The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Bounty of the Sea

How to complete Vincent’s task and unlock the Fisherman outfit

In the center of Grimhaven Bay, near the telephone booth by the ‘’anchor’’ symbol on the map, there’s a tent with a man who provides you with this task. We have received it during the storyline mission Fathers and Sons. You must find a barge named The Pride. It was last seen in the southern part of the Shells. The address is indicated in the casebook.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Bounty of the Sea-1

Head to the place, use the boat to get to the barge with American flags and get on the barge. Talk to an Innsmouther, inspect empty bottles which contained chemicals on the right side and grab the ship’s log from the table on the left. Return to Vincent at the Oakmont port and talk about everything.

He will ask you to find ship logs of two other ships – The Red Queen and The Skylark. Their locations are indicated on the map.

Go to the east of Grimhaven Bay and turn off the specified street towards the shore. Inspect the boxes with bottles, kill several men who will attack you (others will run away), then go to the pier and find the ship’s log on the table.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Bounty of the Sea-4

Head to the eastern part of Coverside (despite the fact that the northern part is indicated). Next to the asylum, down along the shore, you’ll find The Red Queen. Once you approach it, monsters will appear. You may either kill them or grab the ship’s log from the box and escape.

Return to Vincent with two ship logs and give them to him. Ask what Vincent’s plan is, and then the quest will be concluded. As a reward, you’ll get various items and the Fisherman outfit.

Robert Summers