The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Through the Looking Glass

This quest is provided by Throgmorton at the end of the mission A Delicate Matter. He gave you the key from the room of his father, Francis. Go up to the second floor and open the door on the left. Examine the poster on the wall on the left, as well as a glass case with masks and weapons hanging on the wall. Enter the room and find a photo of gorilla with the inscription ‘’1891’’ on the left side. There, you’ll also find a newspaper with an exclusive interview. Use the Mind’s Eye to inspect the boxes on the table to find a safe. Open it and grab the left part of the photo and a divorce letter. Talk to Robert below to get all clues and extra experience points.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Through the Looking Glass-1

The divorce letter stated that Bethany was ‘’hidden’’ in the Oakmont asylum. It is located in the eastern part of Coverside. Go there, go inside and talk to the nurse. You’ll get a key from Bethany’s room. Go down to the basement, examine the blood on the broken mirror and a bottle of sleeping pills. Open the door on the left, examine the fragments on the floor, pick up the right part of the photo and look at the newspapers with scissors in the nearby. Read Bethany’s note on the bed, and grab a newspaper clipping about mourning in the Throgmorton family from the nearby chair.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Through the Looking Glass-2

Look at the wall where the house is painted. Use the Mind’s Eye and view a memory. A rift will appear. Enter it, examine three memories and number them: Bethany learns about Randall’s glass factory, breaks the mirror and runs away from the nurse outside the room. Talk about Bethany and mirrors with the nurse at the reception desk to complete the collection of evidence.

Go to the city hall archive and select the clue ‘’Bethany’s next step’’. Set three conditions for your search:

  1. Subjects: Enterprises.
  2. Period: 19th century.
  3. District: Salvation Harbor.

You will learn the address of the factory. Go there (to the southern part of Salvation Harbor), go inside and eliminate the monsters including one huge monster. Look at the workbench not far from the entrance, then go to the stairs that are leading down and read the inscription on the flask on the right side. Go down, destroy the lock and kill the enemy behind the door. One more door that is located on the right side cannot be opened.

Go up to the second floor and interact with the door. You’ll find people behind it. The man will provide you with a rusty key from the door in the basement. Do not hurry to go down – instead, inspect the room. On the table, you’ll find a portrait of a mirror-maker with a skull in his hands. On the side, you can examine a mirror, and a manufacturing sketch is located on the stand.

Go down to the basement and enter the room in the warehouse. Examine the boxes and a search warrant. On the side, you’ll find Randall’s diary which sheds light on the past. It turns out that Francis, Robert’s father, has hidden his brother in the Mirrorways to have only one, worthy heir.

Activate the Mind’s Eye, look at the huge mirror and look at the past. Use the Mind’s Eye to look at the wall on the right. There’ll be a symbol there – when you examine it, a bookcase will appear. Pick up the book Mirrorways which tells about the other world. All evidence is found.

Head to the police station and use the archive. Select the clue ‘’Search warrant’’ and set three conditions:

  1. Crimes: Complaints.
  2. Subjects: Suspects.
  3. District: Salvation Harbor.
The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Through the Looking Glass-5

You will learn the address of Gaunter Randall. Head to the northern part of Oldgrove and enter the house of the mirror master. There’ll be two buildings there, but you’ll see a note on the screen when you enter the correct one. Go left and look at the pile of letters that lie on the table. Use the Mind’s Eye to inspect the wall on the left from the table to see a symbol and dispel the illusory wall. Behind it, you’ll find a table with a small coffin. You may activate the Mind’s Eye so that ghosts can lead you. Before you do this, visit the kitchen and read the newspaper which lies on the table.

Descend two floors and examine a symbol on the wall, having activated the Mind’s Eye. Behind the missing wall, you’ll see a secret room with a kid coffin. Examine the photo of the boy near the coffin and inspect the mirror. Activate the Mind’s Eye to see a stranger from the Mirrorways.

Go up to the second floor and find an occult book on the mattress. A pile of books is located on the side. In the nearby room, you can examine a stand with a map and a board above the table – various clippings hang there. A rift appears. Descend and examine three memories – on the first and second floors, and also in the basement. List them in the correct order: basement, second floor, first floor.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Through the Looking Glass-6

After this, break a small mirror in the secret room on the first floor near a small coffin. You can shoot from a pistol. Then, go down to the mirror in the basement and talk to Bethany. Leave the mirror to her or say that you take it away. If you choose the second option, you’ll have to kill Bethany and return the mirror to Robert. The quest will be concluded. If you choose the first option, Bethany will release Hammond from the Mirrorways, and you’ll hear knocks from the kid coffin.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of the story. You’ll have to remove the broken mirror and take it to Robert. The reward will be the same. By the way, if you return to the house of the mirror master, Bethany won’t be there. The photo of the boy will disappear, and there’ll be no knocks from the coffin.

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