and examine the blood on the sewing machine. Look at the poster with the canceled concert and a dog bed. Read a letter from parents that lies on a small table. Examine a camera which lies on the floor.

Enter the rift and examine four memories. List them in the correct order:

  1. Granny calls the dog.
  2. Granny uses a sewing machine.
  3. The neighbor photographs granny through the door.
  4. Granny puts the toy on the table.

Go out into the corridor and look at the door of the apartment number 2. Use the Mind’s Eye and move to the basement, where the crows are pointing. Inspect the drawer with the Mind’s Eye and pick up an iron key. Enter the apartment number 2 on the second floor, examine the book on the table on the left, a corpse on the floor and grab a tattered diary from another table. The key evidence is found.

Return to the library and interact with the archive instead of Joy. Select Tattered Diary and set three conditions for your search:

  1. Section: History.
  2. Book information: Author.
  3. Region: Local.

You’ll get The Legend of Granny Weaver. Her address is indicated in the note. Head to the western Oldgrove, shoot at the lock and enter the house. Go to the left to the fireplace and use the Mind’s Eye to look at the wall on the left to find a secret room. There’s a knife inside. Inspect it. Also, take the book Malleus Maleficarum. You’ll learn that each witch has a secret sign. If you find it, the witch will be forced to appear to her guest.

Kill the monsters, descend two floors to the basement. Inspect two broken mirrors, a bloody symbol and bullet cases scattered across the floor. Enter the rift, examine four memories and list them in the correct order. Start with the men installing mirrors, proceed to the witch, and then to men with weapons.

Go up to the second floor and inspect the door with a lock. Break it and enter the room. Look at the skeletons on two beds, pick up a torn diary and examine a doll. Use the Mind’s Eye to see a memory with the help of the doll.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Silence is Golden-1

Now you need two mirrors: remove the first one from the wall of the first floor (next to the stairs leading down) and get the second one in the girls’ room. Install the mirrors in the basement on the place of the broken ones, watch the cutscene and fight against the witch. All that you should do is to dodge when she attacks with her cursed breath. Having defeated the witch, you will complete the search of the house and get many experience points. Go back to Joy and report on your success. As a reward, you’ll get experience points.

Robert Summers